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Main Characters

Your journey begins as the Captain of the Venturion army, one of the best and highly skilled swordsman and loyal soldier. The story is centered on the last human city, Lycca. It is in the city that the governing force known as the High Council, a group of Human scholars, create the laws of the land that we live by.

Name: Kurgon
Age: 47
Class: Knight
History: Captain in the Venturion army and highly skilled swordsman.

Name: Pugrim
Age: 32
Class: Rogue
History: Although being a weapons expert, Pugrim prefers his fists above all else.

Name: Ariyana
Age: 20
Class: Mage
History: Highly gifted in the Dark Arts

Name: Daigo
Age: Unknown
Class: Spiritualist
History: From the Tocoti Tribe, Daigo can summon the spirits of great warriors to aid him in battle.

Secondary Characters

Name: Nebus
Age: 72
Class: Wizard
History: One of the four Wizards that run the Arcane University that has great knowledge on both the Dark and Light arts.

Name: Zenric
Age: 49
Class: Knight
History: The General of the Venturion army and long friend to Kurgon. He has said on many occasions that war is all he has known.

Name: Madam Maggie
Age: Unknown
Class: Fortune Teller
History: A fortune teller from the Gilded Marquee that travels the world seeking out a hidden power.

Name: Captain Thaddeus R. Corbin
Age: 42
Class: Sailor
History: Captain of the Serendipity

Name: Lord Kimrin
Age: 40
Class: Rogue
History: Lord of the Dwarfs. He resides in the Mountains of Arnos where a majority of the Dwarfen race can be found.

Name: Farum
Age: 32
Class: Rogue
History: Farum is a trader in Westerwind and is Pugrim's favorite cousin.

Name: Shadow Demon
Age: Unknown
Class: Unknown
History: It is notoriously difficult to conjure a Shadow Demon but even more so to dispose of one. They are used for only the darkest of bidding's.

Name: Theydra
Age: Unknown
Class: Unknown
History: The Queen of the Elves. When her lover died in battle, she destroyed her castle in a monstrous rage before vanishing into darkness never to be seen again.

Name: Lyran
Age: Unknown
Class: Warrior
History: The ruthless and fearless King of the Pantherians.

Name: Grimbayne
Age: 41
Class: Warrior
History: Leader of the Wolferone

Name: Rexbayne
Age: 21
Class: Warrior
History: Son of Grimbayne and commander of the Wolferone troops

Name: Lylia
Age: 17
Class: N/A
History: The daughter of Queen Theydra who is currently the ruler of the Elves in Aerilyn.

Name: Balyth
Age: 38
Class: Warrior
History: The protector of Princess Lylia.