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I know this game from somewhere

I remember going to the laundry mat as a kid. While I was waiting for the laundry to wash there was an old arcade game with one of these games on it. It was always cool to watch the demo video of the game. On a couple of occasions I played the game. I always thought it was an interesting game, but as a kid I always got my ass handed to me. Where am I going with this... Oh yeah, so I'm sort of have a bit of nostalgia for this kind of game.

Monster World Legends is an indie game made with Game Maker Studio. The game is still in development. The current demo includes 12 different stages you can select (you don't need to play them in any order, you can select any stage you want.) There's quite a variety in stage design so it's probably worth it if your a fan of the monster world games.

Controls for this game:

Arrow Keys = Movement
Z =Jump
X = Attack
C = Special
D / S = Change Special
Enter = Menu
F4= Toggle to Full Screen

It's time for Sonic to breath in the air bubble.

If you're not familiar with what kind of game Monster World is... Seriously! Monster World is a side scrolling action platformer. Each level starts on the left side of the screen and you make your way through the stage by going right. On the way you can jump across platforms and attack enemies. The levels in this game have multiple ways you can go. You can get coins and all sorts of different power ups if you explore.

The graphics are excellent. The sprites, enemies, backgrounds, and animations are all well done. The levels all look very good. The sound quality is also very decent. The game does a very good job of capturing the Monster World themes in the right way.

There's a boss fight level if you want a real challenge.

Did I find issues? Well yes. This game is still in a very early state and I had a handful of problems that I'll try to quickly list for the developer to have a look at. While some of these issues are annoying, they don't take away from any serious fun you can have in this well made demo. I highly recommend giving this game a try.

The jumping might be too strong, you can over jump platforms sometimes.
In the water level it's not immediately clear where you can refill air.
The water level has a lot of errors.
There's a moving screen level, your character starts way close to the edge.
The trophies can sometimes block being able to see where you are.
In some levels the enemies are a bit too hard, especially if you just select that level first.
The boss can easily be defeated with the rain magic. Just spam it and win.


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I am extremely grateful for this review of the current demo. I will take everything written here into deep consideration. Its information like this that makes it easier for developers to better understand their audience.

I won't go into specific details about future plans about the game now, but this is a crucial piece that will aid in making this the best experience it can possibly be.

You must be a dare devil to try those bosses first though XD. I'll have to find a better way to add the trophy earning. Been thinking about making them similar to the PS3 and PS4 where they appear in an area that won't get in your way. Its funny because, you aren't the first person to mention some of the issues above. Its good that people are agreeing on common issues they feel should be addressed.

Thank you so much for the review. It helps a great deal!
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