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Stream of Consciousness: The last chapter, and other developments

  • Marrend
  • 12/16/2012 06:01 PM
One of the things that I didn't really like in Chapter 3 was the sequence just before the chapter ends. If one recalls, the party just defeated Junsuina (Have we seen this name before?), and were talking about hunting down Ruri's aunt. While I still want to have something akin to a confrontation with Ruri's aunt in Chapter 4, having it be the party's top priority doesn't work for me. My current plan is to change things somewhat to having Izumi get a call that Jin is getting better. He would still be confined to the hospital, but, he's in good enough condition to answer questions. Our heroines already have their suspicions on who attacked him, but his first-hand account would confirm, or deny, those suspicions. This would mean that I would need to bring back the hospital scene, which I guess I don't mind too much. Things should be a little different, though.

I'm a little worried that the finale will not have the impact that I intend it to have. That's all I really want to say about it right now. Sorry!

For some reason, I have half a mind to make Chapter screens for this game. They may be similar to I did for Matsumori Days, though I might want to check out the possibilities that GIMP presents. I'm not exactly sure where this thought came from, or if it's really that important.

Oh, yeah. Not-plot stuff to do. Man, I have not given any thought processes to this at all!

I'm not specifically aiming for a Christams release for the up-to-Chapter 4 version of the game. However, it has occurred to me that it would make a pretty awesome gift to the game's subscribers. I dunno. Maybe I'm over-thinking things again.


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Ive been sick and working on 3 to 4 projects at a time. So Im still at the boss in the park. I do love the super hero meets high school life element this game has. So I look forward to continueing this project and seeing what you have coming up. I do think a Christmas release sounds nice. Best of luck to you!
Guardian of the Description Thread
Funny story: I set this to "Hiatus" a few days ago when I saw where the game was listed on this thread. Which might go to show how much attention I've paid to the Misaos this year. Anyway, I was like, "This is considered 'In Production'? I never set it to "Hiatus" after the last blog?" So I set it to "Hiatus". Then, I made this blog (obviously). Then, I actually did some work, and I'm seeing me continue doing so in the near future (Work!? This is Marrend we're talking about, right?).

Guardian of the Description Thread
The progress I've been making is really good. I figure the last dungeon could be done by the end of today. The finale that I originally planned for the game probably isn't going to happen, though. Well, the general idea behind it might still work, but, I'll certainly have to make adjustments to make things fit nicely.

I have been vaguely considering forgetting about not-plot things to do for the game. It's not like that's what I've been doing anyway! Though, I've an odd sensation that the game might be "boring" if I do that. So, what I might end up doing is upload the game without any additions, and see if this sensation has any basis in reality. In the meantime, I can probably work on Konae Detective Agency. The hope is that I will get ideas from working on Konae (As I have not-plot ideas for it), but I can't really say at this time.
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