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Chapter 2 is out!?

  • Marrend
  • 10/02/2012 08:06 PM
On one hand, yes, I've got a new download, and players can get to the second boss fight with it. However, to be fair, there's quite a bit of work to be done. Most notably, the encounters in the central portion of the park need to be filled in, and I made no attempt at having more flavor text, side-stories, or whatever else might give the game more meat.

I'm not worried about the main content of the game. It was more or less decided long before I even put up this gamepage. What I'm worried about is that the game might not offer players points of interactivity outside of combat. I made a conscious decision on that front when Arbiters From Another World was concerned, and I stand by that decision. This game? I dunno.

Maybe I'm worrying needlessly. Even if I had ideas, my preference would still be to complete the main content of the game before doing side-stuffs. It worked well enough for me with Matsumori Days, at any rate!

Anyway, I suppose I shall put this on hiatus. I know, my consistency of working on things has ever been at crapatastrophic levels. I wish I could say that the wait will be worth it. Here's to hoping that it will!


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