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Reniat returns to her home village after years away at boarding school to find that the village is nearly deserted. The mine that the village depended on heavily for boosting its economy and tourism has been overrun by monsters and no one has bothered doing anything about it. Having trained as an adventurer, she decides to see what she can do about reviving the town and making a name for herself in the world.

Homework Salesman is a life simulation game with an emphasis on dungeon exploration, completing quests, crafting new equipment and items, and befriending the people in town. The game takes inspiration from the Rune Factory and Atelier series.

  • Befriend each villager by talking to them every day and giving them gifts. Higher friendship levels allow you to learn each NPC's personal story and can also gain you access to new shop items, skills, hidden goodies, and more.

  • Unique items means that each item in the game is treated as a separate object. You can rename equipment, find rare versions of them, upgrade and repair them (weapons have durability), and even enchant them. You can have several iron swords each with different enchantments on them.

  • Six unique crafts: Cooking, Smithing, Tailoring, Enchanting, Alchemy, and Construction.

  • Quests are divided into two categories: story quests that propel your adventure forward, and side quests that are procedurally generated.

  • Features a world encounter system where you can find random events in field maps or dungeons, such as traveling merchants or a bandit who'll offer to spare you for money (or you can kill him)

  • Enemy encounters and (most) treasure chests are randomly placed on maps. You typically won't find the same monster encounter in the same dungeon spot every time. Treasure chest contents are randomly drawn from a pool of items appropriate for the zone you're in. You can also find unique weapons with randomized names, stats, and enchantments.

Check out the official website for the game manual, credits, and more.

Check out the wiki here! http://homeworksalesman.wikia.com/wiki/Homework_Salesman_Wiki

Update Log:
1/27/14 - v1.2
- The last two bosses in the game will now put up an anti-frazzle shield if they get hit successfully by frazzle three times. This shield will dissipate after 2 turns. Note that it doesn't count just frazzling the boss, it will count if you frazzle any boss minions in the fight.
- The Treasure Hunter couple will now appear in the ending cut-scene if you saw their world event.
- Fixed bugs related to Liffely's cooking delivery service.
- Fixed bugs related to the 2nd Colorous Cave quest.
- Fixed a bug where if you somehow manage to defeat the 3rd floor bosses on the same day as defeating Plutonus, the magic shop NPCs would not move into town.
- Added several easter eggs, most of which are references to early testers and other people in the community.
- You now get a quest telling you what to do next if you defeat a certain field boss after defeating the last boss of the Caves for the first time.
- Fixed cut-scene bugs related to the Westerlys move in quest.
- Fixed the Beer recipe so that it tells you that you learned how to make Beer instead of Cheese.
- Fixed the case where using L/R would cause the game to crash when browsing recipes in the library.
- Other miscellaneous bug fixes that I don't recall at the moment.

1/25/14 - v1.1d
- Fixed treasure maps that would have a blank name
- Fixed situation where you were not able to trigger the event with Zathus to turn in the 2nd Colorous Cave quest.
- Fixed Manaleech.
- Fixed several spelling errors in the database.
- Updated the manual to include all equipment and skills.
1/12/14 - v1.1c
- Added Xebec's 2 star event
- Added Treasure Hunters world event
- Added post-chapter 1 optional boss (this boss will be refined/tweaked in the next update as well)
- Nerfed Captain Colorous and Robert slightly
- Fixed the cooking delivery quest bug where turning the quest into Qwilte would cause it to be stuck in the quest log
- Fixed weapon renaming
- Fixed a rare case where Autorevive would cause the game to crash
- Fixed a whole bunch of other bugs

6/18 - v1.0l Fixed the patch system so that it does not rerun patches. Fixed one hole in Colorous Cave F5 that could drop you into a dead end.
6/07 - v1.0k Massive balancing patch. Tweaks to crafting, skills, and more.
5/20 - v1.0j Fixed a bug that would cause Raimur to disappear if you ran away or died.
5/16 - v1.0i Fixed the Monster Hunt: Robert quest so that it can be turned in. Also, fixed the quest so that Robert spawns on save files that were created in version 1.0a. Fixed an issue that could cause the party to spawn with you if you respawn from running out of AP. Fixed an issue that could cause Zathus's character event to not be turned off after completion. Added Battle4 bgm file to the Audio\BGM folder. Life Essence and Ressurect now have animations when used on party members.
5/14 - v1.0h Fixed the Super Grind quest so that it can be turned in now.
5/12 - v1.0g Adjusted the difficulty of the last two bosses and fixed an issue where you could get stuck if you fell down certain holes on the 5th floor.
5/11 - v1.0f Fixed a passability issue on the 4th floor of the cave that occurred after defeating Langian. Fixed an issue that could cause Warp to stop working after seeing a world event on the 3rd floor of the cave.
5/08 - v1.0e Added all RTP audio SEs and a couple other files that the resource checker did not pick up. Fixed an issue that could cause a chapter 2 event to appear.
5/07 - v1.0d Fixed an issue where an npc could be stuck in cave walls. Fixed the skill Templar Strike so that it attacks enemies instead of the party. Added the sound effect Cat.ogg for non-rtp users.
5/06 - v1.0c Fixed an issue where Zathus would stop talking to you during the Plutonus quest.
5/06 - v1.0b Fixed an issue that would cause a boss to appear too early in the game
5/05 - v1.0a Initial Release

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Ok so you quit on the game does that mean the game is not able to be finished?
like what was it that is not done in this game?
I mean i know it's a free game but still...i would like to know what was not done.
Ronove said that Diedrupo wants to fix a few things and give a more definite ending, so I assure you it will have an ending. Everything will be finished (̂ ˃̥̥̥ ˑ̫ ˂̥̥̥ )̂

I see i will wait till then then.
In the "characters" tab the imagines aren't showing up. Just thought you should know
This game is so great... Its a pity that it doesnt have a good ending yet. Great work so far ;) I wish more games from you :)
for some reason the numbers in the game arent showing like hp mp zenny etc etc they look like this for me
List of bugs encountered:
if you enter the tile to leave through the southern exit of Merril by walking left, the game hangs since you can't move left after entering the next map.

When talking to the treasure hunter couple for the first time, a random resource in the tile where Reniat was trying to walk towards to get out of the way caused the game to hang.

some items like tomes and staves say defense in the stat they provide, although they correctly give MAT.

got a piece of armor with a sword icon and a description that says it gives MAT, but it correctly gives DEF.

This game is sooooo good. Just curious, what are the best/easier ways to get a lot of money? I just beat Ch.1 but my Enchanting and Cooking aren't very high and I'm not sure which to go for.

Also, I'm considering making a walkthrough type thing for Ch.1 because I know a lot of people get confused over what to do or where to go~
If you have a high alchemy level, you can mass produce minor healing potions and sell those. Not a lot of money, but at 140ish profit a piece, it's better than selling those herbs.

Steel arrows. Easy to make and gets your tailoring skill up. Or you could just sell steel bars outright.

cooking WOULD be good, but you have to navigate too many menus to buy ingredients.
Hi, does anybody know if the game is finished yet?
Hi, does anybody know if the game is finished yet?
There is no chapter 2 yet, I dunno. Would be a shame if the project was dead :/
Eagen is cute. I read his bio and I just want to protect him, teach him, and love him? He's satisfied with a simple life but I want to nurture his potential and have him grow up to be an important person. ...And also date him. He can be my Star Stealing Prince, hehe~ I also find it funny that he lets you loot his wardrobe on a daily basis a few times.

Daggers seem to be the best weapon for Eagen due to his higher agility/luck stats. I tried having him use Dancing Blade but it just doesn't compare. Probably on account of Double Strike being the only skill I could use for a long time (Cause it's the only skill I had; damn random skill trainers that didn't show up til Day 9) so it got leveled up 3 times. Daggers are best for bosses but Bowling Bash (Sword) is still supreme for killing monster parties. Flare is also amazing for wiping out 3-4 enemies since most of them are weak to fire if you look at the monster bestiary (library in menu). Ankaba needs only one cast to kill (after boosting with her Concentrate) so I'd advise teaching Flare to her first if possible. You can get one Dual Flames tome from the Alchemist/Enchanter house if you search the upstairs wardrobe. I taught it to Renait so she'd have a stronger spell than Lavastrike until I could afford to get Flare for her.

I got my Merchant (Profession) Level to 2 and now my buddy, Gunsqueak is paying me 25% more money for everything I sell him. Monster drops are really racking in money on the third floor and down.

Found some Large Eggs. You can get 1-2 of them in a loot bag on the ground but only in that one section of Runelea Plains where EvilEagles are flying around. Oh, and loot bags on the 4th floor of the Colorous cave too. I can make Lucky Sashimi with them but I think I'll save them in case they're ingredients for the other stat foods whose recipes I don't have yet. Besides the HP Curry and MP Omelet, Luck I think is a low priority stat. I'd prefer assurance of damage increase/reduction over a slight increased chance to do a critical hit.

Hired the Maid that the Weekly Salesman provides. Pricy but she can craft you an item for free once per day. Though it'll take a while before she levels up enough to make better stuff. 14 Ironplates is 500 gold each (with Gunsqueak's sell boost) so she can pay you back 7k of the 10k you paid for her by the time she levels up her Crafting once. Though it's random what she gives you so it's a good idea to auto-save in front of her and reload til you get what you want.

Berserker Potion is a Recipe you can get from Red Recipe Books (which are dropped semi-frequently by floor 3 Colorous monsters so you'll eventually get all the Red recipes). It doubles your exp gained from crafting for one whole day. Ideally you should use it at a profession you're level 10 or higher at. And make sure you have bought the Hot Springs Deed from the Weekly Salesman to get an additional 100 AP to work with per day. Cooking and Blacksmithing are easy since they have many recipes spaced out for leveling. But Tailoring, Alchemy, and Enchanting are harder to grind. Enchanting in particular is expensive in both AP cost and spending cost to level because the recipes are spaced at ten level gaps. And since you get less exp for making a recipe lower level than your Profession level... Yeah, eventually it'll start giving like only 10 exp each (with Berserker potion active) so you need to make 10 (use 100 AP) just to level up.

Bertram is a pretty nice younger brother since he's the one who cooks for the family. His semi-daily quest gives you his lunch that he cooked so he must have at least level 20 cooking. Although I feel like you should get like 50 friendship pts with him after you
save him from Raimur since you were thus unable to gift him Greic Leaves +5 on all the days of his captivity. By the way, I love how even the random NPCs in the Inn/Blacksmith store/Adventurers' Guild first room have things to say about Bertram being kidnapped. It's a neat, extra touch

Linus on the other hand is rude and lazy. In his bio, it says he has no intention of continuing being a blacksmith's apprentice. I feel bad that a hard worker like Sally has to deal with him as a sibling.

Liffeny is also a rude person too. Saying that Bertram deserved
being kidnapped.
So hostile. Qwilite is much nicer and her lime pie is tastier too so Ice Queen Liffety can suck on that.

Connie is a cool, tough mom. She has some interesting comments since she can be found shopping at the inn/blacksmith/general store on days she's not working. My favorite line is when she said that annoying emo dog is gonna eat her steel blade if she sees it again. XD

Okay, reached the fifth floor of Colorous Cave
The switches were kinda annoying. One switch deactivates spikes around another switch and then you have to run to/find that one to repeat the process til all of them are lowered.

I was expecting a difficult confrontation
But Captain Colorous just does moderate damaging physical attacks? I just focused all my damage on him and ignored his dragons who flee (and don't give you loot) after you kill him. I'm gonna redo it later though since I want their guaranteed gift box/elunium drops.

Also I tried fighting the boss of the special mission that Zathus gives you
Unlike Eilei and Raimur, Robert actually looks like a menacing Skull Demon... despite the object he's holding. Even with his eccentricity, the ominous music playing in this battle tells you that he's no joke. Not to mention succeeding where the other bosses failed and wiping my party out with double Meteor. Xebec only survived by having high HP but he got destroyed on the next turn after being doused by a water spell and then electrocuted. I think I'll need Luminous (Divine) enchanted weapons and Magic Evasion/reflection equipment if I want to survive his high DPS. Robert is definitely harder than Captain Colorous, that's for sure.

I did the special quest where you kill 100 Leprous Hares
and you only get an level 0 Speaknomore enchantment recipe out of it? I feel so cheated at much time it took to kill 100 when encounters usually have 1 or 2 and rarely 3. It could at least be higher level to help me level enchanting. I've got Drowned Lv2 which is a level 10 recipe and a huge gap between that and Repair level 35. Something level 20 would be very helpful.
I cant get to the cave to start chapter 2 even though I cleared the mines?
I hate to be a wet blanket since I enjoy a lot of this game, but one part that makes me genuinely uncomfortable is Reniat's relationship with her brother. I mean, I get it, sibling dynamics, but they've been apart for ten years and don't know each other from Adam when she first meets him, and she still feels fit to push him around like she's known him her entire life. I felt kinda guilty of bullying the poor kid out of his lunch when literally all his quest asked was to reach into my pocket and give him a leaf that he likes. It's not that Reniat can't be rude (For p, but it seems unrealistic that this doesn't have a negative effect on her relationship with the characters at all. I know that it's a well-documented fact that people don't like letting little brothers tag along, but the way she delivers it just feels kinda. Anyway, he seems to be getting a tad wary of her at this point, so it's not just a tangential joke. Sorry. I have a sibling who I don't always get along with, so this hits close to home.
I just finished chapter 1 and I must say that I wanted to play more! Excellent story, characters that you can love, and quite an interesting gameplay, especially the way to collect items and create others. Unfortunately the last update was in 2014 and the last message from Ronove was in 2016. Maybe this game will never be finished, although it really deserves it. They did a very good job on chapter 1. I'll wait for the second one forever...
I love this game! It's exactly the kind of game I was looking for. It has everything I could ever want. Having played hours upon hours of the Atelier series and Rune Factory I grew tired and wanted something like those games but new and lo and behold here it is!
I love the characters and their names! they are so unique but i just wonder, how on earth do you pronounce some of them lol
like ive been saying reniat as rainy ot or rainy at