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A seasoned warrior is pulled once more into war against the seemingly impossible and bands together with a group of unlikely heroes to restore the balance within the realm and all that lies beyond it.

This game has been years in the making and it is my first and probably will be my only game that I create but I think about it a lot and I owe it to myself to see it through and have a completed piece of work at the end, no matter the quality. I won't be doing any development blogs and I may upload screenshots from time to time.

Latest Blog

Developer Blog 02 - What's The Hold Up?

Some time has passed since I posted the last developer blog and after I received a comment on the page recently asking whether the game would ever be finished, I decided to do an update for those who have subscribed.

Where Is It At Now?

The game is not on hold but moving very slow in development and the main reason for that is the art style. The project started out with tilesets of other artists to lay down the template of areas that would feature in the game but as time went on, I started to substitute other works for original designs of my own.

As a self proclaimed Pixel Artist, I would not feel happy with using other artist's artwork when I could easily create it myself but this is proving to be a quite a long and painful but also rewarding process.

The image above is of my own design which features in the game and it is creations like this that slow down the production of the game but to me are necessary for the full packaged of the game when it is finally completed.

When you add all the unique components of your work together such as original sprites and backgrounds then I feel as an artist and game design that I can truly say that this is my game.


Music to me is very important for the setting as well as the telling of a story so when I spoke to composer William Pepper about what sort of sound I needed for the game, he understood straight from the beginning.

We sat down and read through the screenplay several times to get a feel of where each track would come in and how long it would last before moving into the next scene. I would write down key words to each track in which a certain town or cave should express for when you first inhabit the area and William would catch it each time.

On the whole we have over 100 tracks that feature in the game. One of the very first tracks created was the title theme.

Valius - Title Theme
Composed by: William Pepper


I recently uploaded a Characters page that will allow you to see the main characters and some of the secondary characters that appear in the game. The portraits displayed will be those that are featured in the game.



I would appreciate feedback on all areas of the current state you see so far if you don't mind taking the time to send me a message or even a comment in the blog.

Thank You.

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  • 03/11/2012 06:21 PM
  • 01/14/2020 08:40 AM
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My mind is full of fuck.
Don't piss off Liberty, nuff said.
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
This looks pretty good, what's going on with it?
The production team are currently working on the script as we've made several changes to the story-plot but we are powering through. Thanks for stopping by!
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
"powering through"? almost 2yrs and no game for me to play :(
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