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Name : Chocobo Panic Christmas Edition
Genre : Pacman Clone
Version: V 1.02 Complete Game
Size : 1.80 MB
Content : 10 stages + 2 bonus stages
3 characters
muliple difficulties

This is an old game I post on request. It was relesed on christmas 2004.

The main menu:

The controls are simple. Using the arrow keys you can select a stage and difficulty. Stages marked with a green star are playable. On the left you see a preview of the selected stage, the name and a highscore.
For each beaten stage you will get a star. If you collect enough stars, new stages will be unlocked.
The „Totals“ display shows all collected items, like the stars, eggs and presents.

When you select a stage using Enter a character selection will appear. At the beginning of the game only the chocobo is available. 2 more characters can be unlocked if you find a christmas hat in one of the levels.
The eggs and presents can be found by the two bonus characters in each stage on difficulty normal or hard.

The save menu

Pressing Escape on the level selection screen will bring you to this menu. You can save your game, read the tutorial, the credits or listen to the used music files.
The option „Display“ lets you turn off the ingame HUD.

The game

Like in pacman you have to collect items, in this case colored gems and evade enemies and traps.
If you collect a big chocobo coin, enemies become vulnerable for 8 seconds and you can hunt them.
Caught enemies will respawn at their checkpoint after the 8 seconds countdown, so be sure to stay at a safe distance to it, when the timer reaches zero.
In the upper left you see how many gems are still missing on the current level. Once you have collected all gems the stage is clear and you get a star for it.

You can replay all stages as often as you like to search for bonus items like the eggs and presents.
You will need them to unlock the 2 bonus stages.

Have fun!

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Thank you very much for posting this! :) Definitely my favorite Rm2k game. Everybody should play this, especially if they're working on a puzzle game.
Once a member of RMN, always a member of RMN!
Like I said, I will write a review for this soon, hopefully by the end of this week. I just need to recollect my thoughts and find some free time. I promise to get it done though!
Once a member of RMN, always a member of RMN!
Just started my LP of this game! I actually finished most of the levels within the first 5 parts. I hope I can keep that pace (at least video-wise). I'll try to keep my deaths and mistakes to a minimum this time around!
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