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I am still redesigning things on Fantasia. The only thing holding this game's progress back right now is the Story and Sprites. I've been designing sprites often. Some of them work, yet some of them don't seem to look right. This process is fun, but time consuming and can be tedious at times.

Anyway, I'm going to upload a New Demo Based on Sunset Canyon Act 1 and 2 this week. Post a comment if you would like to be a tester. I have a few, but the more, the better.

Here are some sprites I've been working on. There are plenty of them, yet only so many can be chosen.

Here is some pose redesign.

Progress Report


Recent Progress...
Fantasia's progress is going great!! I haven't added the story yet, but everything else is making significant progress. However, I decided to remove the upward thrust due to problems encountered. I may also remove the downward thrust, but that one isn't buggy like the upward one is.

I have reconsidered the amount of worlds also. Fantasia will have about 4-7(pending) worlds instead of 11. I want to save some worlds for Fantasia II. The 2nd world is Sunset Canyon (Screenshots Below)

Also, to add some variety in stages, I made them all based on a mission.

Mission Types

  • Reach the Goal

  • Defeat all enemies

  • Clear in (x) amount of time

  • Don't kill (x) enemy

  • Collect all gems

  • Collect (x) Item(s)

  • Collect (x) Item(s) and reach the goal

  • Defeat enemy without using (x) skill

  • Survive with 1 HP

  • Auto scrolling Stage

  • Being Chased Stage

There are several other kinds of missions also. This is a good thing because reaching the goal in all stages can get repetitive quickly (although most platform games use them).

Other Progress

  • Added slopes

  • Added Ice movement

  • Jump Through Platforms (BIG ONE)

  • Change in some Sound Effects

  • Wall jump

  • Improvement of Level design

  • Fixed Invincibility Period
- For this one, the more damage Lydia takes, the harder it is for her to get up. A shield is also cast around her to give damage to enemies.

Game Design

Fantasia:Active Item Usage System

Fantasia is going through some heavy redesign. In Most RPG games that I've played, they usually have a pause menu with several options. In this game however, it's different. Instead you will be able to select Items in Real Time. I call this the Active Item Usage System(AIU). Although, this is similar to Kingdom Heart's Battle Mode where you have to select everything in Real Time.

The controls are simple
  • S: Select Item (This will toggle through your Items)

  • A: Apply Item (This will use the item if conditions are met)

Example: You are poisoned!! Press S until you find the antidote(If you have any) and cure poison. Antidotes can't be used unless poisoned. So that saves you just in case you use it again by accident. The same applies for any situation such as..

  • Low HP ( Use a Potion)

  • Low HP and MP (Use an Elixir)

  • Low MP (Use an Ether)

I was generous with this during Boss Battles and added a place where you can go to use items in a pinch. Note that the boss can't reach this area.

I had this system early during the development of the game (Look at the image above), but I removed it to make room for more things, but now it is being reborn in this version.

Game Design


Fantasia's HUD design is good, but can be a little odd. Can somebody edit one of my screenshots and show me how you would do the HUD? I want them to be all in one area, similar to Mario, but all the info on the screen can't fit on the top.

By the way, some changes have been made in the game, if you haven't already, download it.

Game Design

Rise of a Legend

I am making an Action-Platform Game in Game maker and I need some advice on how to make this game more fun, addictive, Original and lengthy.

I've been developing it for about a month. I could use some feedback from anybody that knows alot about action/platform/RPG/ games and Game maker. If you want to help make me this game a true success, post a comment or email me at raycolejustin@gmail.com I WILL GIVE YOU CREDIT!! I can take anything. If if you like it, great. But if you're harsh, I'll use that to make it better. If there is anything I need to improve on, TELL ME!!

So far the game has..
1)1 playable character
2)Various Tilesets (From Wonderboy, Sonic, Mario, Popful mail, etc.)
3)Tons of music ( some you may know, others you may not)
4)Smooth Gameplay Engine (It is a combination of various games I've played).

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