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Fantasia:Gaining Momentum!!

There have been several pushes for Fantasia over the past month or so and I want to share them with you now. I'm also going to reveal content for Fantasia II that has barely begun developing yet. Here we go!!

1)Player movement updates:Characters who have magic like Ferkin and Lydia are allowed to control their magic once it is released. This is extremely helpful when trying to reach targets in different areas. However, if you miss, the magic meter will deplete before you know it.

2)Enemy Formula finally added!! Before I added an enemy damage formula, I was individually programming every collision for every character and it was an extremely LONG and Stressful process. Now, I've divided my work into a much smaller portion. All I have to do is add the enemy, give it strength, program its actions and BOOM, everyone can take damage from it. The formula is simple..
-Damage=Enemy STR- Player DEF. The stronger the enemy=more the damage and the the smaller DEF you have=more damage. However, I've put a limit on DEF to 10. If your DEF goes above the Enemy STR, you will only gain HP(Which I don't want).

3)Character Animations have gained speed!! Now that I have an idea of what the characters will be animated like, I can add and program them. As far as character animations, I would say about 75% is done.

4)Power Ups added!!: Ever since I added power ups, the development of this game has begun to be more interesting.The Berserk Bolt is by far one of the best ones here. It also gives a higher sense of strategy and action.

5)Town System In development:Towns are now in heavy development. I have a large amount of the chipset done and I can make them now. You can go in and outside of houses and stuff like that. But, the only problem is the NPCs. They can talk to you, but there is an extreme lack of them. When I release the NPC creation sheet, I want to see a lot to make the towns as lively as possible.

6)Stage Design has picked up!!: Now that I have a ton of platform types, level design flexibility has gone through the roof!! I can do so many things with my levels that I can't decide what or what not to use. I'll probably save some for later usage.

Fantasia II Development Stages:
1)Puzzle Oriented
2)Able to select 2 players
3)One global world map
4)Stage Sections
6)Custom worlds
7)New characters
8)World Keys:You cannot access a new world until you have found they key to open that world door.
9)RMN character creation 2(planned to be a lot better than the last).
10)NEW:RMN world creation:I will release the chipsets I used and you can make your own worlds be editing the tiles,telling me what music you want to play during it,tell me what happens during the stage(Backgrounds,platforms,enemies)and give it a name.
11)NEW:RMN Monster Creation. I Will provide a link to the monster world enemy sheet and you can custom make your own monsters. This will be great for avoiding the same monster usage in every game.

That is all I have to say at this point, this game is coming closer and closer to being finished day by day. I may even set a target release date. Thank you for reading:)Until next time,



Fantasia:The Long Awaited Update

I know I've been missing for a while, but trust me there is a very good reason for it. I have been working with Fantasia every day for about a month. and I would have kept you up to date, but something is wrong with the computer I'm working on and it has blocked me from getting on the Internet for quite some time and I haven't been able to post,comment, or even keep up with what's going on out there in the world. Now that that's cleared up, I would like to talk about what I've been working on since the last update.

1) There has been a huge level update due to the number of platforms and terrain I've added. There are now over 30 types of platforms/terrain that will make each level interesting and fun to play.
2)Magma Valley is near complete!!
3)Arctic Iceway is near complete!!
4)Completely functional item system
  • You can buy items and save them for levels and bosses now!!

5)Completely functional 2D town/house system
6)Level Layering
  • When coming upon certain parts ov levels, you will see dead ends, these aren't actually dead ends. If you find the entrance, you will see the interiors of those parts. The interior will be covered up if you exit the interior. This is similar to Launch Base Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 3.

7)Lost Jungle in production
8)Sky kindgdom in production
9)Twighlight Tower in prodcution
10)Retro Carnival in production
11)Monster stomp system in production
  • You can only jump on small monsters such as the snake, but don't try to jump on medium or large sized monsters

12)Character Re-programming
13)level Up and Magic system
14)Puzzle oriented levels that may take several tries. I decided to add the Hourglass spell that resets a stage if you mess up. This is unlimited and was completly inspired by Lufia II's Reset spell.(Being Saved for Fantasia II)
15)Memorealm in production
16)later on, a level may be divided into sections. The final section of that level has the real goal. So, you can travel into a level and not actucally reach the goal until section 3. I will probably limit them to 2-3 per level so people will know when they are in the last section.These sections will probably also be small levels. The sections' length could compare to Super Mario Bros.3(One of my favorite platformers of all time). This will indeed increase the challenge because you have to stay alive in all the sections to get what you want. Some levels may also have key items thay you may need to progress later on in the game.(Saving for Fantasia II)
17)Townspeople talk system
18)Character Programming has finally picked up speed
19)Most things are coming to a close, but characters need to be remastered.
20)Fully Functional NPC/Text System
21)The engine has changed from time to time and will continue to improve until the game is done, but now this game could potentially become
a 2D action/adventure/platform-RPG. I finally know how to make talking people and text sounds, so this is a huge addition to the game.
22)NPC creation(Coming Soon).
With towns comes its people, I would like to ask anybody who is willing to help me make some NPCs. I will be participating too,
but the more people I have the better. Remember to make them look good. I will create an NPC editing sheet that anyone can use and mail them to me.
Credit will 100% go to the creators and I will include your name in the credits. All I need is them walking(which is only 3 frames)(Similar to
RPG maker games)
23)An Equip System:You can finally equip abilites and upgrades to your characters!For example, if you earn the Wing Boots, you can Jump twice.However, you can also combine abilities with a second slot. For example, if you Equip the "Wing Boots" and the "Combo Chain" You can perform combo moves and jump twice. You also have Upgrade slots which will increase your status such as "HP+100" and the "Defense Badge".There are a total of 35 abilites/upgrades, so choose them wisely to improve player performance.

What is taking me so long is that I am making the engine to be simple to edit and navigate through if I release it. Believe me, anyone who
has never used game maker can learn so much from this engine really quick. I've cleaned up most of the database, but lots more has to be done before this game is actually complete. What I have left is crucial to level design(Characters, Enemies).

I have held off on making stages until everything but stages are complete. This way I'll know the limits of each character before
making more designs. This will also be crucial for finding hidden or impossible to reach passages,obtaining key items, and accessing secret levels
or characters.

Sorry for the long wait and thank you for holding on.


Testers Needed!!

Hey everyone, this is XBuster and I would like to ask a huge favor. I NEED testers. Developing this game alone is taking way too long, but that is because I am fixing and adding as much as possible. I have 3 worlds completed and I would like to have others playing it while telling me what is wrong and what can be tweaked. I won't be adding the new characters for a bit because I am polishing the old ones. This game has come a LONG way from its original form. I even played the original demo and said "This is what it was like before?" It plays horribly!! Looks like Link_2112 was 100% correct when he said it was awkward.

However, Asha is the most fluid, polished character I've made yet:) She is smooth,nearly polished and has a nice double jump and air attack.IF you want to test, I will permanently add you on the list. Please and thank you:) I need an official testing team for this game simply because I can't do it alone.


Fantasia: Demo Update 2

This is another quick update of Fantasia. I want to keep you updated every few weeks or so. It is coming out tonight because I do not know the next time I will be able to update the game. Enjoy this demo until I release the Huge update.
Several things have been added, and the list includes the following...

1) Kiki and Bai added in their basic gameplay forms (not finalized) This adds to a total of 3 playable characters.
2) Complete new stages
3) New Platforms, Items, and enemies
4) 5 Tropical Coast stages
5) 2 Hazy Desert Stages
6) Dual Character Select System
7) New save system
8) Toggling Enemy HP and player status



I have several announcements regarding characters, updates, and a new demo coming out.

While adding things into the game, I noticed that adding in everyone's characters at once is very time consuming and can be a bit tedious. For those who have created a character I need to ask you a question. If I uploaded a page of every basic function of fantasia along with the characters, could you edit them? I believe that I will be able to add characters faster if I had other people working on them while I simultaneously create the game.

All I need is...
  • Jump(1 frame)

  • Attack(3 frames)

  • Defend(1 frame)

  • Movement(3-5 frames)

  • Hurt( 1 frame)

I can do all the special attacks, but It would be much easier and faster if I had everyone collaborating on sprite editing. Please and Thank you:)

What has been done?
  • Able to analyze enemy HP by pressing A

  • Able to view status by pressing S

  • Restart stages by pressing R(Does not work in mid air)

  • Able to return to the Title screen using T

  • Playable HUB Maps instead of stage maps

  • Hazy Desert Inspired future level designs

  • 4 new monsters

  • Characters are heavier for quicker jumps

  • Levels are currently being redone

  • New HUD

Possible HUB Sample Demo Coming out tonight!!

I plan on releasing a new demo that will be the Rebirth of the 1.1 Demo. The previous one was the 3rd Demo, but now that the game is being re-imagined, It will be called 1.1 Rebirth. It will feature 4 levels of Tropical Coast and 1 level of Hazy Desert. After that, I will probably put the levels I don't use anymore as an extra, but they are no longer in the main game. There is some progress since the last one, but until I make a HUGE update with NEW characters and stages, this should keep you occupied.

Here are some recent Images I've uploaded for the game.

Hazy Desert Act 1

Tropical Coast HUB

I am going to release the demo to the public, but if you would like to test the game and tell me if you find any bugs or design issues, please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it:)


Finally Back!!

I am relieved to announce that Fantasia is back on production:) I graduate from High School on June 4th, so I will have plenty of time to work on the game and prepare for the life ahead of me. I have learned a lot about platform/action/Adventure/and RPG games in my absence. I have played...

  • Sonic Colors(Wii)

  • Super Mario 3D land

  • Mega Man ZX

  • The Legend of Zelda:Skyward Sword

  • Final Fantasy X-2

Playing these helped me develop new ideas for Fantasia and made me want to change several aspects of the game's design. I want to use...

  • Mario's choppy level design

  • Sonic level progression and depth/length

  • Mega Man's difficulty

  • Sonic character selection and switch out

  • Zelda's simple, yet detailed storylines

The final decision I I have decided to use is
  • 7 Realms

  • 3 Acts Each

  • HUB World to play any level once complete

  • Unlockable levels

  • Bonus Stages

  • Shops and temporary power-ups

  • 8 Playable Characters

  • Pick any 2 characters and switch between them at will

Now that I finally decided what the game will be, I can get back to work at once:) When I update the next demo, there will be severe changes and innovations that will make the game look, feel, sound, and play better. Thanks for being patient all this time and I'm sorry if I kept you waiting.

Game Design

FANTASIA: Development(3)

I know that waiting for the hiatus to be changed to production is tedious, but bear with me, I have been developing lots of new material secretly until I can get a computer again. Fantasia IS NOT dead, I still make various changes daily such as the public profile and various information.

One of the many things I've been developing is New characters and New designs for existing ones. For Example, Lydia looks different now. There are also 6 NEW characters to the left. I also, promised Gourd_Clae that Kiki(Blonde girl in the OLD section) would be the first character I added once I get back on production. So Far I have a total of 16 characters on the line for the game, but I may reduce that to 8 playable and all the other characters (including new ones the subscribers create) will be stored for another entry.

In the new development process I decided to forget about the name of "World" from the Mario games and decided to come up with something unique, so I call them "Realms" now. I have also been trying to polish the areas so I can finally move on, so I am trying out new level maps and boss strategies so that even casual players can play this game. I played through the game and noticed that in some areas, they are quite difficult. It looks like link_2112 and a number of other people were right about that. I plan on starting some levels from scratch.

I came up with several ways the game is going to progress, but I want to hold a vote for what the people here would rather have for the game's level progression.

Progression Types
Fantasia will have 7 Realms with a certain number of Acts each (including bosses). Here are the possible ways the game could progress.
  • Each character plays 1/6 Acts and fights the boss, but the Acts will be lengthier

  • Each character plays different stages, fights specific bosses, and has their own path in each act(Branching Levels)

  • You select 2 characters of your choice and you can switch between them, but there are only 3 acts and a boss

  • Each character plays all stages, but fights the same bosses and has their own path in each act(Branching Levels)

Here is an example the Beach Realm, Tropical Coast. I still have a little bit to do with the other realms, but at least I know what I'm going to do with them once back on production.

Finally, I want to share some concepts I've been able to slightly work on. I am progressively getting better at pixel art and I would like some feedback on them.


FANTASIA: Development Update II

I've been away for a little while, but that doesn't mean that I haven't had any time to develop any fresh ideas for Fantasia. Here are some of the things I've been developing and finding ways of applying them to the game.

  • Re-imagining of worlds and Level Designs

So far, I've noticed that the Beach levels are fun, but I need to enhance the experience of a beach. Instead of having levels that all feature the same type of design(s), I decided to have areas such as beach caves, underwater scenes, and levels where you have to jump on palm tree leaves. There is also going to be a temple at the end of each world.The same will occur for all the other worlds. Areas such as pyramids, underground tunnels, and cloud palaces will also appear later on in the game.

  • Story

The story is dependent on which character you choose to play with. So far, several designers have shown me their character designs and storylines along with them. However, the main storyline revolves around several Seals, Crystals, Monsters, and a series of villains who have heavy world domination plans. It's a mixture of the usual stuff, but with several original ideas implemented into it to keep it fresh.

  • Increased Bestiary

The monsters you have seen in Fantasia so far aren't the only monsters you'll see in the next update. The beach area will have monkeys that throw coconuts at you and several new marine creatures. There will be plenty of new monsters and several strategies in order to defeat them.

  • New character(s)

So far, Lydia is fully functional. Bai is almost there, but she needs some tweaking. The other characters are coming in as well, but It takes a lot of imagination and knowledge of movement in order to make all the character's sprites look and feel right. Soon there will be a character selection screen so you'll be able to choose a character from the start. Some characters coexist while others don't, so they will not all meet each other.

  • Additional Scenery

So far, the Levels look great, but I've been doing some research, and I learned that there is more to an area that meets the eye. When I redo some of the levels you'll see new visuals such as flowers, pushable rocks, and other things that make the area(s) more memorable.

  • Enhanced Gameplay Engine

So far, I believe Fantasia's Engine works great, but its not perfect. I'm not trying to make a perfect game ( some people probably just make games for fun). I just want to deliver a simple action/platformer/RPG that has several characters, plays well, spans several worlds,has a touching storyline, and eventually ties up to being a lengthy,epic, and fun adventure.

  • Soundtrack

When the game is done, I planned on releasing an OST dowload that shows each song's original game and where it is used in Fantasia. It will include all the songs and a series of advanced versions of them. I may also release a higher definition version of Fantasia that uses advanced MP3 versions of the songs rather than MIDIs. This is going to be the alternate decision instead of a built in sound test(which is possible).

  • Possible Voice Acting
A subscriber asked me about this and I thought it would be interesting. If I were to type Fantasia's script, would there be anyone willing to voice it or the character's themselves? I already have plenty of previous voices from games such as Tales of Symphonia, Kingdom Hearts, and Super Smash Bros Brawl, but custom voices would be nice. To do this I would describe what kind of voice I'm looking for and have people act it out in audacity or something. If you're interested, let me know otherwise I'll just continue using the voices I have.

  • 1st Anniversary Coming Up

Fantasia's Birthday (March 1st) is coming up soon and I was planning on doing something special for it. It may be an update with a new world and several other things that will celebrate it's first birthday.

  • New Character's Needed!!

My Goal in Fantasia is to have 36 playable characters. All characters will be divided into 9 parties of 4. I'm doing this because I have a list of 35 character classes and I want to have 1 character for each class.I plan on making Fantasia a huge project in a small package(less than 100 MB) so that in the future I can use Fantasia's engine as a base when creating new games.

  • Video Creator Needed!!

At the time, I lack the equipment to make a video of Fantasia. If there is anyone out there willing to make a video demonstration of Fantasia for me, I would appreciate your help:)

  • Feedback

Hopefully, this development update answered some of your questions and gave you information about what I've been developing behind the scenes. If you have any questions about anything, don't hesitate to ask:) I look forward to any feedback you can give me.

Progress Report

FANTASIA: Added 3D effects, Improved Engine, remade levels, and more!

Once again, I've taken a huge break on Fantasia to plan, change, and redo certain things about the game's design. I'm going to talk about a few of the many things that have been done since.

1.) Added 3D visuals.
  • There will be added effects to magic skills and various actions and events such as Lydia's Sphere wave and gems.

2.) New Moves/Platforms/Gimmicks/Improvements
  • Several people have complained about being knocked on the ground after every hit. Now, there is a quick maneuver called Quick Recovery. This skill is similar to Kingdom Hearts II and Tales of Symphonia in which you are able to react to being knocked in a frustrating,unable to act state. This fixes that by adding an extra jump if you are unable to act.

  • Thanks to playing recent platforming titles such as Sonic Colors, Super Mario 3D land, Mega Man 9 10 and such, I now have better level design and Ideas. They have also inspired my platform/gimmick choices when deciding new areas.

  • A Challenge Mode is also planned. This will be a simple mode with small levels that train you to play the game and get ready for the journey ahead.

  • New affects are also added since the hitbox detection kicked in. Now the game is more accurate and feels even better than ever (except for perfecting the ladder movement) Sparks appear when you hit something or if something hits you.

  • Darkness Visual. In certain levels, there will be a Dragon-Quest like picture that will show only a portion of the character and the level.

  • Fantasia Bar: A 3rd bar will be displayed showing your special skill energy. Once at 100, you can release a massive damage attack. You can fill the bar by dealing and taking damage. This is similar to limits from FFVII and IP skills from Lufia 2.

3.) I'll be ready to receive and start making characters once the engine is to a point where I can't fix it anymore. I look forward to the day I finish Fantasia and move on to Fantasia II or even a III. There is so much more to talk about, but I'll leave you on a cliffhanger for now. See ya!

Progress Report

FANTASIA: Plan Updates

There has been a large gap in between developing Fantasia and I'm sick of it. However, Programming, Future changes and animations have been planned and I'm going to share some of them here to update you on what I'm doing. OK, here we go.

First off, I would like to talk about the formulas and what changes I've made and additions I've added.

1) The countdown timer will be removed unless there is an escape/pursuit mission. It serves no purpose during normal stages because I don't have bonuses anymore. Plus, you won't feel rushed and you can take your time. Instead, there will be a timer going upward like Sonic games so I'll know how long it takes for each level (test purposes).

2) Score will be changed into Experience points (EXP). The more monsters you fight, the higher your stats will be.

3) Crystals will now be a currency and will extend to the 1000 mark instead. You can only get lives by purchasing them or finding them within stages. Shops will also be available.

4) Power ups will also be added. Some things I've planned are invincibility, Power and defense boosts/multiplyers, experience/level orbs, HP/SP increases and so much more.

5)All characters and walk speed and jump height vary from 4-10
6) All characters have 100 HP and SP, but they have different Defense (DEF) and SP recovery rates (REC). The damage you recieve is relative to an enemy's STR minus player's DEF. For example, Monster STR=10/Lydia DEF=4, the total damage is 6. Increased DEF= less damage. The damage the player deals is relative to the players STR.

7) Character Selection. Since the characters are no secret, I'm making them available from the start.

8) Boss Barrier Points (BP): Each boss has a main HP bar of 300 (RED BAR). However, if the HP is above 300, The bar turns blue and becomes a barrier bar. Each Health bar and Barrier is a set of 100, anything above 300 is a Barrier. Some boss battles also start with a checpoint crystal.

9) Worlds: I've decided the main worlds but not their names. They are Beach, Desert, Forest, Shrine, Arctic, Cave, Sky and Castle.

10) Final attacks: I've been working on how the characters deadliest attacks work. For example: Lydia Throws her sword while remaining in midair. While in the air, you are able to control the spinning sword until the SP reaches 0. The sword returns to her, and then returns to normal

There is so much more to talk about, but I'll leave it at that for now. BTW, I'm sorry about this blog being all text, but I'm using the Wii remote to add this blog and it's very time consuming (letter by letter). If you have any comments please post them :) I hope to get back to work soon. See ya!