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Dakura is the protagonist of the story. As the son of the Count of Avelis, he is next in line to inherit control over House Maladorr's vast territory. His charismatic and ambitious personality allow him to always get what he wants, but his sheltered upbringing has protected him from the sometimes unexpected consequences of his actions. That is, until he left the city...

He is playful and a thrill-seeker; knowledge that he will soon be forced to accept his duty and settle down have only further encouraged him to seek out whatever fun and dangerous adventures he can find before that time comes.

Dakura's nature is destruction. His primary approach to problem-solving is to tear apart whatever stands in his way. In battle, this manifests as his gaining energy whenever he deals the finishing blow to an enemy. Korelli's ability to augment his damage-dealing capacity extends the window of opportunity he can use to defeat enemies. Sarian's ability to lower enemy defenses compounds this, making the trio into a devastating offensive force.

Korelli is Dakura's personal assistant. She accompanies him wherever he goes. Among the many daily tasks she assists him with, she is also the keeper of his journal. Each night, Dakura dictates to her his thoughts and actions of the day to be recorded. Because of their close relationship, Korelli understands his thoughts and feelings better than anyone else and sometimes advises him on the best course of action.

To Korelli, the most important virtue is honesty - especially to one's self. She encourages people to speak their mind and to acknowledge their true feelings, even if they might be ashamed of them. This outlook on life can occasionally backfire, as some secrets are better left unsaid.

Korelli's nature is enrichment. In battle, she gains energy by augmenting the abilities of her allies and each time her allies take advantage of her blessings. In this way, she gains energy vicariously even when she isn't herself acting. Over time, she can amass a large amount of energy as her allies continually make use of her encouragement.

Sarian has been one of Dakura's closest friends since they were children. She nearly lost her life in the great plague outbreak in Viadahn several years ago and never quite fully recovered, leaving her with poor constitution and weak legs. In spite of her impairment, Sarian is fiercely independent and has devoted her life to the research of heretical magic - a pursuit which could have her executed as a blasphemer if discovered by the church.

Intelligent and witty, Sarian is never afraid to speak frankly. She is a realist and tries to ground Dakura's frequent outbursts of recklessness. Still, the two form a good team, with Dakura's ambition and taste for danger occasionally pulling Sarian and her naturally risk-averse nature out of her comfort zone.

Sarian's nature is subversion. Physically weak and averse to direct confrontation, Sarian solves her problems by undermining the opposition and making them vulnerable, on a level where she can deal with them. In battle, she exposes enemy weaknesses and gains energy whenever her allies take advantage of the openings she has presented them with.

Naora is a boisterous young lady who isn't afraid to speak her mind. Unlike Dakura, Korelli, and Sarian, Naora does not come from nobility and lacks the social grace and etiquette that her allies do. Irreverent and sometimes smart-mouthed, Naora can be hard to deal with as someone accustomed to politeness and formality.

In spite of this, she has a good heart and can get along well with anyone - provided they aren't turned off by her energetic and in-your-face personality. Like Dakura, she has a penchant for mischief, a combination which can spell disaster without anyone around to put the brakes on.

When someone or something important to her is threatened, Naora is quick to run to their defense. Her nature is nurturing, which can seem at odds with her tough personality. Although she can deal impressive damage with her fists, she gains energy only by healing her allies. Although this may seem to hold her back in battle, her energy can be spent on devastating magic once charged enough.

Because the party limit is three people, bringing Naora into the group requires substituting out Korelli or Sarian. A team of Naora and Korelli can improve the longevity of the group by weathering out powerful enemy attacks and improving ally defense, then using the energy Naora has charged to suddenly turn the tides of battle. Naora also proves a valuable partner for Sarian, as her healing can offset Sarian's vulnerability to damage.


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Dakura gives me Jack Vessalius vibes
It can't be good...

Also, liking Korelli's design -- isn't she the girl on the logo?
did someone say angels
Yep, Korelli is in the logo. Good eye!
did someone say angels
Updated with new art and new bios!
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