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"a dream within a dream" wait, Is this inception? no, it's lucidity.

  • hkoz
  • 08/13/2012 11:31 PM
-Let’s start with the story. The story was one of the most enjoyable experiences that I have ever had.

It was very interesting, not boring, not filled with rubbishy side talks and very addictive, Really. I enjoyed playing the game to the end, and I wanted to play it to the end. It’s true that I started playing it in order get those dazzling prizes in “mega review drive contest,” but another reason emerged as I was playing the game, and that because it was so f****n enjoyable and very very very… exciting. sorry, I am just so exciting about this game.

I have never been this excited. it’s this kind of games that inspire the growing game developers. Now, let’s start with the actual reviewing. (If you don’t want to read a spoiler, don’t read beyond this point!)

-The story revolves around a man who finds himself in a dream, yes, like inception, with a rabbit, who is going to introduce himself as a vampirish-dragon latter on the game, and a rabbit who will be your final-seducing-very beautiful-boss.(Is this love?! I don’t know!!)

-Your object is to end this dream in order to remember you wiped out memory. Your travel through the dream’s levels in order to awake. Once you do, you will discover that the cat is the reason why you memory was wiped out. (If you want to know why, play the game! It has a greet twist in the end.)

The dialogue was very funny and well written, The scenes were made professionally and the humor in this game is immeasurable.

-The gameplay is very enjoyable. It’s correct that a game with this caliber would make you think “it’s probably made of a dozen of very detailed, well-made maps.” on the contrary, It’s made of a small, simple maps. but, here is the catch! You can’t visit certain areas in the game until you go deeper in the dream. In other words, you visit the same maps every time you go deeper, but the deeper you go, the more areas you can visit in the game. Mentioning that there is one small down side to this game: directions.

-You could’ve tried to guide the player to the accessible places by use any method possible, for example, an arrow or a small light indicating which route is accessible.

-As for the battle system, it is one of the pillars that supports this game’s awesomeness. Instead of starting with those boring, weak skills, you start with a punch of strong ones. Also, the blue magic ability that you implemented in the game was exciting and provokes the player to wander “What kind of spell would I get If I tried ‘Mimic’ on this monster?!”

-The music also added a lot to the game’s atmosphere. It really made me feel like I am in a dream. The battle music was also very pleasant.

-Before I finish, cause I am starving right now :P ,I want to point a few things out:
- There is a sprites\graphics problem when you awake from the dream. E.g. the sprite for “blank” is actually blank except if he is facing down. Either ditch this sprite or try using a proper one.
-Changing the graphics system in the “real world,” I don’t know, but I think using VX graphics would have been better, in my humble opinion.
-I don’t know if this is true or not, but when I revived “blank” in the final battle, he could no longer be hit by the hit-all-targets-holy-attack. Check that out.

-With that being said, I am looking forward to the complete game or the second episode, and I highly recommend playing this game. (~sorry~ I wanted to add pictures, but my connection is very bad)


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Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
A few spoilers there hon. But interesting review
soman, soman,:P I just got a little carried away. It's been a while since I played such well made game. :D
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