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FANTASIA: Development (2)

It's been a while since I posted something for this game. The gameplay has had a development break, but everything else is being developed. I know the owners of the other characters are just DYING to see their character in this game. Just wait a little longer.
Meanwhile, I've been developing the story script, drawing anime-style cutscenes,planning the new battle system and formulas, characters, level maps, worlds and so much more. If there is anything you wish to know please ask.

Game Design

FANTASIA: Status design

I've planned the official Status System. The damage characters take is relative to the enemy STR minus your DEF. So, if the enemy STR is 20 and my DEF is 4, DMG=16. Simple and to the point. All characters will have 100 HP, but different DEF. Also, MP is now SP (skill points).All characters will have 100 SP. So if your character can't use magic, their skills will use the bar. SP also regenerates for all characters.That's about it for the status system.

Game Design

FANTASIA: Animation Details

The story for this game is going swell! For all people created a character, I need details on how you want your character to be animated. What I need to know is the jump, walk, attack, and skill animations. I will also be using these when creating in Fantasia RPG maker 2003. This will look similar to the platformer. But , it will have an deeper storyline.

Game Design

FANTASIA: Story Development

Although Fantasia is on a gameplay development break, that doesn't mean the story is. I've been thinking about how to incorporate other characters into the storyline. I've also been developing who the main villans are and what the characters fight for. I plan on making 7 main bosses. Anyway, if you have created a character, I need to know who or what they fight for. What has the enemy done to ruin their life? This could be something like lifting a curse, revenge, or something.

Game Design

FANTASIA: Next Direction

Recently, I have received so many different kinds of feedback for Fantasia. Some are positive, others negative. However, both help me fix what's wrong with the game.

I am going to read off my "TO FIX" list I wrote on paper before I released the 1.2 demo. This is to let you know what I have planned ahead of time. IF SOMETHING IS CROSSED OUT, IT IS DONE!!

1) Add hitbox detection- Can someone explain in detail what this is? (maybe I should look up a tutorial or ask people on RMN).

2) No more levels or any other content until gameplay is finished- since the update of the game, I've made a test room full of platforms and things that have to be tested. I decided to do this because this is how the most popular game companies develop their games.

3)HUD has to be refined- The HUD is boxy, and has to be redone in some areas. I plan on removing some parts, but they are all necessary. I believe I should remove the score. There isn't a point of this.

4)Add new items or power ups. This could be invincibility, shield, or making the attacks more powerful.

5)Add more platforms- I have the basics, but now I should add more types of them.

6) Attack Engine- I have to wait to get up. I should remove this so the players won't get irritated.

7) Change Sound Effects- some of them need to be removed. Also, people may recognize some of them, so I'm going to be more original.

8) Improve the gameplay engine. I played MegaMan ZX advent and compared the two. This game feels kind of funny compared to it. I'll have to make it play similar to this to make it more fun.

9) Remove extremely familiar music. Some people have never played the games I have. Perhaps I should take from some games they won't recognize. Especially the Final Fantasy III boss theme.

10) The time up was in this game forever. It's about time I make it better than just a message.

11) Add status effects such as Poison, Paralysis, and MP sap.

12) Make a combo engine- One slash is OK, but more would be fun.

13) Fix animation. The animation is good, but some sprites are funny, fix this ASAP.

14) Get rid of any unused material.

15) Finalize controls- Double tap to dash maybe.

16) Add the user's characters. This process is going to be fun! I plan on adding Bai, Ferkin, and Kiki First.

17) Make a way to shake the screen- this is used to make the game effects better. This should be like an earthquake.

18) Fix collision engine. Some of the collisions are weird and may cause bugs.

19) Add more missions. This includes
  • Get all gems

  • Destroy(x)enemies

  • Find(x)item

  • Reach the goal, etc.

20) This game may be too hard for some players. Not many people are as good as I am when it comes to action games(cleared MegaMan ZX advent on Expert). Decreasing this could be great for me and the players. I should start off easier, then go hard. Redoing levels could fix this. However, they have to understand that this is meant to be challenging like MegaMan, not easy like Mario. I love Mario, but his difficulty level isn't what I'm aiming for. But, if that's what they want, I'll give it to them.

21) The music is all Midi and can't loop from a certain point. The media player restarts the song with a certain pause. I can't fix that, but it's not a big problem.

22) There are several glitches such as the health going to -1. I'll have to fix that. Somebody is bound to notice that in the 1.2 demo. But, nothing is final.

23) Due to the change in controls and moving speed for Lydia, some jumps have become harder. Fix this immediately.

24) There is no use for bonus either. Games of this type are about the story and gameplay. Who cares about score if there's no use for it?

25) The gameplay could use more fluidness. Thanks to playing games on my Wii's homebrew channel, I can compare them to my game.

26) Play as many 2D action games and compare them while making this game. Having them by my side should let me compare easily.

27) Test out gameplay. It is good to combine different gameplay elements. Some of them work while others don't. Try out the test room as much as possible.

28) Look up more game maker tutorials and make this game better. People are going to make comments about the good and bad, but I'm ready for them.

29) Fix coding, bugs and finalize Lydia's gameplay elements before moving on to others characters.

30) Add custom controls- this is a high demand right now(although they aren't' that hard to get used to.)

31) Make a damage percentage bar so that (similar to Lufia II and FF VII). The Special attack will be available at 100%

32)Fix the timer, it doesn't stop when you reach the goal.

33) Add Game pad support. This isn't important right now, but It will be added in the final stages of the next demo release. It is also, sort of complex. Hopefully somebody has an easy tutorial. If not, the players will just have to get used to the controls. If they have played with an emulator before, this should be a cake walk.

34) Fix wall jump- the character slides up the wall.

35) Play test. See how long it takes to clear the demo, and watch closely for any bugs. Get some testers to test it before I release it.

36) Fix Ladder movement- I keep getting stuck when I'm too close to a wall.

37)Finally, Release the 1.3 Demo Update



In the demo I updated yesterday, there was a glitch where if you got hit near a corner or something, Lydia would get stuck and not move. I fixed that, so you can now download it again:)


So Far, So good! (Character Creations)

So far, I've recieved two chraracters from contestants. 2 of them are made by me, while the others are made by Dyhalto and orochii. They look amazing!

Now, For those of you who haven't made one yet, I would like to see more male characters. So far, Ferkin is the only one. But if you want to make a female chraracter have at it! Also, Clair is not official, she was made for fun.

The contest is still going on, It's not to late to make one.



In my previous blog, I announced a CHARACTER CONTEST. Here is the link for those who haven't seen it yet.


For those of you interested in the Character Creation for Fantasia, I added an early version of the Character Creation Pack. Download it! This pack includes sprites, Lydia's original sprites, equipment, voice clips, a 3D image of Lydia, The Character Movement Game, and some other stuff too.

You only have to make your character in the Character Modeling File. All I need is the model and Information. You don't have to animate anything, I will do that for you based on how you tell me to animate them.I will continue to update this pack often. Make sure to READ ALL TEXT FILES!! If you have any questions, please ask. Enjoy Version 1 of the Pack!



CHARACTER CONTEST!! (Fantasia Rise of Legend)

On my previous blog, I mentioned having a character contest. I planned out what I'm going to do with it, so this blog will go into detail about how to build your character and what I'd expect from them. Once again, I'm not doing this to eat up your time. I'm doing it for fun, and I'm interested in others creativity. I understand that you have projects of your own, and you have other things to do, but if you're interested, feel free to comment.

I will hand out Lydia's sprite sheet soon. You can edit them in any way you like and send them in once you're done. Be creative! Edit/Create the Hairstyle, clothing, weapon(s), make new poses, just go wild with creativity.

STEP 1)Class: You can choose from
  • Swordsman:A beginner class. Excels in close combat and defensive skills.

  • Grand Swordsman:Wields a huge sword. Slow, but very strong.Cannot use magic

  • Knight:Uses very long weapons. Great for keeping distances between foes.

  • Dual Swordsman:Wields 2 swords. Deals massive damage using speed.

  • Magic Knight:Excels in both close and long range combat. Uses magic as well.

  • Magician:Mainly uses magic skills. This class is not meant for close range combat.

  • Archer:Keeps enemies at bay with a bow and arrow. Also not meant for close range combat.

  • Thief:A class who has a huge emphasis on speed. Throws bombs, knives, and also has quick, close range combat skills.

  • Ninja:Uses speed and clever tricks to defeat foes. Throws shuriken and wields ninja swords.

  • Priest:A class that excels in healing magic. Not very strong though.

  • Monk:Master of martial arts. They use their body and Chi to take down enemies.

  • Gunman:Wields one or two guns. They use rapid fire and are masters of long range combat.

You can also Include race also. Examples: Elf, Human, etc.

Step 2) Weapon Type:Choose a weapon(s). By now, you should know what class wields what weapon, but if you want to switch it up, go for it!
  • Sword

  • Sword and Shield

  • Bow and Arrow/Crossbow

  • Ninja Sword

  • Magic Staff/Rod

  • Mace

  • Shuriken

  • Giant Sword

  • Whip

  • Lance

  • Hammer

  • Greaves

  • Dagger

  • Dual Swords

  • Chakram

  • Boomerang

  • Fist cuffs

You name it

STEP 3)Status: Status is simple. I will provide a separate game that will demonstrate things that text can't explain.
There is..
  • HP:How much HP they have. The limit is from 30-100

  • MP:How much HP they have. The limit is from 0-100

  • ATK:How strong the normal attacks are. The limit is from 1-10

  • DEF:How strong their defense is. The limit is from 1-10

  • MGC:How strong their magic skills are. Limit is 1-10

  • JMP:How high they can jump. Limit is 1-10. A game will be provided to demonstrate this.

  • WLK:How fast they can walk. Limit is from 1-3. A game will be provided to demonstrate this.

  • RUN:How fast they can run. Limit is from 4-5. A game will be provided to demonstrate this.

I want the form to be in HP/MP/ATK/DEF/MGC/JMP/WLK/RUN

STEP 4)Weapons/Skills/Magic

Main Weapon: Their main weapon.

Sub Weapon: Their other weapon. This can be another attack weapon or a defensive weapon.

Skill: Special skills in a character or a weapon, like a wall jump, rapid fire, glide, fly, spinning slash or something like that.

Magic Skill: Only allowed to have one for now, so choose wisely.

Auto- Effect: What will happen every step of the way. Similar to Lydia's MP regeneration.

Final Attack: Their strongest skill. This is similar to IP skills(Lufia) and Limits(FF VII).

Difficulty Rank: How hard the game is with this character. Ranges from Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard

STEP 5)Personality/Story:
It's important to give characters a solid personality and a good story. Give a short description of each.

Final Step) Good or Evil/Voice
Which side are they on/What will they sound like? Voice clips will be provided in the Design Pack.

I will upload the status game and Lydia's sprites all at the same time.

If you are curious about Lydia's overall profile, here it is

Lydia: Good, Voiced by Yuffie
Story:A cheerful, yet serious girl who is searching for answers to the recent outbreak of monsters.
Personality: a little too confident. She is naive at times. Playful, but she knows when to be serious and when not to.
Class: Magic Knight
Weapon Type:Sword and Shield
Magic: Energy Sphere
Skill(s): Spin Slash,High Jump, Wall Jump
Auto-Effect: MP Regeneration
Final Attack:(Full Cure)
Difficulty:(Easy- Hard)

Don't be overwhelmed by the vast amount of text. First Pick a class, then it should speed up from there.THE BEST THING TO DO IS TO PLAN OUT YOUR CHARACTER BEFORE I HAND YOU THE SPRITES!!DON'T WORRY ABOUT ANIMATING THEIR ACTIONS, I WILL DO THAT FOR YOU(UNLESS YOU WANT TO ANIMATE THEM YOURSELF). Just tell me what you want your animation to be like.

As for now, time is unlimited until I say otherwise.
It will probably be cool to see your character in an action game.
Thats all I can say for now, I can't wait to see what you can do.


TRIPLE BLOG: Demo Announcment, Character Contest, and World Ideas

The next Demo of Fantasia is going to be released either tonight, or on Saturday. The next blog I post will be the Release announcement of the new demo.
Several things have been modified. I won't talk about it here, but try it for yourself once it's up.


The next thing I would like to talk about is a possible character contest I may hold in Fantasia. I'm not doing this to eat up your time, I'm doing this for fun, and I'm Interested in others creativity. In this contest, I will create a link to Lydia's sprites, and you can edit them to your liking and make your own character. Then, you can send them to me. If I like your character a lot, I will make him/her/it the second playable character, third, and so on. I will probably have 3 winners for a total of 4 characters. You must tell me the characters..

  • Name

  • Status

For status, there is only HP, MP,
Strength, Defense, Jump height, Walk Speed, and Run Speed.

The Max Limits for status is

  • HP(100)

  • MP(100)

  • STR(10)

  • DEF(10)

  • Jump Height(10 blocks high)(16x16 blocks)

  • Walk Speed(1-5)Run Speed(6-10)( How fast they can walk or run)


  • Personality and/or Story (Optional)

  • Short Description

  • Main Weapon and sub weapon (Like Lydia's Sword and Shield)

  • Special Abilities (Like Lydia's Energy Wave and Spin Slash)

  • What do you want them to sound like? I have plenty of voice clips from Super Smash Bros Brawl, Kingdom Hearts, Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Phantasia, and much more.

  • Other

If you are interested, mail me or post a comment. If not, I understand.

World Planning
The Worlds planned so far on Fantasia are...

  • Seaside Coast

  • Sunset Desert (used to be Sunset Canyon)

  • Frosty Caverns

  • Mystic Forest

  • Volcano Mountain

I would like to get seven kinds of areas in this game.
Forest, Volcano, Beach, Mountain, Desert, Ice, etc. Also, I'm including extra worlds. So far I have Green Hill Zone (Sonic the hedgehog), And Mushroom Kingdom(Mario). If there is a world you favor from a 2D game, tell me and I may consider putting it in there as well as the original themes.

I may also have extra Playable characters such as Sonic, Mario, Link, and Kirby as a reward for clearing the main game.

By the way, If you are a subscriber, I need to know all of your names. I want to put your names in the credits.