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You are going on undercover to find the heir, no matter gender is that person
as long that person is a human.

Latest Blog

Heir of The King Version 7 part 2.1(unfinish)

Look like I am going to need everyone's help.
Help me by downloading Heir of The King Version 7 part 2.1(unfinished)
And play it. Then identify the problems or errors.
Or you could download and go to it and right click and go to extract here.
Press the file and search how I do.
Help me by commenting how to fix the problems.
Thank you from Me, DarrellChan.
Who want to be in lead?
Who want to be in developer?
Who want to be beta tester?
Who want to be other?
My trial is going to expire in 12 days.
After that, I will not be there.
Because I have school works.
So I really want my game and Heir of the King
To be use by everyone
And want every one of you to continue this game very long journey,
While I am gone. T.T
And the same thing with the wiki I made: Heir of The King
Is there anyone who can help me to edit this wiki while I am gone and please?
Don’t delete it. I really need every one of you to improve the game and the game page design. And wiki I made, not just ruin it. Otherwise, I waste all my effort to make this game and
Wiki for you all for nothing. I hope this can inspire you.

And please comment how this game now compares to the previous game.
Hope you cherish this game and the times I spend in this website with you forever.

Don't worry, I will cherry everything I spend in this website.
And please reviews after I add down new version: Version 7 part 2.1
Thank to everyone who help me reach above 6000 profile views and above 20 downloads. I am very disappointed that the download didn't reach above 100.
And the subscribe reach only 4 and I hope it to be above 100.

Newest version is now out,
Heir of The King Version 7 part 2.1.
Now a cube!!!
New arena!!!!
New battle!!!
All of the errors fixed!!!
Save remove, And the surprise of all
the name you add can be in everywhere!!!
A lot of hard works!!!
For some of you who have seen what i post about the .rar and RTP
That right, that what I am doing.



how to make story. ermm... thank but i now know
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
You can look under "ENGINES", next to each are "tutorials", those can help, I, myself, have never used vx or vxace.
Thank, but can you direct me what should i do and the youtube to show me how or something, plz but thank
So..all in all this is just a game using those samples? Lol, need to build your own maps man. Also..a handfull of your screenshots are basically of the same thing. :p
Don't just copy over some of the sample maps and call it a game.
Ah... 13 bytes?
You have to upload the whole game folder. Not just the game.exe