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In a normal world, anything is capable of happening. Prosperity, adventure, hope, decline, struggle, and survival: All virtues of a healthy world with a balance of positive and negative. On the other hand, in a world where there is a decline in such things, a healthy balanced world is a fading dream.

Verona is one such world. A world that seems to to be facing a shift. Why Verona is suffering a shift is unknown. Mysterious fragments belonging to or of an unknown source have started giving off more energy than has been noted in recent history. Not much information is available yet regarding these fragments.

On the other hand, demons were never thought to exist in modern Verona until people had reported being attacked by them. It is unfounded, though. The victims stories were all less than mildly believable, so it is still out in the open whether or not demons exist on the planet of Verona. Could these demons actually just be very angry and/or evil people? It is not known yet, but it would be wise to be wary of these events.

In the land of Aralon, there is internal turmoil going on at the castle and a threat of demons. Aralon has started recruiting "demon hunters" to ward off this threat if it even exists to begin with.

Hailing from the castletown of Kelvana, A man named Selland decided that he'd try to join the Aralon's Demon Hunter Unit and see if he can accomplish something with his life. Little did he know, his life is about to completely turn upside-down and change forever...

Main Characters

Class: Self-Alleged "Hunter"
Age: 27
Home: Castletown of Kelvana
Occupation: Herb Gatherer
About: He prefers to use guns to fight since he is an inexperienced fighter. Until later in his life, Selland dreamed of becoming a genuine hunter since he has a high amount of respect for the "hunt". His daily life struggles get in the way of him pursuing such a dream. He is an average man with a tendency to think a lot. He'd rather keep to himself than interact with people mainly because he just feels best living alone. He struggles day-to-day trying to manage ends-meet with his job as a herb gatherer which he isn't too adept with. His favorite things to do with the little free time he gets: reading fantasy novels and just being alone and thinking.

Class: Brawler
Age: 37
Home: Leah Rica
Occupation: Mercenary
About: A stout man that has been fighting most of his life and making a living off of his experienced brawling skills. A mercenary at heart and willing to take any job as long as the pay is worth the trouble. He enjoys a good challenging fight even if it threatens his very life.

Class: Cleric
Age: 21
Home: Castle of Isalia
Occupation: Student of Magic
About: An Isalian-born student of magic. She is known to be obnoxiously rude and hollow-minded. Others know her as being eccentric and having an unpredictable personality. Despite all of this, she is a very intelligent cleric aspiring to great heights in the world at a rapid pace.

Class: Warrior
Age: 24
Home: Unknown
Occupation: Slayer/Traveler
About: His origins are unknown. He can be found fighting battles in the Outlands versus powerful foes. Else, he wanders the Outlands and its outskirts searching for anything of interest or value. Rarely does he attend to public places to mingle with people. He seems very keen and likes to keep a low profile.

Class: Strider, formerly a Paladin
Age: 23
Home: Aralon
Occupation: Elite Soldier of Aralon
About: She once was a young Paladin full of vigor and the desire to help others. One day, she discovered truths about the world that set her heart ablaze and she took it all the wrong way. Still strangely smiling and laughing as she once was, she now carves a darker path and inspires chaos in her works.

Class: Blue Divine
Age: Unknown
Home: Possibly Kelvana
Occupation: Unknown
About: An elf whose true whereabouts are unknown. Can be a real zealot and overly bitter. She seems to be the jealous type. Also, she jokingly passes herself off as one of the Four Divines who used to reside and oversee to the events of the world. Delusional, or just crazy?

Work in progress... Subject to change

Side Characters

Huntress Ayri
An elven Demon Hunter with a lot of experience, through and through. One of few on Verona that can wield a Mystical Bow. She travels the world, looking for the next big demon to hunt. To her, the demon hunt is a way of life.

Soldier Instructor Bert
Soldier Instructor in the service of Aralon. He is a hardened warrior that has seen a lot of action. People would describe his fighting style as some of the most vicious and aggressive fighting they've ever seen. People whom Bert associates with are some of the few people that see a slightly mellow side of him.

Swordsman Kendra
She is a chaser of visions. Always gifted with the ability of foresight and seeing into the future, she has made a habit of pursuing wild visions. Known to be moody and confrontational. She makes a living as an actress.

Party-Goer Naikou
A cat girl that seems to get herself into trouble a lot. She likes to get drunk and hang out with men. She seems to be quite wealthy as per her involvement in a suspicious "business".

Magician Lans
No greater desire than power and knowledge compels Lans. He wanders the world seeking power and knowledge to make himself the wisest magician to ever walk Verona. One day he says he will become a god. Delusion or a reality in the making?

More to come... Work in Progress


  • A story-driven SNES-style fantasy RPG made with RPG Maker VX

  • Visible enemies in dungeons and story locations (You do not have to fight every enemy you see as you can avoid them).

  • A world complete with plenty of locations to find and explore.

  • A sometimes dark and unsettling atmosphere; the game world is not always safe!

  • A classic sideview Final Fantasy style battle system - Simplistic in nature and easy to use.

  • An estimated 15-20 hours of gameplay and story are projected.

  • More to come... Work in Progress


Latest Blog


Current Status of Game as of Sep 18, 2016

Due to real-life complications, I have to put the game on Hiatus for the time-being. Because of such, I'm considering simplifying the game. I will in turn possibly make it episodic so I can at least get some playable content out.

Major updates to the game:

  • Option to change the main character's class at some point to either be a ranged or melee fighter.

  • Gather+Exchange system

  • Completely new intro (To better flesh out events in Selland's life prior to going to Aralon to join the Demon Hunter Unit)

  • Adding more puzzles--Actually, in general, I've changed the game to be more challenging. First part of the game will be somewhat easy in order to get you used to how the game plays.

  • Choices you make during story sequences can affect future events, for better or worse.

Thanks again for the honest demo reviews: Happy, vitaliy7777, and Muninn!

Game Completion Status Estimate = ~ 60% complete

About the project

Shards of Xar is a game I work on once in a while. My first game, Tales of Chaotica, was my first RPG Maker Project ever. I have taken what I learned from working on that game to apply to this game. I hope I've improved!

I will continue to work on the game little by little over time with no estimation of a due date. I am aiming at making the game somewhere between 10-20 hours.

That is all for now. Thank you for reading.


Notes about demo v1.3

-Released on Oct 24, 2013
-Approximate play length is 20 ~ 30 minutes
-Demo is shorter and more concise to better demonstrate what the game is going to be like.
-Now starts a little ways into the game rather than from the very beginning.
-Little to no changes made to content that existed in previous demo v1.2.3 other than being shorter in playtime.
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  • 09/18/2016 12:50 PM
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I played a little bit of the demo.

It's fun and interesting, but it's a little rough around the edges. The dialogue doesn't flow too well and there are some grammatical errors. The battles are pretty straight forward, and all the player really has to do is press the "Attack" command over and over. Other than that, nice work. The maps are nice, the events run smoothly, and the music fits well.
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
okey dokey, Subscribed :)

Love VX game for some reason :)

Only played a few minutes but enjoying Shards.

Get to work !!!!! :)

EDIT: well, it may only be a shard, but it is a nice shard.
Now I'll have to wait for the balance of them thar shards.
Let's hope it's not to long :)
I'm glad you like it, Linkis :) Though I got to say that at some point I should make a new demo since the content of Demo v-1.3 is currently outdated. Somethin' to think about doing, but am unsure if I want to yet.

And yeah! The "Shards" is estimated to have a completion date set for late 2016. I've been really lazy with development and I think it is time to get this game out there.
Wow, I've got some catching up to do on these comments.

@ Drachen

Thanks for the input.

As for the battles, I'm trying to make it so battles get progressively more challenging as the game goes on. More attack skills with varied advantages that you will have to utilize in order to win in a fight. Elemental, multi-hit, wide ratio consideration, status-infliction, defense breaking, armor-piercing, critical-only damage, first initiative, double turn, team skills (with certain party members), special/elite status, are all some examples of what you'll have to consider/take advantage of to get best results and/or be victorious.

Some battles will even be affected by event(s) that happen prior to the fight even beginning, e.g., whether or not you have acquired a certain "Shard" affects whether or not an enemy is capable of using his strongest skill. Another example would be whether or not an area/part of the world is considered a "High Risk Zone". In which case it would be a good idea to be on high alert for risk of running into Demons.

As for the dialogue, I feel I have to change it every time I playtest my game. I feel as if there are details and subject matter that doesn't come out too well. I'm always trying to catch these things whenever I can.
is this game is still being worked on? it looks interesting :)
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