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Numina - a 4th wall breaking RPG which makes the characters and the world surrounding them aware of you - the player. Embark on an epic journey with them! Download the FREE DEMO now!

It all begins in a remote village, where a young man called Shawn travels together with his friends to a nearby templesite, called the Temple of the Clouds. But the beauty of the scenery seems to be but a cover, as Shawn accidently discovers a secret basement in the temple.


There, Shawn gets into contact with you(!) - a guardian spirit. A bodyless entity from ancient tales... thattalks in his head! But Shawn has no time to worry as a mysterious, shrouded group arrive at the temple, questioning Shawns intrusion. Events spiral out of Shawn's control, dragging you along with Shawn and his friends into a fateful journey that will discover the true nature of your bond and the dark secrets of this world!

The main focus lies on the bond between you and Shawn and how well you two get along as you travel the world of Alterna. Shawn's affection towards you and other characters is influenced based on what you say to him during the course of the story!

The game incorporates a turn-based battle system, fused with action-commands for certain skills that require precise timed-inputs. Each character brings their own battle-style into play for a thrilling battle experience.

Upgrade your gear with materials that you find in the field, find hidden passages and rare treasures by using tools such as a grappling hook - or dive more into the lore of Alterna by completing sidequests!

Please visit the official homepage for more details!

Latest Blog

Numina Chapter I, II and III will release on the same day!

Happy Holidays everyone! It's the festive season and I wanted to leave all of you a little present in form of an announcement for next year as well: The full version of Numina will release in 2020.

This means chapter 1 "Noesis", chapter 2 "Elpis" (formerly called "Hoffnung", German for "Hope") and chapter 3 "Gnosis" will release simultaneously as a full game. This doesn't mean that the release will be pushed back: The goal is to release the game around Q2 2020 with beta-testing starting early next year.

As you already know from the last demo, "Noesis" introduces the characters and the story's themes. "Elpis" will focus on the bonds between the characters and some of the secrets and mysteries brought up in the first chapter. Finally, "Gnosis" will be a tumultuous resolution to the storyline, incorporating many decisions made by the player along the way.

I decided against an episodic release for various reasons, one of the simplest are the technical challenges that come with managing a split-release with RPG Maker MV. It would have meant to invest time into ensuring that the chapters smoothly integrate on Steam, itch.io and so on, instead of spending that time on the game itself.

Progress-wise I've finished working on chapter 2 and I'm currently finishing up the final scenes of the last chapter. My goal is to start with testing in January, while also starting to work on the english translation. There's also loads of other things for me to take care of such as preparing the Steam-release, doing promotional work and also keep you lovelies in the loop :)

I can't say it enough, but I'm very grateful for the loyal following I've gathered. It's a huge dream of mine to create games and especially with Numina, it's been almost a decade of my life. So I hope it'll result in something special for everyone involved.

Thank you all again! See you in the next year, I'm sure it's gonna be an exciting one.


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This is probably the most beautiful thing I've seen on XP since Quintessence. My only qualm is that it really doesn't seem like my input makes much of a difference. Shawn is going to do what he wants to do regardless of what I think hehe. Also very glitch-y in some areas and parts where the language isn't translated.
Yeah. About the only meaningful choice I made was to rush without going to the ceremony. I'd like to be able to prevent the wolves from attacking Aura, at least. And possibly make some kinda choice so Raph's injuries while still serious, don't seem quite so hopeless.

Also, there's a glitch in the cave (and possibly elsewhere). You can flee from the glintworms but then it gives a game-crashing error. Essentially it seems like enemies that come from bumping into them haven't a code for if you run.
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