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Behind The Scenes:October 2017 Update

  • XBuster
  • 10/16/2017 05:54 PM
Hey everyone, just wanted to give you guys a huge update based on what's been going on with the game regardless of the Hiatus status. It will include things that are planned as well as things that are secretly complete or in the works. Without further ado, let's get started!

What is in the works?
The Structure: For quite some time now, I had plans on making the game solely stage based with some open elements. However, while that was nice and all, it would force the game to be a little too linear if you simply hopped from world to world without anything in between. Thus, the game is now an open-world hybrid of stages and world map segments similar to games like Super Mario 64 and Sonic Adventure. I was also inspired by Zelda:BOTW's shrines. Once a certain event in the game takes place, you will be able to freely choose how you take on the game. The world is divided into several worlds across the Monster World history as well as a wealth of completely new areas.

The Prototype: With the help of a new prototype engine, I was able to develop how the game's world would be structured. Before, I was upset that the teleport engine could not do what RPG Maker could do. Now the game has a complex room engine that while it is a lot of work to keep track of, it works perfectly. The prototype engine also helped me improve skills that I had lacked earlier in the year such as adding a Legend Of Zelda inspired mini map and coding that allowed me to finally be able to make more complex gimmicks such as a ferris wheel platform.

A screen of the prototype engine

Game Play/To Do List/Etc.:This is where things have gotten a bit deeper, but at times questionable. Here is a list of things that are going on that are either complete,in the works, or an idea.

  • Although each character has their own combat style, they also need a stage gimmick that allows them to travel the world. Returning characters will play like their respective origins.

  • When special attacks are done,a notification will appear to warn the player of upcoming danger or their own special skills as well.

Something like this would be good, but will be in a place that won't get in the way.

  • Kiki's play style now uses the power ups from Wonder Boy 3:Monster Lair, but with some new shots such as bounce and homing.

  • Bai's play style is an all-out close range combat style similar to Zero from Mega Man X. With the help of a magic orb, she can use magic, but like most people in Monster World, she has no natural magical abilities.

  • Ferkin is similar to Lydia, but his focus is greater on Magic. Lately, I've been playing Popful Mail(Sega CD version)to get a feel for how he should be thanks to Tatto.

  • Lydia is the first character in MW to be a Fencer.I've been thinking about giving her a shield as it is tradition for main characters in MW to have one.

  • Separate character HP into their own values and blend it with the Global HP.

  • Development Point System:This is built to develop characters individually. It is not to be confused with the Skill Point System that develops the global skills that everyone can use. Skill Points however, are used for both.

  • Let the player control how much recovery they use in the sub-tank item

  • Knockback:Implement it. A power up will be available that gets rid of it though.

  • Implement each character's Final Attacks

  • Kiki should be able to aim upwards and vertically while airborne

  • Auto-item setup

  • Add an Exp bar in the HUD or menu

  • Sprite system for main characters; this will enable costume changes

  • Battle Zones in between stage segments.

  • Collector’s Book

  • Branch out Item Menu to: Recovery,Food,and Key

  • Wing Boots Relic:Float Downward

  • Lydia’s Charge Sound:Make it stop after fully charged

  • Experience text when enemy defeated

  • Real time dark/light transition as you ascend and descend into areas

  • Add an enemy drop system(Specific)

  • Allow Lydia's Boomerang to collect items

  • Characters say different things depending on who you are in boss and NPC encounters.

  • Add a cooking system

  • Improve parallax scrolling

  • Add a red HP bar behind HP,MP,and AP, similar to how the old semi-final release was

  • Day/Night system that effects parts of stages

  • Voice on/off Setting

  • Removal of HP +10% in skill grid, instead it will be an equippable item

  • Flash Guard: If a guard is activated at the right time, it will give a brief invincibility period and gain a small HP/MP/AP Bonus

  • Pit Riser: Rise out of pits once. It works only once per try and resets itself once you land on safe ground.

  • Attract:Attract certain collectibles to you

  • Implement Story

There are a lot of other tasks that are kept hidden for surprise purposes and there are others that may be scrapped for future projects. Hope this brings you all out of the dark with this project. Don't let the hiatus status scare you because even if I'm not working directly on the project, there is always something being worked on for it's sake; whether it be a design document, prototype engine,sprites, or artwork.

For those of you who are interested, there is also an extremely short and experimental prototype demo that was mentioned earlier. It was built to simply test out what the teleport engine could be like and test out other various skills. You can download it here...

Monster World Prototype

Are there any questions or concerns that you may have? If you have any feedback of any kind, be sure to post it as I have no doubt it will be helpful in one way or another. Till' next time!