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Progress Report

Translating Numina!

This has gone on long enough! The Translation of the English version is in beta now. A total of 3'432 lines and 28'199 words for about ~ 5H hours have been translated. I truly hope that I can afford a professional translator for next version :'D If you like to proofread the game please get in touch with me! Soon there'll also be Betatests for the english version, I'll make sure to keep you up to date!

Progress Report

[VIDEO] 2 minutes from the upcoming NUMINA Demo

Here I present you the first two minutes of ingame-footage from the upcoming demoversion of my game NUMINA (english subtitles included)! Check out the official facebook-page for updates! www.facebook.com/Numina.RPG

Yeah, I'm still working on it! The demoversion is coming along quite nicely and we're almost at the betatesting phase :)

Progress Report

Bringing back Mode7

Currently doing some experiments with the overworld map - does anyone remember Mode7? I'm sure you do! This is still a W.I.P.-Screenshot, but I wanted to give you an idea for what I'm aiming for with this one. What do you guys think about it?

For those of you who haven't heard it yet: Here's the overworld-map theme "The World of Alterna", composed by Thomas J. Peters for the Numina Soundtrack. The essential idea behind it was to raise the anticipation to experience the many adventures that wait in the world of Alterna. What do you think about it? :)

Progress Report

It's been a while...

I'm sorry that I havent updated the profile in a while, but for everyone who was wondering if the project is still going: yes it is. It has been quite a busy year but I've made huge progress on the game itself and currently me, my composer and my artist are working towards a demo release early next year.

Maintaining the quality level I've set for Numina requires quite some time, but I'm still very motivated to deliver you all a great game that meets the standard I've set myself when I started working on this. I promise to keep this site more up to date. Alternatively you can like the
official facebook page
to get the latest news. I'll regularly post there (bilingual: German & English).

So thanks for sticking around! I'll be back soon with more updates =)

Progress Report

With fullspeed towards the full version!

It's been a while since I've done a proper progress report, so I'll make it up with this one.

I'm very glad to be able to say that Numina is going through a very productive phase. The last days I was busy with a few very complicated scenes that are also very rich in special effects. At the same time I'm working on some scripting that needs to be done for the battle system. But the main focus is clearly on the realization of the story and I can't wait to show you Numina!

There's also going on very much in the music-department. My composer has just finished the first battle theme and the result is simply stunning. Above all it's great to finally being able to test the battle system with some great music xD If you're nice and leave me some comments here I might be willing to put a small preview on YouTube.

Progress Report

F O U R T H ~ Advancing the Plot

It's been a while since I last posted an update on the games progress. But don't worry the project is still on the run, maybe steadier than ever before. There are a lot of different fields I'm working on, so let's just split this progress report up into different sections!

I'm currently rewriting some parts of the first chapter since I've had some new ideas that connect or entwine with later parts of the story. Not only in terms of foreshadowing or hints (I love those mechanisms by the way, you've been warned!) but also in terms of building more tension with new twists or secrets. One of the main characters: Sarah (she's the one with the pink hair in the header-picture) undergoes some changes and get's more room to develop her backstory in the first chapters.
Apart from that I've bought a small, but lovely-looking memorandum book to deposit my thoughts or ideas - inspired by a good friend of mine. A mnemonic device that proofed itself quite useful and it's quite fun to write too.

I've somehow grown impatient while waiting for the plot to finish itself. So I've continued to work on the first chapter which also seems to motivate myself again. It's good to finally see some results after writing for a long time. I'm currently working on a quite emotional scene, the premise for a heavily action-loaded sequence that was also depicted in the trailer: The destruciton of the temple of the clouds. I'm thinking about reworking the entire scene but that's uncertain for the moment.

Music & Composing
A lot is going on in this field. My composer is currently working on the first battle theme. There will be several battle themes, that change dynamically, to make the battle experience as a whole even more diverse. Apart from that a friend and guest-composer is working on a theme for one of the main characters, a piece that prooved to be quite difficult to grasp in terms of getting to the core of what the character is about, since it's quite a complex figure. I'm also working on some sort of lullaby, that will play a keyrole in the game itself. The idea for this is still very fresh but I already pulled a few strings and it looks like Numina will get a professionally recorded lullaby-song. Very exciting things are ahead!

That's all for now. Thank you for your attention. I'll be back soon with new material on Numina. See you then!

Progress Report

T H I R D ~ The Laws of Battle

Currently I'm making steady progress on the battle system. But there are still many things to do. Made a first preview-screenie from the battle system:

Don't worry, the interface will be translated and the battlers currently don't really mach with the background. But there is already a lot of interesting stuff for you to see there, and there will be much more in order to give you an unique and enthrilling battle experience.

Apart from that I'm also still finishing up the story. I've slowed down a little, since other tasks on the projekt demanded so, but currently I'm trying to catch up with this aswell. Expect more details about it soon =)

See you then


Official Twitter Account

Just a little act on myself: I've created an official
Twitter account for my project Numina => Official_Numina
Follow, if you'd like to and maybe we'll meet over at twitter!

See you there!

Progress Report

S E C O N D ~ The Shape of Things to Come

I have some very exciting news to share with all of you!
Within the next month I'll post a more detailled introduction - granting you insight not only on the very cast of characters of Numina, but also on various other intriguing aspects of the game. Starting with the character biographies that give you an overview of how Shawn, Raphael and various other characters that haven't even been mentioned yet. Explaining how they relate to the story, accompagnied with images and exciting, never seen before in-game material! I might even get a little bit more into some very distinct gameplay-mechanics.
So expect the game-profile update soon! (As you might noticed, I've already worked a little on the design. I hope you like it!)

Thank you for all your support! It makes me really happy to see, that Numina already gathered it's first subscribers! =)

See you next month!


F I R S T ~ Welcome


I'll be using this blog to post some status-messages on the progress on Numina, my most ambitious project ever.

It all started back in 2008 when I planned on finally creating a RPG-game with the long-known RPG Maker XP. Back then I've tried out several things with the tool and gained experience. I've released a first demo-version in a few german comunities and after the mostly positive feedback, I've decided to keep on going and worked towards a second demo-version which saw the light of day about a year later.
But in late 2010 I felt like I've outgrown the project, that I've started almost two years ago. But I didn't want to lose the essence of what the story was about so I've started it all over - only keeping a few major pillarstones of the original story and starting to rebuild the structure that once was Numina.

And what you see on the game's profile here on rmn is the direct result of it. I've decided to release a german and an english-version of it. But there is still a lot of work to do and the next version will take some time, but I'll get back to this blog and post status-updates every once in a while.

Thanks for dropping by =)
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