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Touhou: Border of Fantasy is a fanmade game based on the Touhou series by ZUN.

Gensokyo becomes plagued by nightmares and an abnormal amount of western demons and youkais. As its residents start to succumb to a mysterious illness that puts them into a coma like state, Reimu begins her investigation. During her investigation Reimu runs into a hostile team of youkai who seem to be up to no good. Unravel the mystery and discover the sinister plot that will endanger
Gensokyo itself.

Game features highly edited Tankentai Sideview Battle System Ver. 3.3d (bugs have been fixed by Cuauhtemoc). Original sprites, artwork, monsters, music, animations and scripts.

Unique Game Mechanics!
  • Weather system (similar to Touhou 12.3) that affects battles
  • AP system
  • Character passives, each character having their unique mechanic
  • Skill leveling
  • Item synthesizing
  • Weapon/armor/accessory synthesizing
  • Weapon/armor/accessory mixer
  • Monster line of sight + aggro and much more!

Need Help!

We're currently under production and seeking help from any Touhou fan or RPG enthusiast. We got programmer, and scenario/story/cutscene writer covered; So we are looking for more:

Music Composers

Though technically we can do it all ourselves it will just take an excruciating amount of time pushing our goal back. So if you have a skill and interested feel free to ask questions or contact us!

Contact Us!
Email us at valkyria.games@gmail.com or leave a comment. You can also contact Hiriko.

If you like what were doing or have ideas or suggestions leave us a comment! :)
Knowing we have people following us and cheering us on will make us work harder!

Latest Blog

We moved! Plus pre-alpha video!

Hey everyone, we moved to http://valkyriagames.wordpress.com/ so go check us out there! Also we posted a 30min pre-alpha video on our site! I'll occasionally post big news so you can check out the main site for it if people still want to subscribe to us here.
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  • 08/02/2013
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So, how's the game going? I found this page by casuality, and liked some screens =D. Also I know a little about Touhou (VERY very very little).

So, how's the game going? I found this page by casuality, and liked some screens =D. Also I know a little about Touhou (VERY very very little).


The game still being worked on, sorry for no updates but know we are still working hard on it. Imma make a post for the few people who subscribe to us XD
love the screenies hope to hear more on how its going on a update *subscribed* :D
Will the music be original or from the games?
they moved so no point in posting here but anyways ~

it seems very nice ^^~ if it ever gets finished i'm surely trying it out~

Marisa keeps borrowing things as always I see
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