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Not the best but a great game and a real classic!

Three the Hard Way is one of the first games Rpgmaker games I played. Probably the second, after The Way. And well it was a great adventure even if I had to play it twice since I missed some of the first quests, anyway here's my opinion:

This game kept me interested from the beginning to the end: Iishenron did a great job characterizing the different members of the party, from the selfish and greedy protagonist Vance to the mysterious and powerful Anderson (my favourite!), but also the villains are great, from Manteo, to Benson and Mauldin (I won't spoil).
The story? Exceptional, lots of serious moments, funny moments, adventure and comedy mixed. And action too, there are also few minigames/puzzles but nothing too had even if the game isn't so generous with loot and money. Anyway I liked that, and oooh the replayability is something you rarely find in rpgmaker games, so that's a plus!
I also liked the fact that there are NO levels: combat in the standard Rpgmaker2000 1st person view with no battlers (pity!) BUY you don't earn Xp, instead each character has a chance to improve his abilities... provided that it was a challenging encounter! Yes, because you cannot hope to improve your skills by fighting pushovers, but you have to face dangerous opponents. Oh combat encounters are random but at least you can escape from most of them.

There are few thinks I did not like: I approve the choice of the rtp used BUT I found that some facesets were out of place, like Duke Winston, Duke Salem and maybe King Carolus. Also in the beginning the first maps and situations are quite... bland? (I admit I totally missed the dragon quest the first time) I don't know but this is a game that starts like every other average fantasy rpgmaker then gets better and better. But for me the beginning was a bit meh. Other two problems I had were the boss fights and one of the last puzzles: boss battles were a bit random since sometimes they totally destroyed me, and the next time they instead kept using useless abilities so it was a pieace of cake! For the last puzzle I mean that there was a map with transparent (ice) platforms and I had a hard time understanding where I was supposed to go and what I had to do (but maybe that's me!). Also some minigames are not so easy to do due to the extreme quickness of the action, but they are mainly optional, so it's nothing that will stop you from progressing the story.

There is no sequel. No well, there are lots of things that are left unresolved, and that ending... well YOU HAVE TO PLAY IT!

I found a bug in the final part: near the end of the game you have to choose between two characters for your last party (they hate each other) but for some reason I could see the dialogues of both of them (even if I still had just one despite the charset was glitched). Not a bad thing since I was able to have both of them at the same time!

A solid game that kept me entertained for a long time. Difficulty is well balanced I think, nothing exceptional, still a great adventure! 4/5!