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Progress Report

The Bonds That Tie Us Together

Today’s post will go more into detail of how Shawn’s relationship to other characters influence the game.

The new menu displays your current relationship level. The more hearts a character has, the closer you are!

Numina’s story revolves around the relationship of its main cast. This involves you and your special connection to Shawn through the 4th wall. But also how Shawn gets along with the other party members.

This is influenced by the decisions you face in the game. Shawn often gets into situations where he needs to decide on what to do. And you’re right there to sway in!

The player can tell Shawn to let Cassandra accompany the party. If Shawn refuses Cassandra’s first impression of him will suffer a bit.
Good relationships to other party members unlocks new story routes. For example: If Shawn often sides with Cassandra, you’ll get to play a special character arc in the 2nd chapter. Similar to loyalty missions from games like Mass Effect 2.

Some skills get stronger, the stronger your relationship with the character is!
But your relationship also influences battle! You can unlock skills for each character that get stronger, the better relationship with Shawn is.

I hope you’re looking forward interacting with the cast and discovering your favorite character to deepen your connection with!



Second Chapter "Hoffnung" & HD-Glory!
Wow, it's been so long since I've been able to share some progress with you. I'm happy to announce that I'm not only making very good progress on Numina's 2nd chapter, titled "Hoffnung" (try to pronounce that :D It's German for "hope"). I'm currently planning on going into betatesting it in the later half of this year.

Check out more screens over at itch.io

I've also updated the entire game to HD (1280x720) and I'm really happy with the results. Please have a look for yourself at the attached screenshots. This was a huge undertaking since it required me to upgrade the project to RPG Maker MV, Which took a lot of time but also brought a lot of other advantages which I like to address in future updates :)

The Road to Patreon
I've been thinking about creating a Patreon for a while now. This project requires a lot of my creative energy, sweat, tears and especially time. It would be my dream to work on it fulltime but sadly I can't afford that, so I've been looking into alternatives that would allow me to spend more time on the project AND also keep on collaborating with other artists such as my very gifted & talented friend Thomas J. Peters who contributed the majority of Numina's soundtrack.

So if you like the project, please have a look at the Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/numina There's also a "behind the scenes"-like tutorial series, where I share my secret techniques for which I'd normally have to kill you :D If you ever wanted to look behind the black magic of a crazy effect or something you saw in the game, this is your chance! The first episode is free for everyone to enjoy while upcoming episodes will be Patreon exclusive:

If Patreon's not your thing you can also just buy the demo here itch.io or buy me a coffee.

Lastly, I want to thank each and everyone of you on here for staying with the project for all this time! Your comments are really motivating and interesting to read.

All the best and see you all soon!


Numina - Chapter #2 Announcement

Hope - for a friend's life, but what if it proves to be false hope? The 2th chapter of Numina continues the dramatic events of the demo's finale: Destruction, loss and hope that things still turn to good, hence the title: "Hoffnung", the german word for "Hope".

I already finished and playtested a dungeon and a city from the chapter, but there's still a lot to finish.


Demo GOLD Update!

Hello everyone!

I've just released the GOLD UPDATE for Numina's demo! It includes various fixes & improvements based on all the feedback I got from you guys. Download it now here or on itch.io & check the list with all the changes below:

- The game can now be played without the need to install it!
- Option to pick the game's language on the first launch.
- Additional puzzle in the "Shimmering Hollows" with a clue for the dungeon's boss
- Additional puzzle in the "Forset of Lost Memories"
- New "Preemptive Attack" gameplay feature when suprising enemies from behind!
- Enhanced "Inspect"-Skill with insights to elemental strengths & weaknesses of enemies
- General battle rebalancing
- Repacing of some early story parts & dialogue reworks
- Added missing english translations



The official demo of Numina has just been released! Download Now!

Numina is also on Steam Greenlight, please consider voting for it to support the project! :)

The demo spans for about ~5h and contains the first chapter of the story in both German and English! I can't wait to hear your feedback ♥



A brand-new trailer for Numina just released! The trailer contains scenes from the upcoming demo version, which will release on Friday, the 3th of February!

Apart from that Numina is now on Steam Greenlight Vote under the following link so that the full version of the game can also be released on Steam! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=821125171

The demo version will be available for free, in german and english with 5-6h of gameplay! :)
More infos on the project on the official Website, on Facebook or here!


New Trailer & Big Announcements coming!

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great start into 2017. On Friday the 20th of January, I'll release a trailer for the new demo! Along with some exciting announcements :) See you then!


Testers needed

Hello everyone!

I'm looking for 4-5 testers for the demo version of my game Numina, which spans around ~5h of play time. The german version of the demo has already been tested, now I'm looking for some (preferably native) english speakers to test the game :)

Deadline: Preferably within the next two weeks (before the end of 2016)
Length: ~5h
Other: Discord for coordination purposes (not a must-have)

Please leave a reply here or message me if you're interested! For additional information check the Official Website or the Facebook-Page.

Progress Report

Translating Numina!

This has gone on long enough! The Translation of the English version is in beta now. A total of 3'432 lines and 28'199 words for about ~ 5H hours have been translated. I truly hope that I can afford a professional translator for next version :'D If you like to proofread the game please get in touch with me! Soon there'll also be Betatests for the english version, I'll make sure to keep you up to date!

Progress Report

[VIDEO] 2 minutes from the upcoming NUMINA Demo

Here I present you the first two minutes of ingame-footage from the upcoming demoversion of my game NUMINA (english subtitles included)! Check out the official facebook-page for updates! www.facebook.com/Numina.RPG

Yeah, I'm still working on it! The demoversion is coming along quite nicely and we're almost at the betatesting phase :)
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