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Game Design

Working with TP

Suffice to say, this would be my very first game done with the VX Ace engine. So, naturally, I want to explore my options with all the new stats and functions that are available to me. One such stat is TP.

My current vision of TP should sound slightly familiar to those who played any Wild Arms game. For starters, each character starts battles with TP equal to that character's level. Normal enemies will not start the battle pre-charged with TP in this fashion, but I'm figuring that boss monsters would. In any event, TP increments by smacking things and being smacked. Each character has exactly four abilities that use TP, each costing a specific amount (25, 50, 75, 100). I'm still thinking up abilities that are worth buring the 75, or the 100, TP on, but I've a few examples of abilities that I will share:

Chakra - 25 TP. Restores user's health and mana by 25%. This ability everyone has at the offest, has as it's literally only way to restore mana in battles.

Wind Blessing - 50 TP. Doubles SPD (agility) and WIL (magic defense) of the party/. This effect lasts until the end of battle, or is dispelled.

Earth Blessing - 50 TP. Doubles DEF (defense) and MAXHP (maximumm health) of the party. This effect lasts until end of battle, or is dispelled.

But wait, there's more! After each battle, unspent TP will be used to restore the party. For example, a character with 43 TP at the end of a battle will have his or her health and mana restored by 43%. Which brings the question of why anyone would use TP during a battle when one can not use TP and possibly get completely recovered? One possibility is necessity. Like the notation says, the 25-TP ability is the only way to restore mana in battle! Another possibility is simply getting an edge in battle. The 50-TP abilities are set up that if each of the four party members use one, all stats will be doubled.

In any event, I've been trying to recall the various abilities from Wild Arms games that use Force Points, and seeing if I can code them (Accelerator? Yeah, no.) or simply get inspiration from them.
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