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Old, alternate demo download is here:

Most of the screenshots are outdated. The ones from late July
truly reflect the changes coming to the game.

The story is mainly a parody of RPG's, and video games in general.

Beneath the world where the mortals roam lies
Grim Land, a place filled with immortal souls.
The ruler of Grim Land, is none other than the
Grim Reaper himself. However, he has a son of his own named Zeke, who is stubborn, lazy, and rebellious.

In the mortal world, four 'heroes' have decided to
destroy Grim Land by cutting off it's connection with the Mortal World.

The souls of the mortals keep the people of Grim Land immortal. Without that connection,
the people of Grim Land will be become mortal, and die.

Naturually, this needs to be stopped.
However, Grim has too many priorities of his own.
So, he decides to send Zeke to save Grim Land.

Latest Blog

No more updates on this site.

Hey everyone.

Due to me just now seeing a rule, this game will no longer be updated
on RMN. It's still in development, but no more updates will be posted here.
My new 8-bit styled game, called Sister, will not be posted here as well.

If you still want to follow this game, you can go to my blog
which seriously needs to be updated. You can also visit
the RPG Maker Web forums for updates on it and my new project as well.

All of my other free games, with more to come, will still be posted on the site, though, so I'll still be semi-active here. :3
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I think this is a pretty friendly community filled with pretty mature people. Don't think "OMG RTP graphix? UR GAEM SUCKZ!!!11one!" will be a problem. With that said, this does look promising and playing as the villain sounds awesome.
It might also be a good idea to put the media, and maybe the characters on a different page -- in my opinion of course.
Cool plot you got going on here~
Oh, I remember seeing this before! Nice to see that you brought it over to rmn~ ^o^
This looks very promising. I'm looking forward to it.
I remember playing this game's demo (I remember being put caught in the castle when 'heroes' marched in and took control of the castle and the city, throwing 'villains' into some fort/dungeon), and I must say that I'm really impressed! Making the good guys act like low-life villains! Splen-did!! I have faith in this project.

Also, subbed.
Thanks for all the positive comments, everyone!
Also, sorry for the lack of updates. The project is going through
a minor overhaul in some areas, so stay tuned!

Also, I cleaned up the page now and added a seperate character section, and added more images.
I will be adding a few new characters soon!
Hey guys, the game has gone through a large overhaul!
Details will be posted soon!

All I can tell you for now is that the images and
NicoB's LT are very outdated. ;)
Avvy, even though you don't know me that well, since you first started over at RMVX, I thought you were pretty awesome and rad. Please don't give up on this project, because I think its awesome, even if its got RTP graphics!

Just hang in there, cause this is gonna be tenacious when its finished:3
Nah, I'm not gonna give up just yet! However, it IS on hiatus
for the rest of the summer, since I'm finishing up a new game
with completely custom graphics. You should be hearing about it soon.

As for this game, I'll be posting some of the updated screenshots
when my internet can stop trolling me. :P
Good! It's always great to see games with comedic value;)
Can't wait to hear about your other project though!

And yeah, my internet is literally the bane of my exsistance. >.<
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