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An Unpopular Review to A Popular Game

  • Muffle
  • 01/13/2018 06:23 PM
I played this a couple years ago and while I could replay the game to see it all again, I prefer to base it off of my memory because I'd rather not play this game which I so dearly looked forward to but it soon became disappointing. I apologize if this review comes off harsh, I wish not to upset the creator but I do indeed think it has several flaws. My memory is pretty awful most of the time, but I remember a lot about games.. especially those that leave a good or bad impression on me. You'll soon see which impression it left on me.

I will say I couldn't get past the entire game, because I got stuck and because it wasn't worthit in my opinion.

First off let me start off with the intro. At the beginning you see this scene about somebody talking about their son or whatever being sick and trying to do this or that to cure them. Okay, yea sure. Can't remember if it was something deemed incurable but she refused to get help for it for some reason. I started wondering if she even wanted to help the kid, but I never found out.

Then it goes to your characters after some guy tries to leave the operationa nd gets murdered. Okay so, basically your team gets in a car crash and they're nowhere near somewhere they can rest at. To make it worse, it's storming. (ooh how surprising!) So they decide to go to this huge mansion (or castle) thing. They knock on the door to try and enter and get shelter, the woman tells them she doesn't mind if they stay as long as they didn't go upstairs and bother her sick child.

Okay. Yea, makes sense. Well you look around blah blah blah, meet her son at the stairs and then she comes and bitches at him for coming down, and then bitches at you for talking to him after he talked to you first. Okay, talk about abusive.

Then you proceed to go to sleep, I think the other girl screams in the middle of the night for some reason, at some point of the characters starts being an asshole and acting possessed or whatever. Got to go to the basement, have a fighting scene which is almost impossible to beat. This is where I got stuck, and because the game had caught little of my interest, I found it to not be worth it to take my time to get past it.

My problem with the story is it goes way too slow. It's basically them talking to each other, strange things happening in the house and you deciding to explore. But nothing interesting really happens except asshole being possessed.

The atmosphere? Well, it didn't come off as uneasy to me. I don't know what other people experienced, but it just seemed normal to me. I expected a horror type genre but I didn't get a single feel of that, and the plot seemed to go in too many directions and too slow.

Also, maybe I'm just picky but when it comes to horror games, I cannot stand the idea of having battle in it no matter how little there is. This is one reason why I refused to play Re:Kinder for so long, which actually ended up being a pretty decent game. It's especially a bad move if you make the battles way. to. hard. Not to mention I don't think there were any ways to heal at all, so if you got your ass beat in an earlier battle you were fucked the next battle.

As for the character... that has to be one of the worst parts of the game. You have the main character who's just like "Yea we gotta do this. Wow this seems weird maybe we should look into it? Hey dude stop being a jerk?" then we have the asshole who is literally an asshole for no reason, and even verbally and emotionally abuses his girlfriend. Then his girlfriend acts like he hurts her feelings sometimes but doesn't say anything because "Oh it's just his personality." She goes along with the others and is the most easily scared.

Something I don't get is the things that scared the characters. "Oh, this thing was here before and now it's gone. I'm really really scared." Yea, it might make you uneasy, but some of the things just seemed kind of ridiculous.

Also, it talks about a ribbon in the game I think? I don't really understand the concept of it, honestly. I think it was this ribbon that was a treasure or something.

The dialogue was normal I will admit, even if some of the characters were edgy or a common trope. My main problem was the dialogue cutscenes between the three characters were way too long, it started to become tedious, especially when they weren't even really talking about anything interesting.

As for the art, well.. it was.. okay. It wasn't bad to look at, but it wasn't really memorable either. The maps were pretty good, the sprites fit, but the facesets were pretty... meh. Though this might just be an opinion on my preference for art.

I may try and play this again someday, but it could be very unlikely since of all the games I've played on rmn this has to be the one I like the least. Maybe it's just my preference on games, but I just found this game extremely unlikeable, unintriguing, and too frustrating and boring to keep going. I'm not sure exactly why it has so many good reviews, maybe I'm just not seeing the same thing others are seeing. Who knows.

In all, this was a pretty bad game... because of the great reviews I had become excited, maybe my hopes were crushed because I was so excited. But in the end, it's not something I would ever recommend to anyone unless they want to play a slow boring game trying to pass off as a horror genre.