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PuiPui, the cute journey!

(My first review so excuse me if it's a tad bad or subjective ;w;)
PuiPui To the rescue is a game like most touch screen focused games on IOS/Android that revolves around a porcupine rolling around areas trying to save his girlfriend from running around and chasing a butterfly.

Aww... What a nice couple :3
Well, it's not a game that necessarily focuses on story so I won't say much about it. In the beginning your greeted with an almost comic-like picture that is the premise. The main character(A Porcupine :3) wakes up to find his girlfriend missing, he then searches his home screaming "Foofoo" and checks outside where he finds her chasing a butterfly. At that screen a message then states "Pui Pui to the rescue!" which is of course the title of the game. A cute premise but I still don't know what the main character is saving her from...

The start of a rolling journey
The gameplay is obviously the most important factor when it comes to this genre. You have to flick your finger/cursor to make the character roll in the flicked direction. Not very complicated or hard but I must say that from level 5 on wards I had to think a bit to get 3 stars. As you go through levels new "objects" show up, stuff like eatable worms, movable fences, pop-able balloons and more. In the second level you get introduced to worms, eatable ones that increase your score. At the start of said level, the player is shown what the point of it is via a "thought bubble" on top of PuiPui's head. I didn't noticed this anywhere else which disappointed me a bit because games like these tend to have a more casual approach and to have tutorials explaining almost everything in the game. I also didn't know about the ability to go into a "spike mode" (which is needed in some levels) which I did figure out after many encounters with a very hard-skinned balloon. The game became pretty hard in the end which sort of destroyed the whole causality(Might be just me though, not really used to these games >.<)

Graphics and Sound
The graphics was what originally made me play this game and I have to say I wasn't disappointed. The style was a cute and unique style that I really liked. All the objects and characters were animated and gave an almost paper mario like feel. The music and sound effects were also good and I felt it fit the game perfectly. The music didn't loop but this wasn't such a negative thing for me.

PuiPui to the rescue is a cute and entertaining game although I felt it lost it's charm a bit after a while do to the gameplay becoming a bit too hard for my taste. Since the game is still a demo I won't give it a score but when the game is finished, I'll be sure to play the full version and review it again :)


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My favorite part of this review was your idea of the difficulty spike and the exit from "causality" which this game is clearly targeted for. I liked this review and I should give this game a play. I have to play this game because this game was also made by the same person who made "Grace's Diary."
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