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This is a RogueLike dungeon crawl, as such the game is designed to be brutally difficult and test your skills to the maximum. The game possesses randomly generated content to allow for literally unlimited adventures, ensuring that no two play-throughs will be the same. The whole game world is turn-based, meaning that after you have moved each monster or element in a dungeon moves. This means that unless you move nothing else will, allowing you time to make decisions and strategies. Death is permanent and game ending, and items are scarce, so be aware that fighting every monster isn’t always the best tactic.

The aim of the game is simple. Survive through the three dungeons and return to the Staging Point. But simple doesn’t always mean easy . . .


Arrow Keys / 1 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 – Character Movement.

The key commands in STEEL KNIGHTS are optimized for use on the numerical keypad, though alternative control schemes have been made available for those who are using laptops without the numerical pad. When looking at the numerical pad the ‘5’ key represents the space your character is currently occupying and the keys around it offer direct movement in regular and diagonal directions. The ‘arrow keys’ are available to the player as a movement option, but they do not allow for diagonal movement, instead forcing the player to use the number keys along the top of their keyboard instead.

P – Pick up and store an Item.

Items are automatically added to your inventory. If multiple items are stacked on the same square then you will be taken to a menu where you can cherry-pick which items you do and do not want to collect.

U – Use an Item.

Items in your possession will be listed alphabetically; tapping the letter key that has been assigned to the item you want will trigger its use. Items fall into several catagories of ‘type’ including Medical for healing and Evac to teleport you around the dungeons. The ‘Staging Point Recall’ can be used at any time to escape the current mission back to the hub world, losing items but saving your life and levels.

S – Shoots your ranged Weapon.

Shooting a ranged weapon requires you to target an enemy unit. If you do not have a ranged weapon equipped to your ‘Firearm’ slot or if you have no ammunition for that weapon then you will be unable to fire.

E – Equip items.

You can equip items to your Head, Body, Sidearm, Firearm and Core slots.

L – Look.

In a similar manner to the ‘shooting’ mechanic, you can scan the screen and examine your surroundings.

C – Chat.

Some characters can be approached and interacted with by using this key. Try it on different life forms you discover for different effects.

M – Opens the Mission Log.

The Mission Log is updated as you journey through the game and the bulk of the games optional story can be found here.

W – Walk in a direction.


There are several different guns available in the game, each with unique attributes and ammunition that you must find in-game. Without ammo a gun won’t work so be sure to keep an eye on how much you have and for what weapons.

Assault Rifle – Targets a 5 square radius for low-level damage. Utilizes ‘Beat Clips’.

Shotgun – Targets a 3 square radius but damages multiple enemies in a cone shapes blast. Utilizes ‘Shells’.

Pulse Repeater – Has an unlimited range but can only fire in a straight line. Utilizes ‘Pulse Capsules’.

Laser Combine – The most powerful weapon in the game, it must be charged from special units found in-level and targets multiple enemies along a straight line.

Additionally the character also possesses a close combat ‘Lance’ that is used automatically on a foe if they are standing next to an enemy and press that direction using a walk command.


Cores operate on a purely elemental level. Equipping a core of a certain colour defends against damage from enemies sharing that colour type, however doubles damage from a secret opposing colour type. Discovering which cores work against which enemies is crucial for survival, and you can only equip one at a time so make those choices count!


Once you create your character you will be asked to pick the build of your SK Suit. There are seven to choose from, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Power – Increased melee and ranged attack values.
Armor – Increased HP and Armor stats.
Speed – Increased Speed values.
Scout – Start with a supply of Evac and Sight items.
Gunner – Start with a large supply of Ammunition.
Medic – Start with a stock of Healing items.
Colour – Start the game with all the Cores.


Upon a Game Over you will be presented with your score. You will then be given the opportunity to log this score onto an online leader board hosted by WombatRPGs.com to compete against others. At games start you can check the leaderboards for today, all time or against your Facebook friends. If using the offline-only edition of the game this is unavailable.