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Progress Report

Well hey! Excuuuuuuse me, princess!

Yeah, so if you haven't noticed yet, i have been inactive for WEEKS now! D:
The reason? My computer just stopped working altogether, and i had to mess
with it a bit. The problem was, that I couldn't fix it, and one day, i started
it up, and BOOM! It just decided to work for me again! :D
And so, Gavin goes back to developing Book of Legends, after a not-wanted vacation!
Because of this, i had forgotten to upload 2 screenshots of the next demo!
These two screenies have been uploaded, and feel free to comment on them.
So until then, I'll see you guys at rpgmaker.net later!

-Gavin "Gmack"


Eye Candy much?

Hey again, guys and gals!
Ohohoho! I recently ran into quite the issue, and a big one at that!
One day when I woke up, i went to power on the Computer, and guess what?
The power source was shot! >,>
So, I had to go out, get a new one, reinstall it, and this process took
about a week! Sigh, but at least it's back and working again, and so is
the game! Just as an update on that.

Progress Report

Logo, and more!

Well, I finally got that logo in, and wow, it turned out great!
That's the title screen in the screenshots, yup, and I'm proud of it. Simple.

Also, trying to figure out what I should make for a boss in the desert, or
just not have a boss. What do you guys think?

Progress Report

Hoi thar, Rgpmaker.net!

Hey there everyone, and this is my official blog for the Book of Legends!
My main topic for the game is back at PlanetDev at http://planetdev.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=231 , so go there for more, but not much.

Anyways, progress-wise, it's about 1/4 done, but hey, it's going pretty fast, and almost to halfway point in development, so hurray! =D
However, I still need to compose more music for many of the parts, including the towns, desert, etc. (also waiting for the boss theme atm)
Mapping goes right with eventing, so once i finish a map, it's only done when i've finished the eventing and settings, then I move on to the next map, so that's why it's going so fast :3
I actually want to port to VX Ace very badly, however, it takes a while to bring all the settings back to their correct and current state, so I will not port. I am almost finished with the desert, so expect that and more in the next part, including the midway point about what exactly happened to the Book of Legends!

So that's all I have for you guys for now, see you later!
-Gavin *Gmack*
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