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Progress Report

New Updates!

Hello everyone and Happy Thanksgiving! Its a special day, so I thought I'd share some new content and a series of brief videos that go in better depth than the one released earlier in the Media Section.

Enhanced Sound Engine

First order of business is the sound engine. The past couple of weeks has been strictly focused on the sound engine. MWL could not support MP3s and the sound effects were cutting off the music and had bad quality. Why? Well, because I had too many sound effects and music in the game causing it to run out of memory and cause glitches in sound.

The solution to this was to make all of the music and sound effects external in folders. What does this mean for the engine and the players? It means that the engine has shrunk down significantly; maximizing its optimization. For the players, it means you can edit both sound effects and music! And does that mean the game can support MP3s now? Well, take a look at this and it'll answer your question...

Next, there has been an update in the amount of platforms and gimmicks. There was one in the 30 minute video of the Media section, but this one is extended a bit by adding both a balance platform and piano keys. Can you guess the secret song played on the piano?

In the previous video, there was an item test, but there was so much going on that you couldn't depict what was what, so here is a better in-depth video of the items.

I always wanted to add this, but I found a way to make a custom day/night engine that is simply a special effect in certain areas. Here is the sample on Moonlight Castle.

Adventure Maps Return!!!

Over the course of development there have been some very difficult decisions on what kind of stage map to add. Should it be Mario Styled with simple blue and red buttons, or should it be a complete "walk everywhere" map. I chose the latter.

What's next on the to do list?

  • Complete and Polish the character roster

  • Remake/Enhance/Extend Stages

  • Add Story Mode

  • Add New Bosses and polish older ones

  • Finish the last few equipment to collect

  • Finish the next 4 sets of skills on the skill grid

  • Complete the soundtrack

  • Polish Coding

  • Get Final Version Testers

  • Release the Game

  • Release a Deluxe(DX)Version.

Progress Report

Updates Galore

Hello everyone, XBuster here with a progress report on the game so far. There is actually quite a bit to talk about this time around. Today, we will be discussing the updates as of late 2016. Lets get started!

  • The inventory update

A while back, I introduced the new inventory system that was able to hold up to 96 items. However, this game is planned to only carry 64 items as seen below. Ranging from simple healing items to key items that will help you progress through the game and even unlock secret areas.

  • The equipment update

The equipment is still being worked on, but that doesn't mean they aren't planned out. I've narrowed it down to the most important items in the franchise. Rather than just giving each piece of equipment a status boost only, some equipment will have their own skills as seen here. In Monster World 2: The Dragon's trap, there was a special weapon called a "Magical Saber" that could transform star-marked blocks into solid blocks.

  • The combat/battle system update

The Monster World games always provided a way to blend 2 aspects; Platforming and Combat. Though I am trying my best to combine the two, I've noticed that some areas have poor enemy placement and not enough battles with multiple monsters at one time. Along with that, arcade elements have been added in the game as well such as food appearing when you are near their spawn points. Character move sets are fixed, but you can enhance/upgrade their effects.

For example, Lydia's fireball can be used underwater or Kiki's guns will shoot faster. A level system was also added. I'm not sure if going to lv.99 is necessary, but we will see. Difficulty settings were also introduced including the Hard, Extreme and the extraordinarily difficult setting of "Monster". Easy mode is planned and will have bonus effects.

New magic has also been added/tweaked such as the healing spell and the shield magic as seen in Wonder Boy in Monster World. With the shield spell, you will take no damage at all as long as the shield is active. However, it breaks easily. Its defense and HP can be increased via Skill Grid though. Summons have been added as well. Some of them are timed, while others will accompany you until a certain point and help you attack enemies.

New monsters have been added! Within this series are hordes of monsters that range from snakes to dragons to slimes and much more. Basically, classic RPG monsters and several unique ones. Believe it or not, there are a whole bunch of monsters from every game in the series all the way up to Monster World 4. Examples include a bull, muck monster, elephant, vulture, lamia(new), and much more!

  • Skill Grid Update

In order to make this game to give you a feel of growth, a skill grid was introduced. This will give you more control over what global stats to increase and what character skills can be enhanced. Examples of Skills are...

  • HP Increase: Increase HP by 10. In this game, 10HP=1 Heart

  • MP Regen: Regenerate MP at fixed intervals

  • Revive: Use an Elixir to revive yourself if HP is depleted

  • Ability Slot+1: Increase the number of abilities you can equip.

  • Resource/Character Updates

As if this game didn't have enough to deal with, there is an alternate version of the classic: Wonderboy in Monster World known as The Dyanstic Hero. Originally, I thought this was just the same game with a main character change. Turns out it was the same level layout, but the NPCs and boss monsters changed! What did this mean? Time to rip of course! Within the game there were new resources such as artwork and anime-styled imagery.

Along with getting new resources, Another character update has been added. I won't showcase them all yet because I want them to be a surprise. But, if you look below, you will see Lydia's new appearance/battle stance. Kiki is our ammunition buff, who not only uses futuristic technology, but also has a variety of gun types similar to Mega Man. However, this was based on the Arcade game; Wonderboy 3 Monster Lair.

Bai is an all-round powerhouse with a speed disadvantage, but she can crush golden blocks that no one else is able to break. Ferkin is a magic maniac with the ability to control some elements. Every attack he does is magical. Ryou is the only character that can do a combo attack with his twin swords which leads to him being the fastest attacker of the bunch, but his HP will decrease at fixed intervals until a certain item is acquired(it may be in this blog somewhere). Lydia is the well rounded character that has the ability to kick certain walls and control basic to advanced level magic. Glaedr is still in the works.

  • Status Update

Remember way back when this game began to get options? One of them was Records. Before, you had to go to a whole entirely different room to view them. However, now you can view them on the fly by entering the menu and selecting status. The menu has heavily expanded and even has pages now.

  • Story Mode being recalled from the dead

Remember the last demo before the current one and how it had a brief story mode showing what it would be like if a story was added? Since the main focus this year has only been the gameplay/fixing/tweaking/scrapping/enhancement, there hasn't been much time to work on the story mode. Although, I have many plans for this game when it comes to its story. I'll leave it at that.

When is the game coming out?
The game is very large and I'm working on this alone with the support of other subscribers' characters on the line. With over 1000 resources from the entire history of Wonder Boy/ Monster World and original content, its only expected to take a while. I want to finish it this year, but it may be set to Q1 of 2017.No, I'm not attempting perfection, but I do want it to fulfill my image and make it the very best it can be.

Happy 30th anniversary Wonder Boy! I look forward to the 2 new games coming out officially, and other fan games coming out as well made by fans such as myself. Speaking of which, here is the newest trailer for Monster Boy and the Cursed Kindgom. Enjoy! If you have any questions whatsoever about the project and its future, please feel free to comment or send a PM.

Progress Report

Progress Report:Polished Battle System and much more!

Hello everyone! I am happy to announce that the battle-system has finally been polished in this game. Here are a list of things that have been implemented into the battle system since then.

Enemies now have weaknesses to weapons and magic. As something we have seen in many kinds of games, I wanted to implement them into 2D. Here are the weakness types.

  • Fire:Weak to fire magic

  • Water:Weak to water magic

  • Wind:Weak to wind magic

  • Earth:Weak to earth magic

  • Ice:Weak to ice magic

  • Lightning:Weak to lightning magic

  • Non-elemental:Weak to special magic

  • None:Weak to nothing

  • Magic All:Weak to all magic

  • Slash:Weapons used for cutting like swords or claws

  • Pierce:Weapons that are used for stabbing like spears or knives

  • Bash:Weapons that crush or use impact such as rods or hammers

  • Weapon All:Weak to all weapons

Jumping on certain enemies does damage based on the characters weigh+the character's vertical force. So for instance, Lydia is light so she does 12 damage naturally by jumping on enemies, with force added to her being airborne, it will add damage based on how fast you are falling.

Characters are able to equip an assortment of weapons that all characters share together. Once you equip a weapon or armor, it will automatically be equipped to everyone who is able to equip the armor or weapon. This same system applied in Monster World 2: The Dragon's trap. Its the best way to do this since we have a rather large party coming in. I believe the cast is 18 characters.

The skill grid is a brand new concept to the Monster World series. With this system, you can improve character stats, increase Health and Magic Points, decrease the time magic recovers, increase the potency of recovery items, decrease the chances of you being poisoned, and much more. After playing games like Final Fantasy X and XII, this became one of(if not my favorite)my favorite kinds of stat-developing systems.

An example of the SG

Party System. Remember way back when the game had you pick 2 players and go on a mission. Well, this is a 2D RPG so now as you earn party members you can select them at will.The game will display their stats and will let you know who you are currently playing as.

With loads of new content set in stone, this game can now be longer and more polished than I had ever imagined it would be. The next and largest steps include the skill grid, the equipment, the character gameplay polishing, and of course the storyline. I can't wait to get started and thank you all for your support on this project so far.

Also, here is a test video of the new system. Enjoy!


Wonderboy 30th Anniversary/What's New Part 2

Hello everyone, XBuster here with a new update on the game. Here we go! In case you didn't know, 2016 is the 30th anniversary to the original 1986 release of the original Wonderboy.

1)New Monsters! Within this image are a total of 45 new monsters that will be scattered across the large world. The bestiary is now bigger than ever. Of course, this means more work, but I'm up for it. It took 12 hours to play and rip Wonderboy 3: Monster Lair frame for frame. It was a complete nightmare!

2) I may have added this late in the last blog, but you now have a custom choice engine the game. I remember a friend of mine (I believe it was Dyhalto) saying to add a custom yes/no engine in the game, so I did. Thanks! Check out some tests below. And yes, they are tests. Not the final phrases XD.

3) New items: With over 30 choices of food to eat in this game, there isn't a reason why you should be hungry XD. An example below is a parfait as big as you are. The food aspect is paying homage to the very roots of the 1986 Classic Wonderboy and Wonderboy III: Monster Lair.

Below is an item that will recover your invincibility time by 10 each time you get one. In this case, your HP is low, so you may need this Asha.

Just in case you didn't see this last time, Wonderboy creator Ryuichi Nishizawa and his crew are creating a new wonderboy game called Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. I've been talking with Ryuichi Directly with the content with Monster World Legends and he was actually quite shocked someone loved the series this much. I'll keep everyone updated.

There is also a video that shows what its like here. I'm so glad to hear this series is still alive. I believe its coming out later in the year, I may be wrong though

Well, that's another small chunk of updates for you all. I hope you enjoyed and Happy 30th anniversary Wonderboy/Monster World!

Progress Report

MW Underground: What's New?

Hello everyone, sorry for my absence. I decided to work on this project underground and there are quite a few number of changes with this game since the last update. Today, we will be discussing those changes. 2016 is Wonderboy/ Monster World's 30th anniversary, so this game will be released this year.

1) Change of the game system:

  • The increase of HP and MP are no longer limited to the power ups. These stats now increase when you buy an upgrade or find an upgrade on a map or stage. Thus, this means your HP will not start out as 100 like it used to. You'll probably start out with 30 HP and increase it from there. HP and MP upgrades will have a limit to how much you can buy as well.

  • You are now able to travel through areas similar to the other games. You can backtrack from map to map giving the game a linked effect. This is a crucial update since its better than making a bunch of objects/events.

  • The physics are being re-invented. The MW games always used a small speed variable rather than the x/y movement as seen in games like Mega Man. With the new physics, you'll be able to go up/down slopes with ease and collide with objects with greater precision.

  • The stage system is on the fence of being a HUB map or a stage map. What would you prefer? I know most platform games now use stage maps similar to Mario rather than having you walk everywhere.

  • Characters are being polished. Dyhalto, Gourd_Clae, orochii, alterego, and TheRexion; I have not forgotten your character entries and they are not leaving anytime soon. I have a grand plan for them all. Hope you guys don't mind waiting a little longer to see your characters in action.

  • Wallet increase-You can now hold up to 9,999,999 Gold.

  • Custom Choice Engine!! Finally you can play this game completely withought a mouse. You can choose between yes or no easily now. You can't jump in front of NPCs such as people, signs, and treasure chests. Once you are away from an NPC, you can jump again.

Introducing New Monsters!!

  • Some monsters are from previous Wonderboy installments, others are custom or merged. New monsters include the Lamia, Bumble Bee, Rat, Moth, Snail, Laser eye, Squid, and whatever this bird is XD. Others are coming as well such as the Elepahnt, Crocodile, Fairy, and much more.

Much more is being planned in the shadows. With the next demo being released, it will be the 2nd Semi-Final release and the last Demo before the final product is released. Shortly after, If you're interested, I will be creating a MW engine for new users using this engine. Its been nice being able to do this again. Until next time!


Resuming the Project and Wonder Boy Lives!!

I know that it has been quite some time since the last update on this game and I have to make an apology for that. I will be resuming the project as of now because I fear that if I neglect it like I have been doing, I'll never finish it. On the other hand, the creator of Wonderboy; Ryuichi Nishizawa and a group of people have revived the Wonderboy franchise and are releasing a game Q1 of this year.

The game is known as Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. Here is a link to the video and the project homepage. Enjoy and 2016 will be an awesome year. Expect great things to happen!!

Monster Boy Homepage


Removed from Hiatus and Improving the Engine.

Hi everyone. Sorry for the nearly 2-month hiatus. I recently graduated from Lincoln Tech and wanted to take a break from everything. Anyway, the game is now back on production and I want to announce some improvements for Monster World Legends.

First off, I want to change the physics of the characters. The game was originally meant to play like a Mega Man game with a heavy emphasis on platforming similar to the Mario games, but I want to change some things. Do you guys know how when you stop, the character stops immediately? Well, its time to change that. The MW games always had you sliding a bit after moving for a sense of weight and speed.

Next, I want to add an upgrade system. I know before I wanted the game to be power-up based before. Those will remain in tact, but the game needs an ability/upgrade system to improve character performance and even grant them new abilities. This has been done before, but it recently came to mind when I played Sonic Generations (the game came out in 2011, but I'm just now playing it in 2015). Sonic Generations has a Skill-System where you can buy and earn skills to improve the way Sonic played. You could make classic Sonic have the homing attack or increase the speed of Modern Sonic. It was a very inventive system for a sonic game.

New stages are in the works as well. As of now, there are a ton of stages to play through and have adventures in, but there will be a lot more with the next release. I plan on increasing the world count to 10+. The new world themes I have in mind are Tropical, Desert, Forest, Ice, Sweets, Japanese, Jungle, Volcano, Sky, and Space. In this game, some stages are short, others are long. Most must be short, but sweet. A bunch of long stages would not work with something like this. I'm aiming for stages that are addictive and re-playable.

Characters are being tweaked also. The last demo released was focused on stages and gameplay. The characters developed by other users here are in the works as well. There are so many animations for them, its hard to pick which ones I want to use. The hardest one to work with is Bai because of her large weapon, but its not as hard as it was a while ago. Creating characters is simple now:) I found a way to cut my sprite usage in half by flipping one sprite in coding rather than doubling it and flipping it. It saves so much time and space.

If there are any ideas you guys have for me, feel free to post them. I will happily give you credit for any new material you can suggest. Its good to be back and I look forward to hearing from you. Be blessed and Happy Holidays!


Upcoming Semi-Final Demo and a Serious Tester Request

Hello everyone, I have a request. As you all may have realized, this game is taking a long time to create and test alone. My request is for anyone who is willing to test the game in "Stage Select Mode" to sign up to play as one of the characters and play any stage to test for flaws, errors, level-design issues, and other problems. If you'd like to become a semi-final tester, mail me or post a comment below.

As of now, there are 16 playable characters in the game. However, The MWL characters(except for Lydia) are unavailable at the moment. Also, Sonic and Alex Kidd are being worked on due to being mascots of the company. The characters I want you to test are the ones in the MW series. These characters include...

2)Hawk Man
3)Lion Man
4)Piranha Man
5)Mouse Man
6)Lizard Man
8)Princess Purapril

There are a wide number of stages that I need to be tested. There are over 50 of them and a lot of ideas were scratched. I can add them as extra at some point though. Stages like Popsicle Park and Crystal Cave are some examples.

I am asking this because the game is almost finished, and I can't do this alone...not anymore. I want to move on from this project and do greater things.

Notes: Story Mode is unavailable at the moment, bosses are unavailable at the moment. Most new characters are unavailable as well. Those are a surprise and will be available in the Final game itself.

Thank you and have a blessed day.

Progress Report

Progress Report and Possible Engine Giveaway

Hello everyone:) Its been a minute since I gave you my last update on what's going on and I think its about time I tell you all and bring you out of the dark.

First of all, the game itself is doing a lot better than what I had intended it to be. I know that bringing in new ideas often pushes a game's completion date further and further, but its been well worth it so far. Due to the fact that this game is becoming more modern and being inspired by games such as Super Mario Galaxy and Sonic Lost World, the platforming has become better and more fluid.

Also, many stages have been re-polished and many new stage ideas are yet to come. I have so many concepts I want to implement, but I have only planned 64+main stages. Each stage is planned to look somewhat or completely different from any other stage to create that feel of variety and that each stage is its own world.

There is a special item I've created in the game called a "BGM Disc". With this disc, you can download any midi you'd like and play the song from a customized menu. The item is designed to have 120 playable songs from various games and 20 of which you can add yourselves. I wanted the songs to be midi because they are small in size and run a bit smoother. An MP3 version of the item is being looked into, but they currently don't work too well.

As far as the characters go, I'm going to release an updated roster of all of the current and planned playable characters from the game. They all may make an appearance in this game. But, I may save some for a new fangame. I'm thinking about making a Sega All-stars in Monster World.

Again, I apologize for the game taking so long. It started out simple, but the more I learned about the engine and the MW franchise, the more ideas that came to my head and the further I had to push back the release date. I pray that you'll enjoy it once I release the last to final demo and the final game itself.

And speaking of the game, if things are looking good within the engine itself, I believe that I will go ahead and release the engine to the public. You WILL NEED Game maker 8 pro for it to function. It has over 2500 sprites, 100 sounds and songs, 1000 objects, over 100 backgrounds, over 12 huge chipsets, and a ton of rooms from stages to towns and much more. Anyone will be able to edit and create a decent 2D platforming world easily with this engine as I explained how everything works in comments and tried to make it as easy as possible to understand.


Lydia>>>Monster World Legends
Kiki>>>Monster World Legends
Bai>>>Monster World Legends
Ferkin>>>Monster World Legends
Ryou>>>Monster World Legends
Bock>>>Wonderboy in Monster Land/Monster World I & II
Lizard Man>>> Monster World II
Mouse Man>>>Monster World II
Hawk Man>>>Monster World II
Lion Man>>>Monster World II
Piranha Man>>>Monster World II
Shion>>>Monster World III
Princess Purapril>>>Monster World III
Darkworld Prince>>>Monster World III
Asha>>>Monster World IV
Leo>>>Wonderboy: Monster's Lair
Dynastic Hero>>>Dynastic Hero
Mail:Popful Mail (Guest Star)
Princess:Magical Pop'n(Guest Star)
Sonic>>Sonic the hedgehog
Tails>>>Sonic the hedgehog 2
Alex Kidd>>>Alex Kidd in Miracle World
Tyris Flare>>>Golden Axe
Gilius Thunderhead>>>Golden Axe
The Warrior>>>Golden Axe
Rhys>>>Phantasy Star III

I plan for the game to be at least 4-8 hours. With adding a storyline in between stages and making Story stages as well, the game's length easily increases. Also, there are 100 treasure chests and several key items to obtain around the 70 or so stages in the game. It is also challenging as a whole, which means losing lives is common.

As far as stages go, there are 56 Main stages, 6 color-block stages, 8 story stages, and about 24 extras planned. I would like there to be 100 stages actually. Each stage with its own name and song so that no song is repeated in any other stage. Think of each stage as a "Zone" in a Sonic game. No Zone(exempting Green Hill Zone) is repeated and every one has its own special song. The same goes for Mega Man games.

Well, that's about it for this time around. This project has become something I never expected and I remember kentona saying in a blog somewhere to start out with a huge project to make the smaller ones look easy. So, I'm doing just that. Good luck with your projects everyone and have a blessed day.

Progress Report

Reaching a new destination

Hello everyone! Its been a while since I posted a progress report on this game. However, I've been working on this game daily and keeping things secret so I wouldn't spoil the whole game. I remember a time where I posted so many screens, its almost like you've already played the game. That is something that I see now as unwise and sort of overdone.

Anyway, I would like to give an update on whats been going on behind the scenes. First of all, I would like to announce that 90% of stages are finished!! There are so many stages in this game now. Stages are divided into several categories such as story stages,main stages,extra stages,special stages, and abandoned stages. When you play the game you'll see a bunch of new ones as well as ones from previous demos that have been abandoned, but not forgotten. Here is a screenshot of Silent Woods. This is where Bai lives.

Second, there has been several new concepts introduced to the game. Some including
  • Experience Crystals

  • Fighting game styled health bars

  • Monster-Transformation Power ups

  • Over 30 Power Ups as of now

  • Remade and replaced stages

  • New Characters from Monster World's various games

  • Cameo characters from obscure games similar to Monster World

However, monsters have been the main setback of this game.There are over 50+ monsters including custom-made ones as well. Its almost like programming over 50+ characters(which can be time-consuming). New monsters include..
  • Bumble Bee

  • Blue Jelly

  • Green Jelly

  • Lamia

  • Cactus

  • Flame Cactus

  • Rolling Egg

  • Frog

  • Moth

  • Slug

  • Living Sword

  • Lady Bug

  • New Storyline

I reviewed the storyline of the previous demo and realized, it needs lots of work in both information and text. This time, there has been a lot added to the main story revolving around our main characters, Princess Purapril, The Darkworld Prince, and Shion. However, an event occurs that pulls in other characters from Monster World's time periods and even sucks in characters from other worlds as well(hidden characters). I'm not going to go into it much, but I'm working on it.

  • New Music

Apart from the main development list is a bunch of new songs I found from games I've discovered from the past few months. Every time I hear a new song, I get inspiration for a new level. Several of them include..
  • Band Land from Rayman

  • Sea Bottom Segue from Sonic Lost World

  • Woods Level from Mickey Mouse:Castle of Illusion

  • Sugar Lane from Sonic Lost World

  • Battle to the death from Final Fantasy VI

  • Ring Rink from Ristar the Shooting Star

There is still much to be done with this game though. I thought that after all these years, I would be done, but the development keeps growing and I'm learning a lot about this engine. This game WILL be done this year though, that much I can promise. Good to be back on the right direction with this game and thank you all who are sticking with me.