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  • Liberty
  • 04/10/2012 05:19 PM
Future Helper and the Seven Towers
An LP of bats, blindness and bodacious baddies!




- I will be LPing all the Nugget Crash Course entries.
- I'm sorry if my language, the content or my RPing of the characters offends in any way. I'm rather liberal in my language usage.
- Yes, I'm Australian... and female... and perhaps a little bit on the crazy side.
- There were a few sound issues in areas. Sorry about that, it's the program I'm using having a hissy fit. It's usually so dependable.
- I'm open to questions and criticism.
- I'll try to do the whole thing. If I get stuck... welp.


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Dinner Nazi buhahaha! xD whoopwhoopwhoopwhoopwoo~
To tell the truth, while I did groan at a few things (bats, battles, blindness), I actually had fun playing through this game. It was just... I dunno, somehow fun? Funny? I've heard the newer versions have fixed a lot of the grammar and story issues, too.

Give it a few months of work and it may be a good little game, if he keeps polishing it up. At least the basis of the story is interesting, too.

Keep it up, jomar!
Yeah i like the whole idea of a base, and the future online seems interesting.
All LPs should be done with these voices.
Hahaha Liberty, you're bonkers! In a good way though.
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