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Progress Report

Developement Update for 4-26-15 - Future Helper OST, Preview version Update

The Seven Tower OST

Wow it been a very busy day and the development is getting well... So well in fact that the Future helper OST is being working on by few composers namely by Alec Shea, FANGSTILTZSKIN for the main part of the OST and also for Simon “Iron Croc” DLSea for making the Opening Theme for the Future Helper series and also the opening theme/credit for the The Seven Tower game which you can listen to TODAY.

And also Simon “Iron Croc” DLSea is open for Music and Voiceover commission If you like to make music from her you can contact her at http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/37042-irons-sound-lagoon-now-with-voiceover-services/ Starting at 18$ per minute
Beta tester
We are Still open for beta testing if you want to join the beta testing program you may contact me or use the Beta testers form at

Game's Update

The preview version is almost complete as the Opening scene is now completed and tested.
I am still working on the sub-quests and other stuffs for the game.
we will be giving more development update in the coming month and before the preview version release.
we will be updating the description to match the changes to the game's story line.

Enjoy your day and have a great time.


Development update for the Month of April NOT A APRIL FOOLS JOKE

Please take not this is NOT A APRIL FOOLS JOKE!
A lot of thing going on since my last update testing games, Mapping, And also creating side-Quests to make the experience more fun than boring. And also working on making the story into the game which will take some time due to complication.

Plus the beta testing program still ongoing for anyone who want to test out the preview version before public releasing.

And beta testing registration still going on you can now register using the form below.
Beta testing registration form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1QqYyRNx0HMaK2VkvlPtZFjkhvGUYN_FMlev_qJYHkto/viewform?usp=send_form
Jomarcenter will not give any info to third party. We will only use the info for crediting purposes.


Development Update - 2/9/2015 Updates ,Beta tester Needed, And more

Hello once again,

Development Update
Here is a little update with the Seven Tower Re-release plans.
Currently the development of the Preview version of game is now going quite smoothly and well there is a lot of thing to work upon to make the game without getting another humiliating mistake.

Mapping Updates
If you see some new images in the image feedback section of this site you will see some maps being release for the game. I really low the feedback that I received and I will going to think about those advises when working on the other map for the game.
I really appreciate it with all the help I received.

Battle system testing
Currently I am trying to work on balancing the system so it won't fell like crap that happened with the old version of the game. Currently I was thinking on making the Actors have their own independent Class to make it much unique in the game with each character having a different set of skills. But for now if the beta testers program start I will check if there will be a problem or not.

Unfortunately IDK if Aurorain is still active in RMN thus going to have trouble in working on the game proofreading to make it readable which is one of the problem that I deal with the old version.
thatbennyguy may going to be contacted if he want to work on a huge project since the seven tower in my opinion is a bit huge compared with the Town of Illustive series that was made during the Halloween contest. (don't worry I will still make episode 2 of it promise)

Commercial project?
Well if you remember my last blog post I mentioned about a commercial project planning to be work on.
Well it true I may work on a commercial project in the future after I release This game for free.
But that doesn't mean I will stop releasing game for free. Even working on this game and Town of illustive is fun but it all hard work to fix some bugs, write the story, make some maps, graphics, setting up scripts, and other stuffs for a single person can do. But I still try to take some time and not rushing the game just like what happened in the old version of this game and probably the Town of illustive episode 1 since both of the game were rushed to begin with.
The plans is still Depends if this game will be in good standards or not.
If not I will try to practice on the program and such.

I been trying to make some sprites and other stuff for the game and I wanted to show you the iconset that I been working on for the game but since I was thinking someone will just going to use them without my permission I will just wait a bit until it the time to do so... Nah, screw it here one of the iconset that i made 2 days ago

I was working on a few iconsets to match the style and color scheme of the RTP. And some of them work out great.

(note: not for any use yet. If you want to use it please PM me for permission.)

Beta Tester needed
The game is almost ready for beta testing and the problem is... There is no one to test it out for bugs and such. If you want to test the game out. Leave a comment below or sent me an PM.
More info regarding the Beta testing will be posted at a later date.

Look like it all for now. Until next time and hopefully I can release the Preview Version once I am done with it.

If you have any question or comments about the game leave a comment below.
I really appreciate if I can have any comment below this lolz.

Progress Report

Happy late new year (yup it's totally late) And game update

After a few month of doing random stuff in my steam account, Wrote a wattpad novel
And random nonsense and hopefully this will be a freaking last one to not get a development block. I am seriously back and hopefully to release a preview version for The seven tower and also the Episode 2 of Town of illustive. And other stuff in my mind.

I have a very busy last year so the game progress is pretty backed up.

But during the development there was a lot of changes to the story, maps and everything so a lot of changes from the Development Version 1 and development version 2.

First of all Valimourt Town have made 3 major changes before finalizing the map.
Then the currently in development Xzamia City have made 2 Major changes to the map itself.
The Central City map is still being development especially since it will be hard due to the fact that it will be a huge city. But after playing a few JRPG and RPG games on steam. I really learned a lot in how I will do in mapping so it very helpful.

And also in the update in the future helper timeline... There will be a planned Future Helper Game after the seven tower. It will not be the Science and Magic one that I announced before. But it will be placed in a different time line too far from the Year 192. But most of all there is a possibility that the next game will not be free like the Seven Tower. But expect that the next game will take place in the modern year.

It very hard to work on the Future Helper series for over 5 years especially I already wrote an addition 4 story for the series during my free time at school I just need to just make the game, Character, etc... after I completed this game. So for the next future helper games I may put it in as a Commercial game. But don't worry I will also make games that can be played for free. So far I will also make sure that the next game will be affordable to purchase.

The beta testing program will also start for the Seven Tower Sooner or later so if you like to join in and see the game progress yourself leave me a comment here or a PM.

Again happy late 2015 and hope for a best.

Writer and Developer for the future helper series.

- Find the Past
- Change the Present
- Into the Future


Revival Project ongoing.

Future helper and the seven tower is one of my worst game. It even caused for it to be used as an example of a Worst RM games around the community which spread a ton of talk about it. But the revival project is ongoing to reworks on that old game that I just ignoring for 2 year from now.

Now starting today and hopefully I can release the preview version by the end of the month I will only focus of the development for the Seven Tower.

Currently I already started reworking on the game where I left off. And also fix
some of the problems and such from the start to the finish.

Today I already revamped the menu screen
thanks to yami script I seriously change the title screen for the better

Support the revival project!


The Seven Tower Redone! Announcement.

Alright it been almost 2 year since the Old version been released and a lot of improvement have been taken for that old game.
"Future Helper and the Seven Tower" was just an game just to practice and to familiarized myself to the RPG Maker engine and all the other stuff in Game Development (And also trying to win a free copy of the engine).
Now here is some of the Improvement.

Logo Design

First is the logo:
The old logo is to shows the center tower in the logo before the redo. And it took a few redone and a few practice to finalized the new logo. first is removing the Future Helper in the name but that might confused with another Name.
Now The New Logo have been made with the following changes: remove the tower, Remove some unnecessary stuffs and all the stuff, Now the only thing that the logo shows is the "7T" Combined together.

Story Changes

Alright there is a change to the story.
The Introduction to the even was change from that failed Story that turn into the Milk Meme (It make the Portal's Cake meme look good now) to something else now. And this time no fake mother or Milk mentioned in the story.
Back to reality... Well I cannot tell you the planned story-line. But it will be different from the old version of the game.

Map Quality

If you already play Town of Illustive episode 1 game you already notice some improvement with the maps.
Now all the locations have been redesigned.(And some were removed) And I make sure that the maps quality isn't very poor than what I did in the past.


The main problem with the old version is the grammar and badly made sentences.
Well the good news is that Aurorain is kind enough to help out with the problem for this game.
So I kinda expect that the problem will be fixed on the latest version.


Well Even though that the Seven tower may don't have any online features (Since there is no valid script to use).
I kinda spend some time and create logos for the not so announce Global Network service which otherwise won't been happened anytime unless if there a valid script or RMN going to have online feature (Just like it say in the site Suggestion) or something good is about to happen so Nothing will happened with those logos.

So I don't going to say anything about this.

Last Update

Now the Development Updates have been announced I would like to announce to this.

The preview version is being in the work for a while and I would like to announce that it almost complete. The Preview will contain the Introduction and chapter 1 and will also contains a special location that only by playing preview version will grant you access to that place. I cannot tell you what is it because it will ruined the surprise.
Hopefully that this will clear up with all the mess that I made around that old game.
And also to have a clear and accurate content and rating. I may have plans to contact the Admin and Moderator to clear up all the Comment and post or maybe to open a new game page for the newer version of the Seven Tower. And hopefully you will be interested for the Preview Version that will be release anytime from March to May.

And also Thank you for taking your time for reading this announcement and have a good day.

Beta testing is now open and if you like to join. Please PM me or comment in this blog post.


for future helper science and magic family reunion war

please transfer to the other game page for info and updates for future helper science and magic family reunion war

thank you

Progress Report

future helper science and magic updates

look like the game is 10% complete... of future helper science and magic...

preview picture of the game will released soon...


future helper mission submission

need help:
alright i was thinking since i will totally focus on the story how about some mission for the game right...
you know since global network is still under work (and also practice on how to use ruby programming) so people can provide mission/quest ideas and i will check that mission/quest and try to make that mission for it just type some information in the form below if you want... and also locations for the game will announce soon..
name of mission/quest:
event occur:
difficult that you want:
name of NPC involve:
script (as in story script not code script.:
date mission will available for download(for only if the mission is separated from the game {great for crossover idea}):

just fill out the detail and i will check if it good or not in the game and please take note that future helper must still be original work... but unless if you want that mission to be crossover of a certain game...
and also this is another way to advertise your own game too if you going to make that mission a crossover version of your game (only the game you created. i will not accept crossover idea that wasn't copyrighted/created by you.)

due to bad comment for the game... please refrain from posting bad/spam comment... jomarcenter is a very nice user so please refrain from posting bad/spam comment..
thank you


future helper science and magic family reunion war (new future helper game)

Announcing a submission for Rpg 64 digit competition entry and also one of the NaGaDeMo entry called: future helper science and magic: family reunion war...


this game took place in the year 3XXX
(many years after the seven towers was Destroyed by Alex)

which also the time the science vs magic war will took place...
containing a love story, unwanted separation, and many more...
future helper science and magic family reunion war preview will be released soon...
via another game profile soon...

future helper is copyright 2012 jomarcenter games.
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