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Welcome to Arum, the RM Universe (RMU for short).
Arum is meant to be a unified setting, a game world where various developers can work on their projects, sharing the same background.

Since I know no one likes reading walls of text or the opening posts very much, I made a game version of the information. It will get updated with new maps and game info as needed, so I really recommend you simply play it (it’s a simple map with npcs who give out the info, nothing fancy.

Game tutorial information
-If you want to appear in the Dev’s Corner, send me a PM with your data, planned projects, etc. If you have no real work done, please wait until you have something to show.
-If you want to donate maps, read the rules for them and send them to me by PM.

Latest Updates:
Created thread and uploaded the Game Tutorial (version.0 with no donated maps and only sample Dev npc).

We usually hang out at the #wormvx channel at irc.synirc.net. If you have any questions that can’t be answered here, you can send me a PM (Indra).

Please check out the other game pages for information.

Latest Blog

Project uploaded!

Well, this is it, I’ve uploaded this goddamned thing in every single website I frequent, this is IT! OTL

If you don’t know what RMU is, inform yourself in the project page or the game tutorial; if you do: I hope to hear from you and your projects soon!

Version 0 of the tutorial is a barebones. It has no donation maps implemented yet, or the .txt files (no use since there’s no one to credit yet).
The only Dev Npc is my own, it should serve as template for other people.

The Game tutorial (and the game profile, of course) will get updated as necessary (chiefly with new maps).

If you want to follow us on the official forum, it’s kind of our home base for now. >Click here to get over there<

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  • 03/15/2012 04:13 PM
  • 10/21/2015 04:41 PM
  • 03/15/2012
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I've been working on a game called Arum. Boo.
Interesting. I'll keep this in mind~
My, my, what a cool thing!How come I've never heard of this?
Is it cool if we can donate characters? I have some character ideas that would fit really well with a community style project like this.
If you mean can you make and plop characters and NOTHING ELSE, I doubt it. The idea is to make games in the setting. Loose elements like resources or lore alone are not going to "count" until they actually come off in a game.
Could I make maps and characters ect... for a Ancient Japan style area. On the World map I would like to be those few little island dot at the end of the east island, but I don't really care where it is situated of the map, but do I have to make an area with a few side quest and history behind it, or like an actual small "game" that happens in that area?( I'm fine with both ). For the tileset I'd use the "VX Samuarai" tileset. more information here: http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/a/graphics/rpg-maker-materials-for-vx-samurai. I found a video showing what it looks like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgumxS475Aw. If you like I can use a mixture of the "normal" one and the "VX Salurai" one
Thanks alot! But Is it just a map with a few side quests and history behind it?
and do I have to still post on this area : http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/1262-arum-reference-world-map-submit-your-new-countries-here/ to submit and when I actually do submit do I have to send you a mediafire or something link to download the RPGVXAce file with my maps in it?
The map topic is to "reserve" a spot for the countries where games takes place. It serves as a way for everyone to keep track of the world so they have some idea of what's around. You can either post there or tell me privately, either works.

As for the game itself, giving me notice/a link (if the game isn't hosted in RMW) is enough.

Tho now that I think of it, if what you want to do is exclusively map resources rather than GAMES (which is the main point), doing so with a pay pack like the samurai one would be disallowed, since it means people could get those maps with pay resources for free (aka pirating). Sorry :/

Map donation (pay pack problems aside) is fine as a solo project file, doesn't NEED to have eventing inside (tho of course it's not disallowed and if you want to make a small "sample" game to present the area that's fine).
But if a make a game could i use the Samurai pack? And I still don't quite understand what you mean by game, is it side quests or a separate story with dungeons bosses, dialogue, characters ect...
Yes, but it would have to be encrypted. We can't allow piracy. If it was open, people could take the resource packs they don't own for free. (Aka the maps could not be "donated" to the project). You can make your own GAME with anythign you like, tho.
Of what I understand, we can make "games" for your game project,that seems interesting to me, I don't want to donate a map, a map and of course the map would be encrypted, but I don't understand what you mean by me making a "game" for your project do you mean a map with side quest or just a separate game( with a story, new main characters from that I have created,dungeons ect..) that will be out on the map of your game. Just like a game I'd make by myself.

I am so sorry if I'm being annoying.:)
Anyway I'll already start making the maps and see, for the events after you've answered, but thanks very much for what you've done already!
After, re-playing your tutorial game, I was reminded about you mentioning "completed games" so, that's probably a game that is like a separate game not in your universe, but do I create a new main character?
Grenu, I think that this is pretty outdated.
Sorry, that I'm answering you, it's Indra's call, but these are gams set in Arum.
I wouldn't mind to see this updated with Aegis and other devs'n'gams.
Sorry about the uber late reply, things got busy for me.

>Arum=game WORLD.
>Games take place IN the world.
>Games made by anyone (as long as you don't destroy what other people have made)

The entire point is to have actual GAMES with content happening in the shared game world. I assume you got tripped up over the map donation, which was something we tentatively set down where people who wanted to do something but not GAMES (for whatever reason) could instead make maps for other people to use as they liked (a free map pack, in summary). I mentioned that we definitely prefer GAMES (aka self-conclusive, finished CONTENT) rather than just loose maps (empty scenarios). Hope that covers what you're asking.

@Cap_H um? Aegis who? What games? I'm pretty sure I'm familiar with the folks who've made games in the Arum world and that isn't it?
Also it's outdated because the project is housed back at RMW: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/forum/76-arum-the-rm-universe/
since I don't hang around here much.
Oh, I meant Aegix and his Mayhem Maidens. And I know about Arum's section at RMW as i spent some time browsing through it.
Otherwise thumbs up, your ice cool games got me in RM making.
AAH, AeGIX. That explains why I didn't remember, Fomar played that one, not me.
This looks very interesting. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the quick explanation of this would be along the lines of a game world where people can sign on with their own "Side Stories/Campaigns"? Kinda like a Campaign Setting where people submit their stories and they can be explored alongside other peoples submissions? I need to know more.
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