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He's the son of the Grim Reaper. That's right, THE Grim Reaper.
He's stubborn, lazy, and often disobeys his father. He was forced into going into
the mortal world and stopping the four heroes. He boasts on how awesome he his many times,
but often times that's not exactly the case.

His main weapons are axes, spears, and swords.

The queen of Icelandia. She speaks in a language known as 'Hipandcoolnese'.
She loves to party and hang out with her broskis. Due to her owing Grim for doing something for
her in college, she goes along with Zeke to save Grim Land. She's usually rather friendly, but
get on her bad side, and you'll regret you were ever born.

Her main weapons are claws, staffs, and bows.

More characters to be revealed very soon...