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Progress Report


Yep. New version. I fixed the misaligned switch that rendered the game unplayable past the initial town, so you should be able to get farther.

Progress Report


Apparently I downloaded this game wrong... I can't edit the game again.

So, I guess this version of Silent Eyes I'm calling final. I apologize for the unpolished mess. As much as I want to keep working on it, I can't.

Thank you for your support and interest in this, my first-ever published RPG Maker title!



Well, now that my trial version of VX Ace has expired, I can no longer release the promised Version 1.8 of Silent Eyes. For now, Version 1.7 will be considered the final edition of this title.

Right now, I'm not focusing too much on game development. I've been writing - and writing a lot - in my various novels.

For now, I'm putting MindCage on hiatus and calling Silent Eyes complete again until I get a story about a certain group of ponies out of my head.


Anyone Playing v. 1.6 or Earlier...

Since there is little direction in these early versions, the critical steps are as follows:

1) Talk to the little girl until she repeats.
2) Explore the Shrine and destroy the Chimera.
3) Talk to the little girl until she dies.
4) Sleep.

-- Get Shadow before leaving Sedista the second time. --

5) Enter Namibis.
6) Explore the Castle, get the Castle Key, and discover nothing.
7) Revisit Namibis and find Temachi.
8) Attack Lyncoptis and Xeschro in Old Sedista.
9) Pick up Temachi, Xeschro and Shadow (in any order) in the Cave.
10) Explore the Cave's inner path, the Dead Isle, and Diamond Black.
11) Find either Lyncoptis (hard) or the Demon (easy).
12) If you find the Demon, enter the stone portal and find the Demon King.


If you aren't judging a contest, stop playing RIGHT NOW and please upgrade to v. 1.7, or wait until next week to see 1.8.

Progress Report

The Last Week

Next week is my last week of development on Silent Eyes and in VX Ace as my trial expires on Saturday the 14th. As such, I will be releasing the COMPLETE version of Silent Eyes some time next week. I know I've said it before, but this time it is real:


Keep your constructive feedback coming in - I want to remain active on this and release the best game possible. Even feedback from earlier versions is acceptable.

Progress Report

Silent Eyes v 1.7

I just uploaded the latest Silent Eyes download - Version 1.7. This version fixes some way-finding issues many have encountered, hopefully eliminating my need for the directional guide on the second page of the comments, and adds some additional dialogue throughout the map. Let me know if you find any trouble with the new directional dialogue and additional colour to the story!

Progress Report

Silent Eyes is Back in Production

Some glaring clarity and directional problems have been brought to my attention. Unfortunately, I didn't see them in time for my submission to the contest. However, I plan to rectify them as much as possible now.

Once again, thank you for your input! It is highly valued!

Progress Report

Final Storyline Addition Complete

I can now call the storyline in "Silent Eyes" complete. All the work necessary is done. I just have to add other extra findables outside of the main story and I can truly submit it.

Do I have time to implement the third ending...? Maybe not.

Progress Report

Latest Download On Friday

After releasing an obviously-incomplete game, I along with bigtime discovered numerous bugs that needed fixing. As such, I am pulling down the game from RPGMaker.net and will release the completed version - and my final submission - on Friday as originally planned.

Thank you for the initial downloads. I hope you enjoy the new version better than the old one!

Progress Report

Bugs Found

Just found a bunch of bugs. Bear with me as I make improvements.
Thank you!

Currently working on:

Completing Namibis.
Fleshing out the story some more.
Adding more treasures and discoverables.
Planning a second (maybe third?) ending if I have enough time.
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