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This was an entry for the RPG Maker VX Ace: Nugget Crash Course competition.

As I've never tried making a short game before, this will be a challenge.

This will be a dungeon crawler that sprawls a world map with unlockable dungeons as the (vague) story progresses. Occasionally, a new shop will be unlocked where items, weapons and armours can be bought with your hard-earned money. These can also be backtracked to so you always have something to work towards. There is also an inn near the beginning where new, varying party members can be recruited once you befriend them. These will also have their own weapon and armour sets as well as skill sets which could or could not be useful to your party.

RPG VX Ace's RTP will be used as A) I don't have the time or motivation to make a whole set of graphics and B) it's a new expansion to the RPG Maker series, and it's pretty as hell. I sure don't have any problems with using the original graphics.

I'd say this game is about 60% finished now, but I'd definitely like to thank everyone who's tested it so far and pointed out some bugs and things that need fixing! I'm hoping those will all be sorted by April 1st. I'd also really like to thank my boyfriend who helped me get through the monotony of coming up with a few item/weapon names and effects. :P

Okay, game is pretty much 100% finished now! Testing is always appreciated, and thanks for everyone who has become interested! <3 I got about an hour and a half of gameplay out of this, so hopefully that should be enough. Maybe about an hour if you run through it quickly, or three hours if you do it really slowly..

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The sequel isn't always worse.. right..?

Yes, there will be a TOOL2. Yes, I am laughing at the fact that I only now realise the acronym for this game is 'TOOL'. Yes, other stuff. Yes. Sequels..

So yeah. I never intended to end TOOL1 so neatly, and I wanted to add in a little something at the end to hint at a sequel but.. as it was a contest entry, I thought it'd be a silly idea to already be considering the sequel. The 'universe' as such will be changing drastically in a way that some people may not like, but I guess we'll find that out when it happens.

I am working on this already. Intro cutscene is pretty much finished (it's a bit cinematic, and a lot longer than TOOL1's intro.. which is pretty much ONE LINE OF TEXT) and I've started working on a map and the mechanics of gameplay. Oh, and the storyline. So it's all pretty much laid out neatly now, it's just a matter of doing the graphics, doing the maps, doing the gameplay, doing the characters, doing the story, doing the blahblahblah.. basically, I have to make the game.

Here is what's currently getting worked on (obviously a WIP at the minute):

Watch this space, as this image will change as I update it.

So that's pretty much it. I look forward to getting this done!
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  • 03/18/2012 12:38 PM
  • 12/15/2014 10:49 PM
  • 04/01/2012
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Looks simple, yet promising
Downloading now
Thanks! Feel free to give any feedback on what could be improved. I'm certain there are a lot of things that need fixing up before I submit a final release for the competition. :/
Wow, this game's pretty slick
The travel system is genius! Why the hell didn't I think of that...

I like what you did with the dungeons. It's simple and short. Overcomplicated dungeons and mazes are quite annoying
But the dungeons are too easy. I just went through the Vergas Tower once and managed to kill the boss without much effort and item spamming. I think the monsters need to be tougher. You could make the following floors harder than the previous floors to make it more challenging... but this is a short game, and those are just opinions

After the event in Gara House, the main character showed up instead of the usual arrow after I left the place. It went back to normal after I enter and exit any place. Maybe this is just a random bug?
Yeah, just before releasing the demo I changed a few of the formulae around for skills, and thought the dungeons might have been a bit too easy.. I'll definitely make it a lot tougher in future, I was just concerned about making it TOO tough. :P

And thanks for testing it out and telling me about the bug - I'll get straight onto figuring that one out!
I've now changed a few things around to make the game a lot harder.. hopefully not too difficult though. ^^

And as hard as I tried, I couldn't recreate the bug with the hero appearing instead of the arrow. I looked through the eventing, and nothing looked out of place. It might've just been a one-off bug or something, but I'll look into it some more if anyone else encounters it.

Thanks again for your help! :]
I like this so far! It's well made and well mapped. The only thing I've found wrong with the mapping is that some places (namely on mountains/ledges) are un-shadowed at ledges and such. It's not a large detail, but when it's noticed it really flattens the world and looses understanding of the sloped path type thing you're going for. I like the characters and the way that the party is grown, and I must give you a thumbs up for cool transportation and pure simplicity for the game! Must have proved difficult in a few locations.

I think I'll borrow that Broken Sword concept you have at the Bazaar as well, if you don't mind. It's a good way to get a random item.
Hey, thanks for trying out the game! I'm glad this wasn't as huge a disaster as I'd anticipated, what with it being really, really simple and pretty uncreative and all. And sure, feel free to take the Broken Sword concept. I'm sure I musta stolen it from somewhere subconsciously. :P

As for the mapping, I was having some difficulty with RMVXAce's shadowing tool as, once something is painted with shadow, if you then paint over it, some of the shadow disappears in places. It's a real pain, but thanks for pointing that out - I'll do a sweep over everything and all the ledges to make sure it's properly shadowed. My mapping's not fantastic either, but I felt it at least got some kind of point across regarding the types of area that the party visited. ^^

And I was also concerned about the bit at the far right of the map where you leave the Blacksmith, and then you press right to go to Gara House and.. you then have to start pressing left instead. I thought that might confuse people, but I'm glad it's not been an issue!

Thanks again for trying the game out and coming up with some issues, it's a real big help and the main reason I released the demo; this is really useful for tidying up everything I screwed up on. Thanks again, to both of you!
The map confused me at first, but then was simple for me. Message me next time there's an update and I'll play again! I enjoyed it.

Also, that sword idea I stole fleshed out a bit and the enemies in my game who drop it use Demi moves, so this also taught me how to use the new system's Damage Formula. Thank you muchly for you unanticipated help and game!
Lol, that's not a problem. You've helped me a great deal more by pointing out any errors. So thanks man! I hope your game goes well too! :3

And I will certainly try and crank out that update soon. Things have been slow with school and all, but I still aim to actually finish this before the deadline..
Alright I finished the demo. The first thing that really seemed obvious to me is some characters stat growths don't seem finished. Rose's for example, she gained 50 hp each level constantly and gained other stats at a constant rate while my other character's grew at a much greater rate. On top of this, she has no skills. What is Rose good at? She seems to be incredibly mediocre to me. Ulrika is also absolutely useless. Her HP is too low. Otherwise a good game, definitely.

Edit 1: 1F of Sarlot Mountain inaccurately says 2F.
Yeah, I'm still messing around with character statstics, skills and weaponry. If you notice, I think Ulrika and other optional party members have like, 3 weapons or something ridiculously pathetic.. ^^;; I'm definitely gonna sort this out ready for the release though, so thanks for testing it!

And yes, you're right about it saying 2F.. my bad, must've just been mashing the keyboard with my nose at this point. Thanks for telling me about that!
Well Caz, I must admit I like the full version! A few things I noticed, I found a few items in the game that had literally no use, from what I could tell. Nobody seemed to want them. A typo in Gwyn's name right after the Anomoly battle, too.

This game had so many good aspects and things that people could learn by paying attention to your game making. I did, and I learned a few things.
Well thanks, man! And I appreciate you testing it out too! And yeahh, I had intended to put a lot more party members into the game who would want those items, but I ran out of time (dunno if you noticed, but I pretty much cut the inn in half in the update). But at the very least, for now, they can be sold for money to get better items.

And oops about the typo. I've not had much time lately, so I've seriously been rushing to get the game finished. ^^;; I'll go correct that now, but I dunno if it's worth reuploading the entire game just for one word. Maybe if some more errors spring up, I'll see about reuploading.

Thanks again, I appreciate the bug reports you've done for me. :3
Can you please give Rose skills please? :P
Rose should have skills at level 1 (Sudden Gust), 3 (Devastation) and 7 (The Frightening Storm).
My Rose is Lvl 16 and doesn't have any skills. It doesn't matter anyway, I just completed the game. I loved it, thanks for the game.

Edit: By the way, where did you find dead flowers?
Thanks for playing! Daring Spirits in Vergas Tower drop Dead Flowers, by the way.

And that's weird about Rose not having any skills at level 16? After the demo's release, I made absolutely certain that everyone had skills. Weird, I'll have to check this out. It might be a bug preventing any of them from showing up..
hey Caz glad to see you working on a game, this looks great. wish i could download it but my computer is having trouble using the Vx ace rtp. good luck.

Hey thanks! :] And that's okay, I see quite a few people having a bit of trouble with VX Ace. If I weren't positive that the download would be huge, I'd put the RTP along with the game file.

And thanks, I hope your game goes well too!
About to give this a try, I like the concept of it :).
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