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To Please or Not to Please...

That is the question.

I have to admit that for the longest time I've felt somewhat of a lack of motivation regarding this project on account on the lack of feedback I have received. Is it worth continue if there is no captive audience? How do I know what they want if I don't hear from them? Is this silence something positive or negative? Those were some of the thoughts plaguing my mind, but then I realized something, who cares?

I'm not making this game for praise or glory, I'm making something that I can be proud of, something to stand behind and say, 'yes, after all the years of hard work, I did it!'

So I'm a little ashamed it took me this long to figure this out for my own, but now that I have this realization I will forge full speed ahead! Expect a few more blogs from me from this point onwards on my design process and decisions. I want to document this new spiritual step on my journey.


Installment 1 is Out!

The first installment is now available as a download. Enjoy!

Some quick notes:
- Save points are provided in the game but you may save at any time. The save points are present mainly as a reminder to save your game.
- I suggest changing the battle system from active to wait.



I know that the above posted storyline blurb is a little short and vague, but that is intentional as saying more would ruin some of the surprises that occur early on in the game. Having said that though, what are your thoughts about me releasing this as one whole completed game (which might take a while) or release it in shorter segments? (which would allow you to play the game's first few hours)

I always planned on just releasing this as one complete product, but because of the nature of its design (predetermined level up events) releasing this game in segments might actually work and would enable me to receive some feedback as the game develops.

So, what's your opinion?
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