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Stream of Consciousness: I'm feeling like some character interviews!

  • Marrend
  • 09/21/2012 01:07 PM
Every so often, we, at the Iwayama Daily do some interviews. Today, we have not one, not two, but three interviewees! With us today is a newcomer to the school, Momotami Ruri, the best female athlete in the school, Nemoto Mayu, and one of the smartest people in the school, Shirazu Izumi.

ID: So, you three are friends?
Mayu: Well...
Ruri: Of course we are!
Izumi: I would have to agree with Ruri on this. Though, there is one more in our circle, and I believe she was invited to this session. However...
Ruri: They invited Shoko too? Man, if I knew that, I'd bring her along!
Izumi: Ruri, allow me to remind you that Shoko is a very private person. It was for this reason that she declined.

ID: Moving right along, Mayu, tell us about your training regimen. How do you keep up?
Mayu: I've found that knowing when to stop training is really key. True story, I've overdone it more often that I care to admit!
Ruri: But it's really hard to stop when you're really into what you're doing?
Izumi: Well, I would imagine that it would be very much like being absent-minded. If you are enjoying what you are doing, you take no notice of anything else.
Mayu: If you didn't insert that last sentence, Izumi, you might have found that you needed to buy new glasses!
Izumi: Oh? I would have hoped that you had enough respect for me to, at the very least, allow me to remove my glasses before you applied your fist to my face.

ID: Let's move on to another subject.
Izumi: Yes, let's.
ID: Ruri...
Ruri: Bring it!
ID: It's been observed that you're a very energetic person. Where does it all come from?
Ruri: I dunno. It's just the way I am, I guess.
Mayu: What, you think that downing candy like water doesn't do anything for you?
Izumi: I've seem Ruri consume a significant amount of sugar in a very short period of time as well. However, a sugar high would only last so long before getting into a low. My best guess is that her energy is derived from being a very positive person.

ID: Izumi, it's your turn. Do you have any secrets to give for how to get a better grade?
Izumi: I have no secret. I merely study as much as I can.
Mayu: Yeah, but you obviously have your nose to the book alot. I mean, the glasses....
Izumi: Well, perhaps I do spend more time on my studies than others. But one cannot call such a tactic a "secret", can one?
Ruri: We should study together some time!
Izumi: I've a feeling you would merely direct the conversation towards Sei-chan.
Mayu: I can see that.
Ruri: You guys got something against the greatest, most awesomest singer, like, ever?
Mayu: You forgot about the part where I don't care?
Ruri: I wonder what Shoko thinks about her?
Mayu: Try asking her.
Izumi: I do not approve of how you meant that as a mean comment, Mayu.
Ruri: No, Mayu's got the right idea.
Izumi: Forgive me. It seems that I redirected the conversation this time.

ID: We've time for one more question.
Ruri: Bring it!
ID: How did you become friends?
Ruri: I dunno. Just happened, I guess?
Izumi: There is a certain amount of truth to Ruri's statement. With her outlook, though, we could not be anything else!
Mayu: Yeah, the full story would be, um...? Well, now that I think about it, how the hell DID we become friends?
Izumi: I think it basically revolves around... Shoko? What do you think, Mayu?
Mayu: Shoko? Huh. Maybe.
Ruri: I bet she would know!
Mayu: Yeah, good luck trying to get anything out of her, though.
Izumi: Mayu, if you please?

That just about wrapped up our conversation. Join us next week, when we interview the teacher of class 1-C, Shiotani Otsune!