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Progress Report


Current Status of Game as of Sep 18, 2016

Due to real-life complications, I have to put the game on Hiatus for the time-being. Because of such, I'm considering simplifying the game. I will in turn possibly make it episodic so I can at least get some playable content out.

Major updates to the game:

  • Option to change the main character's class at some point to either be a ranged or melee fighter.

  • Gather+Exchange system

  • Completely new intro (To better flesh out events in Selland's life prior to going to Aralon to join the Demon Hunter Unit)

  • Adding more puzzles--Actually, in general, I've changed the game to be more challenging. First part of the game will be somewhat easy in order to get you used to how the game plays.

  • Choices you make during story sequences can affect future events, for better or worse.

Thanks again for the honest demo reviews: Happy, vitaliy7777, and Muninn!

Game Completion Status Estimate = ~ 60% complete

About the project

Shards of Xar is a game I work on once in a while. My first game, Tales of Chaotica, was my first RPG Maker Project ever. I have taken what I learned from working on that game to apply to this game. I hope I've improved!

I will continue to work on the game little by little over time with no estimation of a due date. I am aiming at making the game somewhere between 10-20 hours.

That is all for now. Thank you for reading.


Notes about demo v1.3

-Released on Oct 24, 2013
-Approximate play length is 20 ~ 30 minutes
-Demo is shorter and more concise to better demonstrate what the game is going to be like.
-Now starts a little ways into the game rather than from the very beginning.
-Little to no changes made to content that existed in previous demo v1.2.3 other than being shorter in playtime.
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