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Of Nuggets and Not-Nuggets

  • Marrend
  • 04/05/2012 02:26 PM
I've been quietly working on this since the Nugget Crash Course submission period ended with the intention of getting out another demo of the game. I'm not going to replace the download that I've submitted to the event, but here's a quick changelog of things I have done, or in the process of doing:

1) Character models have changed significantly. For the next demo, I'm using a combination of models generated from the famitsu site, and models generated with the built-in VX Ace character maker. This was done to make the school uniforms brown like they are supposed to be. Nit-picky, aren't I? With the more generic NPCs, the VX Ace character maker was exclusively used.

2) Music. I wasn't too sure if my usual route of using music from commercial sources was "legit" for the context of the Nugget Crash Course. However, since the next demo release doesn't care about event constraints, expect to hear some familiar tunes. If you played the games where they came from, anyway.

3) More content. The current demo has events leading up to the first boss. I plan to have the next demo go as far as boss #2.

4) Other random fixes. I need to CALM DOWN, STOP BEING NERVOUS, and watch Liberty's LP to see what feedback that entails. Other constructive criticism is welcome.