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The best release yet! A small, but powerful package that has the most variety and polish the game has ever seen before. Play through 12 demos featuring areas such as stages, adventure map samples, and even a couple of boss battles. It is highly recommended that you explore some of the stages, activate skills,equip some things, get items from Alsedo, and level up your characters first before trying to take on one of the two bosses.

Read the manual pages and learn how to play as you learn new skills, equip,customize,and explore. This version takes it a step further by adding a dual soundtrack. Both Midi and MP3s are supported and editable at long last. If the MP3 soundtrack is giving an issue, switch over to Midi.

Customize various features!
Customize the volume of sound effects and music(music volume only works with Midi)
Import your own soundtrack or leave it be, its totally up to you!
Choose from 4 difficulty levels
Change HUD theme,color, and text colors
Toggle sound effects on and off that would be irritable to some people such as real-time stepping sounds,atmospheric sounds, payroll, and text advancement.
Turing off vocals is planned for future releases.

Trophies earn you rewards and there are a lot of them so far. Simply by playing as a certain character and using their skills will eventually level up a stat of theirs or gain another reward. You can also earn trophies by simply playing the game and doing a multitude of things such jumping a number of times, attacking, or even standing still or talking to a number of people. For example, Asha is able to train Pepe to come to her faster or increase his rescue speed.

Several modes such as Adventure,History and Mini Games are locked and are currently under heavy development.They will be available in the next release later this year. Several characters have been removed in this demo for a multitude of reasons. They will be available in the next release as well.


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