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Here's a preview of the initial cast. These are the characters that populate the small town of Merrill.

Reniat Leminghouse, Age 17
Our heroine. She's returned from boarding school at the castle kingdom of Rustfell and ready to start a long illustrious career of adventuring.

Meracon Leminghouse, Age 40
Reniat's dad. A former hero whose exploits earned him lots of fame and money. Retired early after a dragon messed his leg up. He is poor now but still lives in one of the biggest houses in Merrill.

Bertram Leminghouse, Age 14
Reniat's lame brother.

Boss Calhoun, Age 44
The town blacksmith. He sells you some basic weapons and equipment, and you can use his forge to craft new gear.

Qwilte Zan Fossbert, Age 25
Owner of the General Goods store.

Obediah Plinkers, Age 70
The Innkeeper.

Liffely Sizen, Age 18
Obediah's granddaughter.

Gunsqueak, Age Unknown
A dude who buys your loot. He works out of the General Goods store.

Eagen Westerly, Age 18
He moved to Merrill about a year ago, and forages for a living.

Xebec Nullyton, Age 49
A constantly-drunk mercenary who hasn't sold his sword in many years.