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A puzzle oriented adventure game just like Ocarina of Time.
There are several new challenging dungeons full of puzzles.


You play as Orion, an alien protagonist living on a distant world, Ares that
closely resembles Earth. It is a low gravity world covered in vegetation.
The secret of traveling into the past once lied in an extremely advanced ancient civilization whose empire flourished on many worlds. A legion of space pirates known as the BTKT seek to exploit the power of the 7 elemental skull crystals. They are concealed deep within the ruins of Ares. The crystals were once harnessed their power to store vasts amounts of knowledge perhaps using them as devices of telepathy. The fate of the Chi Chi race, inhabitants of Ares call upon their
leader to save the world on the brink of annihalation. Orion embarks on
an adventure to free the 7 oracle spirits whose power are embedded within the sacred crystals. He will confront many bosses and confront the space pirates
in a epic final battle. This project is the third episode of the magequest series.
The game is complete. A few further additions like adding sidequests are still possible. please enjoy!

New Dungeons: (Classic)
Dungeon1: Puma Punka Ruins
Dungeon2: Emerald Dungeon
Dungeon3: Sunken Temple
Dungeon4: Sheol Dungeon
Dungeon5: Adobis Tower
Dungeon6: Lost Mines
Dungeon7: Soul Crypts
Dungeon8: Time Pyramid
Dungeon9: Sage Tower
Dungeon10: Aztec Ruins

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  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
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  • 03/26/2012 08:17 PM
  • 05/10/2012 07:33 PM
  • 03/26/2012
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Congrats on completion of a trilogy! I'm gonna try these out this week!
When i tried to leave the town it said worldmap file cant be viewed.
Thanks. All files are present in this game. I eliminated a few extra switches
which might have caused that bug.

Edit: Map mode works only when navigating in the over-world.
Ok awesome, also when i press shift it doesnt bring up a map or any thing. I think one of the characters said it was supposed to. At least it doesnt in town.
Re-downloaded ! Whatever you did - didn't fix it - still cannot leave town - same message and space bar does nothing.
I double checked for any missing files before uploading the game.
Version 1.2: A couple of minor bugs I overlooked were patched.
Ex: (Boulder Pan reset fixed upon entering dungeon 4)
Please let me know if anything else turns up.
I tried this again and i still get the message worldmap file not found. I'm not sure but it causes my game to crash. Does anyone else have this problem?
I checked again, no files are missing from the main folder.

The aforementioned file is there.
Overworld map 0003.Imu = 344kb

I will consider adding new videos to the last episode of the series.

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