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✨Numina 1.14 Update ✨ & Part II Dev Update

Hello everyone,

this update is a special one as I just released the biggest update to Numina yet! Version 1.14 brings many improvements & new features which I like to get into below! Also stick around for updates on Numina Part II further down.

New Relationship Gameplay Mechanics
Improving relationships to Shawn and other party members previously mostly affected the story. Each character had a battle skill that scaled with the relationship level, but apart from that there wasn't much interaction.

This changes with the added relationship mechanics in 1.14! Each character gets a specific sets of special abilities that unlock once you progress their relationship level. These can be seen in the status screen for each member:

These abilities can increase the max TP amount, reduce costs of certain techniques or even grant TP bonus when a loved one takes damage in battle! The goal was to deepen the impact of the relationship system on the actual gameplay.

As you can see not every level unlocks a new ability. But each character have their own unique set of them!

General Rebalance Pass
This is another big update. I've went through the entirety of Part I and rebalanced the battle system. Party members with Arc have more of an edge now as he can do more damage and gain TP more efficiently. Apart from that I've also adjusted some battles to be more challenging, or less frustrating.

Another big addition was a new rule for TP generation, whereas you gain at least 1 TP each round. If you already played Numina, you know that TP are accumulated during battle by doing & receiving damage or guarding and can be used for elemental techniques. This means that as long as you're not K.O. you'll be guaranteed to get 1 TP per round.

Previously some characters like Arc or Sarah had difficulties in some parts of the game actually putting damage through tougher enemies, so their only option was to defend to gain TP.

I will keep monitoring these adjustments, so any feedback is greatly appreciated and will help me for future adjustments to make the game more fun!

Translation Improvements
While replaying Part I it was also important for me to rework the English translation of the game. I have to admit that the quality of the translation wasn't up to my personal standards mostly caused by the time constraints of hitting the release date of Part I.

But now I've updated a huge chunk of the main story dialogue. Not just to be more grammatically sound, but also to hopefully be more natural and less jarring in places.

More Options!
I added a bunch of minor new options, the biggest one (in my book

Progress Report

July Dev Update - Numina Part 2

Hello everyone!

We're into Part 1's third week after release and I can't thank you all enough for the kind messages, comments and Let's Plays!


Numina Part 1 Launch

Hello everyone,

Numina Part 1 just launched!!!
Anxiety was on red alert that some major bug or similar might come up or similar but that's (fingers crossed


Trailer & Release Date + FREE DEMO LAUNCH!

Hello everyone,

this might be my biggest news update so far, so buckle up: The main trailer for Numina has just been released!!!

Also Part 1 of Numina will release on JULY 1st here on itch.io and Steam for Windows, Linux and MacOS!! Everything shown in the trailer will be part of that release.

But (!) there's one more thing: You can NOW PLAY A FREE DEMO! Which contains the first hour of the first chapter showcasing all the improvements and changes since the 2017 changes and hopefully giving everyone who's new to Numina a good impression of the game.

It's obviously shorter than the 2017 demo, mainly because this demo is meant to showcase the game, rather than just being a full-blown chapter release of the main game. Even if you played the 2017 version, I invite you to try out the new demo since there have been plenty of changes since that release!

Everyone, I'm beyond excited about this huge milestone and even more thrilled to hear your feedback on the demo (and Part 1 once it releases in July!!!). I am very grateful for all of you and I sincerely hope that you'll enjoy, what I've been working on these past years! ❤️ u all!


Trailer Drop & Numina Part 2 Announcement

Hello everyone,

Exciting news: Friday next week the trailer for Numina will drop! Along with a small teaser a few days before that. So set your alarms to Friday, April 8th! ⏰ You'll find it on Numina's YouTube channel!

Another big announcement: Numina will get an additional Part 2 release! During the betatests I felt like I had to cut down a bit too much on the content around the last chapter of the game. So I decided to take some more time and delve deeper into the parts that were initially scrapped to release the game earlier.

The trailer next week will showcase Part 1 of Numina and also ✨ reveal the release date for it! ✨ Which will be pretty soon, promise


Numina Reaches ALPHA! Steam Wishlist & Dev Stream

Hello everyone,

with this post I want to celebrate reaching a huge milestone with you: NUMINA finally reached Alpha status! What does this mean? All major story content has been finished and I'm now testing the game for any major roadblocks & polishing things up. Also:

⚠ You can now wishlist Numina on Steam! https://store.steampowered.com/app/597060/Numina/

The game will also be available on itch.io at the same time (release date TBE, see below). Even if you don't plan to buy the game on Steam, you can show your support by wishlisting it because it will allow me to gauge general interest & plan the next steps ahead.

What's next? After finishing my initial test (and hopefully removed any game-breaking bugs


Numina Chapter I, II and III will release on the same day!

Happy Holidays everyone! It's the festive season and I wanted to leave all of you a little present in form of an announcement for next year as well: The full version of Numina will release in 2020.

This means chapter 1 "Noesis", chapter 2 "Elpis" (formerly called "Hoffnung", German for "Hope") and chapter 3 "Gnosis" will release simultaneously as a full game. This doesn't mean that the release will be pushed back: The goal is to release the game around Q2 2020 with beta-testing starting early next year.

As you already know from the last demo, "Noesis" introduces the characters and the story's themes. "Elpis" will focus on the bonds between the characters and some of the secrets and mysteries brought up in the first chapter. Finally, "Gnosis" will be a tumultuous resolution to the storyline, incorporating many decisions made by the player along the way.

I decided against an episodic release for various reasons, one of the simplest are the technical challenges that come with managing a split-release with RPG Maker MV. It would have meant to invest time into ensuring that the chapters smoothly integrate on Steam, itch.io and so on, instead of spending that time on the game itself.

Progress-wise I've finished working on chapter 2 and I'm currently finishing up the final scenes of the last chapter. My goal is to start with testing in January, while also starting to work on the english translation. There's also loads of other things for me to take care of such as preparing the Steam-release, doing promotional work and also keep you lovelies in the loop :)

I can't say it enough, but I'm very grateful for the loyal following I've gathered. It's a huge dream of mine to create games and especially with Numina, it's been almost a decade of my life. So I hope it'll result in something special for everyone involved.

Thank you all again! See you in the next year, I'm sure it's gonna be an exciting one.


Announcement coming up!

I have a little christmas present for you guys coming up! It’s an announcement regarding the upcoming release of Numina. Please don’t expect a release date for the 2nd chapter, instead I’d like to give you more details on the upcoming release, before sending you off into the new year

Progress Report

The Bonds That Tie Us Together

Today’s post will go more into detail of how Shawn’s relationship to other characters influence the game.

The new menu displays your current relationship level. The more hearts a character has, the closer you are!

Numina’s story revolves around the relationship of its main cast. This involves you and your special connection to Shawn through the 4th wall. But also how Shawn gets along with the other party members.

This is influenced by the decisions you face in the game. Shawn often gets into situations where he needs to decide on what to do. And you’re right there to sway in!

The player can tell Shawn to let Cassandra accompany the party. If Shawn refuses Cassandra’s first impression of him will suffer a bit.
Good relationships to other party members unlocks new story routes. For example: If Shawn often sides with Cassandra, you’ll get to play a special character arc in the 2nd chapter. Similar to loyalty missions from games like Mass Effect 2.

Some skills get stronger, the stronger your relationship with the character is!
But your relationship also influences battle! You can unlock skills for each character that get stronger, the better relationship with Shawn is.

I hope you’re looking forward interacting with the cast and discovering your favorite character to deepen your connection with!



Second Chapter "Hoffnung" & HD-Glory!
Wow, it's been so long since I've been able to share some progress with you. I'm happy to announce that I'm not only making very good progress on Numina's 2nd chapter, titled "Hoffnung" (try to pronounce that :D It's German for "hope"). I'm currently planning on going into betatesting it in the later half of this year.

Check out more screens over at itch.io

I've also updated the entire game to HD (1280x720) and I'm really happy with the results. Please have a look for yourself at the attached screenshots. This was a huge undertaking since it required me to upgrade the project to RPG Maker MV, Which took a lot of time but also brought a lot of other advantages which I like to address in future updates :)

The Road to Patreon
I've been thinking about creating a Patreon for a while now. This project requires a lot of my creative energy, sweat, tears and especially time. It would be my dream to work on it fulltime but sadly I can't afford that, so I've been looking into alternatives that would allow me to spend more time on the project AND also keep on collaborating with other artists such as my very gifted & talented friend Thomas J. Peters who contributed the majority of Numina's soundtrack.

So if you like the project, please have a look at the Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/numina There's also a "behind the scenes"-like tutorial series, where I share my secret techniques for which I'd normally have to kill you :D If you ever wanted to look behind the black magic of a crazy effect or something you saw in the game, this is your chance! The first episode is free for everyone to enjoy while upcoming episodes will be Patreon exclusive:

If Patreon's not your thing you can also just buy the demo here itch.io or buy me a coffee.

Lastly, I want to thank each and everyone of you on here for staying with the project for all this time! Your comments are really motivating and interesting to read.

All the best and see you all soon!
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