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Good game, but get ready to turn on the cheats.

  • cdroix
  • 10/25/2010 09:09 PM
I can't hear you, I have a banana stuck in my ear.
Most awesome line ever. 'Nuff said.

O.K, so needless to say. I am reviewing The Longing Ribbon. And I assume I am not alone about this when I say that this is this is the best game I have played in a long time. Now this review is coming from someone who is at chapter 4. But I wanted to review this.

The awesome aspects of this game is for starters, the awesome use of chipsets and music, it just fits, and a lot of users fail to do that, what a lot of creators fail to see is that the story and scenarios the protagonist(s) are put in are not the only aspect of making a strong horror game, they also need to add fitting graphics, sounds, and music, and the creator of this did everything perfectly with graphics, music, scenarios, and sound. So I give all four of those 4 out of 5 stars.

Now, This story is VERY unique, it gives you a whole new horror experience, it involves three people and a dog getting lost in the middle of nowhere, so they spend the night at this mansion, and strange things things begin to happen then on, sorry for a bad discription, I'm only at chapter four. So I give that 5 stars.

7/7/12 UPDATE: Lol, I sound so sarcastic. What I meant to say is that the development of the story is unique. However, a haunted house story is rather generic but effective when done right.

The only thing that dissapoints me is the gameplay, I like the battle system, it is something I would never be able to do on RPG maker, but the battles are really hard, and you do not get skill levels, instead you get stat bonuses from paintings and sinks, which I like, but you don't develop a lot. Eventually the regular battles get somewhat easier, but the bosses are VERY difficult to beat, which is so sad, because I love this game, and I want to know what happens, but I can't beat chapter 4's boss, so I shall never no. Gameplay gets -5/5

7/7/12 UPDATE:
Learned the cheats, finished the game. I found the story was good all the way through, but the survival horror aspect of the game does wane to a halt.
The final boss-awesome yet difficult.
Finished the game a second time, without cheats. A word of advice, increase agility A LOT instead of health, you will not regret it.


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Hear ye! I loved Longing Ribbon. It took me totally by surprise with how well the music and graphics enhanced the game and added to the atmosphere. But like you, I could not freakin get past the boss of Chapter 4. I had to cheat. I'm sure the boss is possible, but it seems like one of those games where if you don't build up your stats in just a precise way then you get screwed down the line. But of course you have no idea what stats you will need, so its easy to screw up.

The presentation of the story is very good, but sadly I think you've seen the best of it. I wasn't as impressed with the story later in the game, but it is still solid.


By the way, there are built in cheats for the game if you really want to finish it.
Or you could always use F9 to put "monster Hp" down to 01 and attack. Of course that's not fun, but still. ~
(And I did only use it once - altough I did use the ctrl trick the whole game. I'm just this lazy.)
I don't play RM games in the editor. It's cheap(t).
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
You don't need the editor to cheat. :)
I didn't look up the walkthrough, tough. xD
I don't like breaking the game experience with reading.
I don't play RM games in the editor. It's cheap(t).

Can't say I blame you for doing this when reviewing my game :)
I don't play RM games in the editor. It's cheap(t).
Can't say I blame you for doing this when reviewing my game :)

Well... not my first choice anyway. It's not like I never cheat. I usually cheat when I'm stuck on games. I did that on ABL, Dhux's Scar, and others...

But yeah, like Gibmaker said, there's a "legal" cheat in this game anyway. :D
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