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Updated + Series Preview

  • sbester
  • 10/29/2012 12:49 AM
The FH3 page has been updated with all the newest info I currently have on this title. I made a few major decisions in the second game that will greatly affect how this one plays out. First and foremost being who the main protagonist will be. I had previously planned to make Bart and Paddy siblings. However, in the end, I decided that it would be cool to let players choose which one would exist in this world during the epilogue of FH2, when certain characters discuss whether they want to have a son or a daughter. Read their descriptions on the main page for the ironic twist.

I also added a "Series" page linking to the two previous games, and updated theirs to include this one. While FH2 is nearing the end of its production cycle, I am estimating that this game will begin production sometime around March. I'll do an official "IN-PRODUCTION" blog at that time. Like with FH2, a lot of mapping will need to be done first, along with graphics. Therefore, this will become my secondary project, as MEMORIES NEVERLASTING will become my main priority by then.

Following the third game's completion, there will be a Trilogy Collection that will heavily update many features from all three games. Expect voiceovers, updated graphics, and new bug fixes, among other things.

As for future installments, this is the final game in the original FH trilogy. I was planning a duology as a follow-up to be made (again) in RM2K3. However, I've made the decision that it will now become a complete second trilogy, and all three entries will be done in VXACE. Yes, I'll finally be making a switch.

"Very Fragile Hearts" will deal with the theme of time travel. Explore different time periods in the world featured in the original FH trilogy. Of course, this means that you'll still be able to see a few familiar faces along the way, albeit at various ages.

"Very Fragile Hearts B(reak)" will deal with the theme of planetary exploration.

"Very Fragile Hearts C(reate)" will deal with the theme of alternate dimensions.

Of course, this all assumes I'll still be making games over the next... oh, 4-6 years. A guy can hope, but only time will tell. It's still one of my favorite hobbies, so there's a good chance. In the meantime, FH3 is soon to become a priority, so look forward to an update in the next few months!