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Full Name: Izar Neele
Age: 19 years old.
Race: Human
Element: Hasn't decided on one yet
Background: Orphaned on the streets of Delusia, Izar has learned to fend for himself until Damion Battosai took him under his wing. And now, at the age of 19, he leaves Delusia in order to become stronger.

Full Name: Damion Haste Battosai
Age: A little over 20,000 years old.
Race: Vampire
Element: Darkness
Background: Born as the second son to the war criminal Haste, both Damion and his brother protect the city of Delusia and its surrounding lands. When Izar was just a baby, he met with Izar's father and agreed to watch over him. Izar's father died shortly after.

Full Name: Shun Imagawa
Age: Around 35 years old.
Race: Human
Element: Has none, though he is quite knowledgeable about them in general.
Background: Not much is known about Shun, for being a very powerful and wise swordsman that has hunted monsters for several years. There is a rumor he fought against a vampire called Faust - who is supposedly the best swordsman in Obe' - and survived. Now he teaches younger children in the art of defending themselves and sacrificing for the greater good.

Full Name: Jolik (Last name unknown)
Age: 25,000 years old.
Race: Demon
Element: Destruction (a sub-class of the Darkness Element)
Background: Other than being the brother and adviser to the last Demon King, Jolik's past is unknown. But ever since training in the art of Destruction, his speech has been heavily restricted, referring to himself as "This One, or It", and others as "He, She, Him, or Her".