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I feel as though I should explain the premise of this game, rather than just some silly disclaimer.

Plumber Man was my attempt at making what one would call a kaizo game moderately difficult game. One that could be beaten without cheating, but without regards to fairness. And therefore designed to be as frustrating and off-the-wall as possible, in the name of lulz.

So there! Now you know what you're getting into. I didn't really have a serious mindset when making it. I just thought it would be something fun to try and whip up. Its not what one would call "good." But I think that it may at least make you chuckle once or twice (that is if you're like me and enjoy dying).

Its a game that I highly recommend playing in the editor, rather than actually in-game. If only because it may be enjoyed more fully if you can skip levels that you're tired of and can just go to the next one. And because I sort of failed in the "difficulty curve" category.

All of the levels are, in order, the first ones I made after opening up SMBX for the first time. I'm pretty proud of how much better I've gotten, but I'm still fond of these as well.



The download came through, I've got the bugfixed version up as the big button. Thus its all set to go! My apologies once again for the prior error.

I may or may not add some pages with hints, tips, or tricks. Depends on how much advice I can really give.

Once again though: If you got the bugged version, either go into the level editor and fix the start positions in 5-2 and 8-4 yourself, or copy your savefile from 1.0 into 1.1 and all should be right with the world.
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