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So . . . MapleStory sucks.

Now, do NOT take this the wrong way; lately I've been really wanting to get back into MS, especially with the Cygnus Knights. But, I can't install it. The installer always randomly freezes at some point, forcing me to restart.

So, I've had to resort to private servers, but it isn't the same (what with the ultra-fast leveling and crap that throws me off). Right now, I am taking one last shot at getting the downloader, though I doubt it will work. If it does not, I will resume work on JotD right away (getting one more subscriber is just so exciting! xD ). If it DOES . . . well, see you for about a week. ^^

Progress Report

Update #2

So, I am currently still working on VX; as you can see from the new screenshots, I've upgraded most of the graphics and work that I had done on 2k3, including Izar's faceset and charset, along with completely reworking the introduction to make it MUCH more awesome and less confusing.

So . . . most likely, I will be completely switch engines to VX, which will make the experience that much greater. ^_^


VX Update

So, I downloaded VX last night, and I've got to say, I REALLY love what I'm seeing. Everything is streamlined and more compact, and yet it looks like it does more things than 2k3, which is a big plus for me. I can't wait to start working on it tonight to see what I can really do with it.



Tomorrow evening, I will have the chance to try out both VX and XP. I didn't have a chance before because of an internet connection that wasn't available, but now I will have plenty of time to try them out and see if they are more suited to what I am planning. If all goes well I should have a full-fledged copy of either, depending on what I like.

So stay tuned for my rulings and (very) short reviews on both games.

Progress Report

Character Update

So, I finally fixed the BattleCharSet bugs that Izar is conflicted with (i.e. he seems to hop out of his clothes every time he moves and the green shadow that follows him). Turns out I just had to go into Paint and erases the remaining black marks, and I shaded in his hair all the way. Plus, I gave him a different outfit that is more his style.

In addition, I am going to add a Character page soon, as soon as I get the pictures together. Expect it by the end of the day!

Progress Report

Town Development

As of right now, I am in the process of creating the first town that the party will come across. It is a little settlement called Denrif, and though they were hoping to only get a good night's rest, they soon discover that the town has been plagued by recent attacks from a den of Moon Wolves, beasts that draw their strength from the radiating energy of the moon. For some odd reason, they only kill the older citizens, surprising the group that Vandun - the mayor of Denrif - is still alive.

In this town, I plan to:
* Introduce a crafting system that will allow you to merge common items taken from fallen Wolves and make them into equipment, such as cloaks and swords.
* Said crafting system will have two tiers: Moon and Lunar. Once you craft a Moon item, you may hunt for more drops to get stronger equipment.
* A random battle for the Alpha Wolf will be available, allowing you the chance to obtain a rare weapon that is stronger than the Lunar Blade.
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