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Neither lost, nor forgotten

  • Marrend
  • 09/08/2012 12:51 PM
No, I have not forgotten of this game! It's just that things have been pretty crazy 'round these parts! Of course, it does not help that what time I have that I should be spending on this game, I spend on writing a walkthrough for Arbiters From Another World. However, let us not say that I don't have plans for Chapter 2 stuffs.

The main plan I've got cooking for Chapter 2 is explaining why Shoko is the way she is. If anyone who's played this has also played the "Uchioniko" custom content of Heartache 101 - Sour Into Sweet, there will probably be some similarities. As for possible differences, I'm not sure how much I wish to change, if anything.

I'm also figuring on getting at least one more party member into the group. Nothing is set in stone, and I suspect that the story flow might want to have two new members, but we shall see.

Will there be mini-games, side-quests, or what-not? I have no idea. If there are going to be any, I will not put them into the game until the main content is done. Not that I have many ideas for what I want to do, but I figure I've got some time to make some decisions on that front.

As a total aside, I'm kinda looking at Befuddle Quest - The Next Generation. Yeah, getting into that won't do much good for this game's progress. However, I'm already thinking of making a World of Xeen-style word puzzle for it. If the evidence from the comments/PMs I was getting from Matsumori Days was any indication, something like that should fit right in! Not that I have anything else at the moment, but I prefer this kind of mental exercise.