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Liberty Plays ~UCHIONIKO~

  • Liberty
  • 04/05/2012 05:19 AM
An LP of magical biznitches




- I will be LPing all the Nugget Crash Course entries.
- I'm sorry if my language, the content or my RPing of the characters offends in any way. I'm rather liberal in my language usage.
- Yes, I'm Australian... and female... and perhaps a little bit on the crazy side.
- There were a few sound issues in areas. Sorry about that, it's the program I'm using having a hissy fit. It's usually so dependable.
- I'm open to questions and criticism.
- I'll try to do the whole thing. If I get stuck... welp.


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Guardian of the Description Thread
Why am I always such a nervous wreck when watching these? Anyway, I've managed to watch Part 1 so far. I think I caught a complaint about how much damage the first boss was doing. Then again, you weren't doing much on the restorative end either. I may look it to it in any event.

Gotta calm down gotta calm down gotta calm down.
Don't fret. In these I'm not really doing much complaining. I throw in a thought here and there, but I'm not doing judging in the video.

The complaint was more about how the damage the normal monsters in that area stacked up fast while the healing skills didn't do much. For a healing spell that's supposed to be the best, it was only doing about 40% HP. The best healing spell in a game should at least be doing 50-75%... at least.

Also, how that boss healed 1900+ when I couldn't even do that much damage to him, but I guess because it was a scripted fight, it was okay.

Apart from that, I just had fun with the characters and messing with the voices. I enjoyed what I did play, but I'll be keeping any other thoughts between myself and my fellow judges.
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