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In the city of Delusia, a young man named Izar Neele is orphaned at a young age. He is forced to fend for himself until the 9th Lord of Delusia finds him and take care of him, until the age of 19. As Izar is once more denied training and mentoring by the Lords of Delusia, he leaves the city in search of strength to protect himself, and the ones who protected him. However, a close attack by an elusive monster almost ends his life, only to be saved by a mysterious swordsman, later to be known as Shun Imagawa. Introducing Izar to his pupil, Weis Juior, Shun agrees to train Izar.

Weis and Izar - despite their wild contrasts in personality - quickly become friends. And yet, much later on, an unknown force threatens to corrupt Izar and Weis, promising them vast power . . .

* Nine Elements are present within the game for Izar to use; Lightning, Fire, Water, Earth, Blood, Immortality, Time, Space, and Darkness. As he is just an apprentice, he has access to all nine (plus an extra, lesser known Element later on in the game).
* Merging and alchemy systems will be available, with alchemy being dependent upon how extensive your Immortality powers are.
* Along with Shun and Weis, several other party members will be available, such as the demon Jolik and the Vampire Lord Damion.

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So . . . MapleStory sucks.

Now, do NOT take this the wrong way; lately I've been really wanting to get back into MS, especially with the Cygnus Knights. But, I can't install it. The installer always randomly freezes at some point, forcing me to restart.

So, I've had to resort to private servers, but it isn't the same (what with the ultra-fast leveling and crap that throws me off). Right now, I am taking one last shot at getting the downloader, though I doubt it will work. If it does not, I will resume work on JotD right away (getting one more subscriber is just so exciting! xD ). If it DOES . . . well, see you for about a week. ^^
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The over-all look of the game needs work.
@Kairou: Oh, it's nowhere NEAR done. We still have plenty of reworking an detailing to do. At the moment, we're focused on making the spine of the story.
* elements
* party members

Ah, where's rpgrage when I need it.
Rpgrage? Did you just make-up a word?
Rpgrage? Did you just make-up a word?

Nah it's (or rather was) a blog of lulzy rpgmaker-related rage comics, mostly about noobs.
Stuff like this.

It made me laugh because there was one about "features" where basically anything was listed as a feature in certain games.

Well, the thing is that the features are not the fact about Elements or party members themselves, but what type will be included.
Oh! That explains why I never heard the term before lol!
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