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Ok, so this game is Lucidity: False.

It's masquerading as the real Lucidity, but the real Lucidity is much different and much less gay in the literal sense.

I've started working on the real Lucidity (there are some screens) but for now, imagine a terrible fan named Cheshire grabbed Lucidity's plot, dumbed it down and wrote herself into it. That's what happened here.

Also Cheshire by this concept is a yaoi fan.

It does kinda make sense from that standpoint, even if I'm really bullshitting and more or less I'M CHESHIRE but whatever

I'm not working on the real Lucidity for the moment, but as it stands Lucidity: False is complete.

To finish this off, have a Lex redesign:


Please make sure you're playing 1.d!

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded Lucidity! (74 downloads in total, but I just deleted 1.a and 1.b). Please make sure you have 1.d- this remedies an issue in relation to getting through Lost Path (you could by pass it by doing Forgotten Town twice) and several clean up issues/ grammar in skills. Hatter also has a new skill for the "Upfront and fearless" framework (offensive) called Destruction's Force, his equivalent to Rabbit's Death's Embrace. All references to magic have been changed to magick, and Rabbit's skills now show you exactly how much HP they cost and disallow use if you don't have enough (thanks to YF's Skill Cost Manager).

Hopefully I'll have some promotional art up tonight (because I love drawing these characters) but for now, good luck to the other contestants, and I look forward to the results of the Nugget Crash Course Contest!!

I love you guys~


1.b up, 1.c tomorrow!

1.b is up, but I'd like to make a few more adjustments, so 1.c will be my final version for the contest. It will change some of Rabbit's skill descriptions (from 10% of HP to 10% of max HP- because the 70% ones are liable to kill you), fix a text cut off in Cheshire's description, and maybe a few other things if they crop up. I might also make some minor adjustments to the Offensive/Magician/Defensive framework, since it's harder than the other two (since Rabbit is most effective as Offensive), probably starting with giving Hatter a powerful yet expensive Offensive skill like Rabbit's Death's Embrace.

I think I'll call it Destruction's Force, and like Rabbit, in the final stage he'll get an additional skill called Pandemonium.

Anyway, have some crazy ass ???:

Blood is so much fun to draw <3


Font File Download for 1.a

I'm uploading 1.b now with some passability fixes (minor thank fuck), a spelling correction and the font.

For those who already have downloaded 1.a, please download the font from http://rpgmaker.net/users/SorceressKyrsty/locker/Imperator.ttf in order to fix any text cutoffs.

Thanks to those who have already downloaded Lucidity!


First Download Added

Vers 1.a, probably still has some bugs which is why I'm uploading a little early.

It hasn't uploaded fully (or been approved...lol) so it'll be a little while before it's available, but my net is horrendous right now so getting it up early is the best policy.

Not much to say at this point. I'll write a "short" post mortem after the competition and judging concludes. We'll see whether that extends to the first drafts of Lucidity or not...

anyway have some ghey!

Progress Report

Game complete!

The game is basically complete! Just got a shittonne of testing to do and one cutscene doesn't have portraits.

I'm looking forward to submitting it for the contest!!!

warning: allthegay.png applies here

Progress Report

Final Scenes/Boss Completed

I evented the last scenes last night. I'm only missing the last level of the game to correctly tie everything up, which I'll get done tonight.

Then testtesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttest

I'm really happy this got done in time though. It's my first contest game that I would call somewhat decent *me glares at Darkseed and all her unfinished contest projects*. There is a problem with connectivity though, since Lucidity is one of the later games in the series I'm working on. It's still playable, but some of the ideas in the game seem convoluted without the prior backstory.

Technically, the story should be discovered:

Reaper (the book)
Blood Rose (and all related stories) .
Darksoul: Revival -redux-
(these can be found out in any order, but all are referenced in Lucidity).
Darksoul + End of Light (both pre-Lucidity, but this whole series is out of whack :v)
Kaira and Hayden's arcs + Reasons
The story straight after Lucidity
Final Arc

I'll get around to all of it eventually ,_,''

Progress Report

Progress Report O7

Heya guys! Things are going smoothly! I have one level left to map and two other maps which won't take me -too- long (they're parallax).

Most notably, I finished my backview walk cycle! I still have to make a bunch of sprite edits so everything works properly, but this means you'll definitely be seeing those nice tall sprites in this game~ just not till the final part!!

Levels one and two are completely finished, as is the intro, all of the normal facesets, and the other facesets just need to be compiled properly.

For now, have a ???

Oh- you guys don't mind FF remixes? It's mixed in with Newgrounds stuff, but I really like the tracks. It's one piano track and two battle theme remixes :D

Progress Report


Decided on the second style :)


Have Hatter being a misery guts:

Just finished up Level 2 fully. I'm trying to speed up but I keep getting distracted :C

March has 31 days, right? so I have 6 days left. I think I can make it!


Hey guys! REALLY need opinions here!

There's a section of the game where I'm doing custom faces and sprites.

But I can't decide on the style, so I need some feedback...mainly because I'm in a rut of self-loathing at the moment.

There's this:

Or I could do this style:

I'm more comfortable with the second style, but the facesets are for these sprites:

So I don't know! D'8
I actually really kind of hate the first one something fierce for reasons I can't place (I didn't sleep last night, which means I've been up for 22 hours now, so that might be it). But yeah. Really need opinions on this ASAP so I can finish up these facesets.

OH! If I do the first style, the emotions will be static rather than having different facesets, which I would do for the second style.
To leave off have some art:

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