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Izar's father and godfather meet.
  • Doj
  • Added: 03/08/2012 06:34 PM
  • Last updated: 04/21/2024 06:21 PM


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(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
You should have a ceiling running all along the top and down the sides with no wall next to it (on the sides), if you see what I mean.

Edit :Oh, and also one along the bottom of the room (with the open space for the door of course).
You mean using the Parallax background feature? Because I tried that and all it came out with was water. :S

And what do you mean by ceiling running along the top?
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
No prallax, I mean : you'll find find the ceiling tiles top right of the first layer of your chipset, "draw a line" with the one you choose along the top and down the sides right next to the rug, but before that extend the rug 2 tiles on each side
Oh, all right. I see. I'll try that when I get home. At the moment I can't picture it, but once I put your advice to work, I'll most likely see what you mean. Thanks chana! ^^
Kuro's gotten into the blue spots on his white hair fashion~ :D
That's cause the pic he's using for Kuro probably wasn't done correctly. When I was play testing it, I had the same issue. I'll see about touching up the pic this weekend.
Same with Izar's pic (since at the moment we're using the same picture) but we're attempting to sort it out right now.
Cool, lol that transparency stuff really grinds my gears sometimes! xD
It always looks better afterwards though. ^o^
I know what you mean; it always pisses me off when color is lost and pictures lose detail.
Ya think? Plus who wants to play a game with crappy pics like that.
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